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Soldiers Died in the Great War, 1914-19: The Prince of Wales' Volunteers (South Lancashire Regiment) Pt. 44

A Soldier In The South Lancashire Regiment

A Soldier In The South Lancashire Regiment


Battalion Unknown
Bates D Lt Col : Group Photo
Bull A V Pte : Short Record Of Service
Cocking J O 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Crowe J A Captain : Group Photo
Dean L M 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Devine T J Pte : Short Record Of Service
Dickinson W 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Donald T M Lt : Group Photo
Glossop D Pte 7594 : POW List
Goodwin J E 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Gould M L B Captain : Group Photo
Grannell T Pte 7323 : POW List
Hadfield J L Lt : Group Photo
Harrison W Sergt 7656 : POW List
Hetherington S Sergt 5762 : POW List
Holland W H E 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Hosmer W J Pte : Photo
Montague S S WO 2nd Class 203482 : Short Record Of Service
Nimmo A A 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Ogilsvy R H 2nd Lt : Group Photo
O'Shaughnessy C L 2nd Lt DSO : Photo
Parker W J Sergt 6479 : POW List
Paul R B 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Ross A Pte 7405 : POW List
Schultz A H Major & Adjt : Group Photo
Slucock J H Pte 7812 : POW List
Stanton E Pte 8768 : POW List
Stephenson C W Captain : Group Photo
Tanton L E 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Timson H H Lt : Group Photo
Travis-Cook S D E Captain : Photo
Wallis A C Captain : Group Photo
West H 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Young R 2nd Lt :Group Photo
1st Battalion (Regular)
Dickson A Lt Col : Photo
Flinn P W Lt : Photo
Honan M Captain : Obituary
Killick S H Captain : Photo
Robson E Captain : Photo
Stretton A L de C Captain MC : Photo
Temple W A L/Cpl 12637 : Photo
2nd Battalion (Regular)
Aron F A Lt : Photo and Obituary
Bagley F A Captain : Photo
Banning A W Sergt 16124 : Short Record Of Service
Birdwood G A B 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Blair A M Captain : Obituary
Burns R Cpl 8903 : Short Record Of Service
Caldicott G Sergt DCM MM : Obituary
Collings W Pte 1627 : Obituary
Coppock H S Lt : Photo
Cotton I Pte 242796 : Photo
Craven A Lt MC : Short Record Of Service
Davies W J Bandsman : Short Record Of Service
Dow J R 2nd Lt : Photo
Duncan S Captain attd from Gloucs Regt : Photo
Edwards T F Pte 26274 : Obituary
Elliott A A J Cpl 9749 : Short Record Of Service
Ewart G H D Major : Photo
Farley W A Pte 7842 : Short Record Of Service
Fulcher B V Lt MC : Obituary
Gates A W 2nd Lt MC : Photo
Gebbie J F R Lt : Photo
Green M C A Lt Col : Photo and Photo
Hadfield W J M Lt : Photo and Photo
Harrison E Lt : Photo
Hatch N C 2nd Lt : Photo
Hutchinson J S Captain : Photo
Jones R 2nd Lt : Photo
McLean C Pte 2583 : Obituary
Millwood T L Sergt 7539 : Photo
Mitchell E A 2nd Lt : Photo
Morcom J Pte 37409 : Obituary
Morris W G Pte 11823 : Obituary
Ratcliffe W Pte VC MM : Photo and Photo
Rathbone A R Captain : Photo
Sadler W E 2nd Lt : Photo
Solomon E J 2nd Lt : Photo
Sutton F A Lt : Photo
Wallace D S 2nd Lt : Photo and Photo
Watson E G 2nd Lt : Photo
3rd Battalion (Reserve)
Breckell R L 2nd Lt : Photo
Case G R A 2nd Lt : Photo and Photo
Davies E Pte 16095 : Obituary
Porritt W M 2nd Lt : Photo
Watton S V 2nd Lt : Photo
4th Battalion (Territorial)
Antrobus N B Captain : Obituary
Armstrong_W K Captain : Obituary
Ashton F Cpl 201346 : Obituary
Bartlett S Pte 201095 : Photo
Cheers R A V 2nd Lt : Obituary
Cleminson E Pte 31984 : Obituary
Collingwood C Captain : Photo
Coury G C 2nd Lt VC : Photo
Cross R C Lt attd from Dorset Yeomanry : Photo
Fairclough E Lt Col : Photo
Frost E L Lt : Photo and Photo
Handyside A C Lt : Photo and Photo
Hatton T H Pte 200478 : Obituary
Jacobs D 2nd Lt : Photo and Photo Of Memorial
Morgan-Todd L C 2nd Lt : Photo
Norman J Pte : Obituary
Stanger N B 2nd Lt : Photo
Stanley F Sergt 201103 : Photo
Sykes J L/Cpl 201665 : Obituary
Walsh A Captain MC : Photo
5th Battalion (Territorial)
Charlton F T 2nd Lt : Obituary
Crippen G O Lt : Photo
Dennis A H W Captain : Short Biography
Fink S J 2nd Lt : Photo
Fletcher H Rfn 241928 : Obituary
Frodsham W T Lt : Photo
Gill E Sergt 240434 : Obituary
Knowles W D Captain : Photo
Paton M B Captain : Photo
Rowed C H Lt : Photo
Stead J 2nd Lt : Photo
Wood J G 2nd Lt : Photo
6th Battalion (Service)
Bayspoole B Lt : Obituary
Boyd H O Lt : Photo
Edwards H Pte 28318 : Photo
Elliott E Pte : Short Record Of Service
Franson H Sig 28387 : Photo
Lechler H N 2nd Lt : Photo
Orrell K F A 2nd Lt : Photo
Readitt J Pte VC : Photo
Trevor J Pte 2386 : Short Obituary
Voelcker H E 2nd Lt : Photo
Ward P Captain MC : Photo
Waugh E G 2nd Lt : Photo
Wilkins H J U Major : Photo
Willis G H Lt : Photo
7th Battalion (Service)
Cottam A S L/Cpl 31502 : Obituary
Garvin G Captain : Photo
Hoyle J B Lt : Photo
Miller W H 2nd Lt : Photo
Nicholson E F D Major : Photo
Ritson J A Captain : Photo , Photo and Photo
Unsworth C 2nd Lt : Photo
Webber H Lt : Photo , Photo and Obituary
8th Battalion (Service)
Cureton E J Pte 14502 : Newspaper Photo
Cumming G Lt : Obituary
Golding T H Pte 15466 : Obituary
Griffiths H Pte 31450 : Obituary
Jarvis E C Captain : Photo
Kew G Captain : Photo
Prior E R S Lt Col DSO MC : Photo
Rickett R A Captain : Photo
Smalley S Pte 15544 : Photo
9th Battalion (Reserve)
Cawthorne J R Pte 37095 : Obituary
Hurwitz W Lt : Photo
Smith J B 2nd Lt : Obituary
10th Battalion
Blake C S Captain : Photo and Short Record Of Service
Bolton H F Lt : Photo
Boon J Pte 27361 : Obituary
Hughes F Lt : Photo
Mellenfield C B 2nd Lt : Photo
11th Battalion
Anderson D K 2nd Lt : Short Record Of Service
Garner J L/Cpl 20577 : Obituary
Gilbert J Pte 32668 : Photo
Hagger H Pte 204919 : Photo
Hyman E H 2nd Lt : Photo
Parr E B 2nd Lt : Photo


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