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The Somerset Light Infantry 1685-1968: Records of Honour BOOKS AVAILABLE TO READ ONLINE

A History Of The 1st Battalion, The Somerset Light Infantry (Prince Albert's) July 1st, l916, To The End Of The War

Leaving Rouen For The Somme. The Diary Of 2nd Lt A E Coles 1st Somerset Light Infantry 1917

A Soldier In The Somerset Light Infantry

A Soldier In The Somerset Light Infantry

Three Soldiers In The Somerset Light Infantry


Battalion Unknown
Allen W H Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Allford T H Pte : Short Record Of Service
Allsopp A L/Cpl DCM 14810 : Photo
Baker A Sergt MM : Photo
Baker W G 2nd Lt MC : Photo
Barrett W Bandsman DCM : Photo
Barton H Pte 204523 : Short Record Of Service
Burge B Sergt DCM : Photo
Dean H H 2nd Lt : Short Record Of Service
Drinkwater J W Pte 275384 : Short Record Of Service
Fleming R Pte : Short Record Of Service
Foster H L Pte : Short Record Of Service
Fuge F H 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Gould C A Captain MC : Short Record Of Service
Green W Pte : Newspaper Photo
Hill J H 2nd Lt MC : Photo
Jackson C H Pte : Short Record Of Service
MacBryan J C W Lt : Photo
O'Loghlen M Pte : Short Record Of Service
Osborne W T L/Cpl : Obituary
Philby O G B Lt : Photo
Scott J W Lt Col DSO : Photo
Sutherland W F Pte 29213 : Short Record Of Service
Taylor J B Lt : Photo
1st Battalion (Regular)
Bane H W Pte 25412 : Obituary
Barsted H J Pte 265539 : Photo
Bastard C S Pte : Photo
Blight C Cpl 3/5971 : Obituary
Bradshaw F S Captain : Photo
Chislett F Cpl MM 7351 : War Memorial
Claff R Pte 42347 : Photo
Codner C C Captain : Photo
Daubeny C J O Captain : Photo
Fleming A Pte 17365 : Short Record Of Service
Glossop E E 2nd Lt : Photo
Henson S B 2nd Lt : Photo
Hill G C D Lt : Photo
Marriott-Dodington T Lt : Photo
Mason A P 2nd Lt : Photo
Maud C C Captain DSO : Photo
Moore J F Pte 28211 : Photo
Northcott T G Pte 28213 : Obituary
Parr G R Lt : Photo and Photo
Prideaux G A Captain : Photo
Prowse C B Major : Photo
Roseveare R C 2nd Lt : Obituary
Scott H F Pte 12490 : Photo
Stead A A 2nd Lt : Photo
Thoyts F G G Major : Obituary
Wallington N H 2nd Lt : Photo & Obituary
Webber H V 2nd Lt : Photo
Wilkins A J J Pte 29755 : Obituary
2nd Battalion (Regular)
Kennedy J H 2nd Lt : Photo
Michaels J L/Cpl 9034 : Photo
Posner G L/Cpl 8465 : Photo
Samuda C M A Major : Obituary
Swayne C W H Lt : Photo
3rd Battalion (Reserve)
Bond C N Lt : Photo and Obituary
Darwell C Captain MC : Photo
Filleul L A 2nd Lt : Photo
Hinde H B L Lt : Photo
Leche A V C 2nd Lt : Photo
Marler W E Lt : Photo
Orr R C Captain : Photo
Pepper C W 2nd Lt : Photo
Smerdon J G 2nd Lt : Obituary
Springfield A L 2nd Lt : Photo
Steer G P Captain : Photo
4th Battalion (Territorial)
Baker A H Captain : Photo
Bernstock P Pte 33771 : Photo
Bullen E T Lt : Short Record Of Service
Graves-Knyfton R B Major : Photo
Kitchen G R 2nd Lt : Obituary
Lillington C I 2nd Lt : Photo
Maddever R W D 2nd Lt : Obituary
Tarr W Pte 6205 : Obituary
5th Battalion (Territorial)
Banes-Walker G Captain : Photo
Churchill E A H Major : Short Record Of Service
Turner C L/Sergt 240350 : Obituary
6th Battalion (Service)
Bellew F D Captain : Group Photo
Berridge W E 2nd Lt : Photo
Birrell S E Captain : Photo and Group Photo
Black J N Major : Photo and Group Photo
Bradney P E Captain : Photo
Bramwell F Lt : Group Photo
Caillard F C Lt : Group Photo
Cust A O C Major : Group Photo
Harding G W Sergt 34888 : Obituary
Heath R M 2nd Lt : Photo
Heffron T J Pte 20285 : Obituary
Hensley W H Captain : Obituary
Lampson C 2nd Lt Sir : Group Photo
Lennock C F Major : Group Photo
MacConnell A Lt : Group Photo
Manson G P Captain MC : Photo and Group Photo
Moore H Lt : Group Photo
Nash C H C 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Purkis J N 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Rawling C G Lt Col : Group Photo
Ritchie T F Major : Group Photo
Sale-Hill A R S Captain : Group Photo
Schaffer E Pte 27483 : Photo
Skrine H L Captain : Photo
Sommerville R A 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Thatcher C 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Walrond G B S Captain : Photo and Group Photo
Ward H L/Cpl 11290 : Photo
Warre-Cornish G Captain : Photo and Obituary
Worthington-Wilmer L E Captain : Group Photo
7th Battalion (Service)
Armstrong H L W 2nd Lt : Obituary
Buckland J A 2nd Lt : Photo
Marler E H H Pte 28948 : Photo
Parsons M F Pte 25827 : Obituary
Ruegg M C Pte 29887 : Photo and Obituary
Shier W F Pte 27208 : Obituary
Somers-Cocks R Captain MC : Photo
Wild L T Captain : Photo
Wright E G E 2nd Lt MC : Photo
8th Battalion (Service)
Baker S W 2nd Lt : Photo
Biss H C CSM MM 9265 : Photo
Briggs O Captain : Photo
Brooks F Pte : Short Record Of Service
Croft C T B 2nd Lt : Photo
Cronin J C Pte 235079 : Short Record Of Service
Dixon H J Cpl 15218 : Obituary
Ealand F J A 2nd Lt : Obituary
Erskine R 2nd Lt : Photo
Findlay C O 2nd Lt : Photo
Gibbs G F 2nd Lt : Photo
Hardyman J H Lt Col DSO MC : Photo
Hatch J B Pte 16944 : Obituary
Hopkins L 2nd Lt : Photo
Howard L C Lt Col DSO : Photo
Huntington R H Captain DSO : DSO Citation
Knott W H Pte 17377 : Photo
Longman G E Pte 32191 : Obituary
Marsh A S Captain : Photo
Nichols W H Major : Photo
Sargeant R L 2nd Lt : Photo
Smeed T W Pte 19134 : Obituary
Vernon R 2nd Lt : Photo
Wyborn W Pte 32210 : Photo
9th Battalion (Reserve)
George L E Captain : Photo
Rogers H G 2nd Lt : Photo
Rundell G E Pte 20657 : Photo
Sully D E 2nd Lt : Photo
Thompson E H B Lt : Photo
Whitworth J M 2nd Lt : Photo
Willett J A Lt : Photo
12th Battalion
Bardell L H Pte 37280 : Obituary
Burns D F W Pte 39243 : Short Record Of Service
Cleal C F Pte 295621 : Obituary
Richardson A T L Captain : Photo
Wallis T F Captain : Photo
Welch S E Pte 50862 : Obituary


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