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Royal Warwickshire Regiment WW1 Photos

Major Herbert R. Hoskins MC taken in 1917. 1st/7th Batt Royal Warwickshire Regiment

Major Hoskins MC And His Three Brothers Taken In France

Major Herbert R. Hoskins MC. 1st/7th Batt Royal Warwickshire Regiment


Battalion Unknown
Bairnsfather T D Lt : Photo
Blaiberg H Lt : Photo
Bomford B R Pte : Photo
Capper D S Major : Short Record Of Service
Clarkson F R Pte : Short Record Of Service
Costeker J H D Major DSO : Photo
Cummins A E Pte 41907 : Short Record Of Service
Curtis E W Pte : Photo
Cutts F J Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Daniels A Pte : Short Record Of Service
Dawson W L 2nd Lt : Photo
Eyles F Cpl : Photo
Fanning C Pte : Short Record Of Service
Field Captain : Photo
Forster G N B Brig Gen CMG DSO : Photo
Gilliat C G P Captain : Photo
Hackett CSM MM : Photo
Harris J Sergt : Photo
Hart J Pte : Short Record Of Service
Hawkins F G Pte : Short Record Of Service
Herne K C Captain : Photo
Jenkins E E Captain MC : Photo
Keen H D Pte 8138 : Obituary
Knapton O A Lt : Photo and Photo
Lacon S J B Major : Newspaper Photo
Lees H Pte : Photo
Lelyveld L L/Cpl 9488 : Photo
MacBeth W D 2nd Lt attd from Worcs Regt : Photo
Madge C A Lt Col : Photo
Matley J Pte : Photo
McIlwaine J Pte 2593 : Photo
Meiklejohn R F Major DSO : Photo
Ockenden A C Pte : Short Record Of Service
Preston B Pte : Newspaper Photo
Stott E B Pte 59519 : Photo
Taylor A Pte : Photo
Taylor V Captain : Photo
Travers-Smith W Lt : Photo
Wansborough W Captain : Photo
1st Battalion (Regular)
Angus D Pte 9384 : Short Record Of Service
Bairnsfather B Captain : Photo
Bentley C A C Captain : Photo, Obituary and Obituary
Black F H Captain : Photo and Photo
Blomfield C G M Major : Photo
Boulter R H Pte 11362 : Photo
Burnard C F Captain : Photo
Butt T L/Cpl 9800 : Photo
Carter H B Pte 9759 : Photo
Chichester-Constable C H J Captain MC : Short Record Of Service
Christie W C Major : Photo , Photo and Photo
Coates B Pte 7242 : Photo
Cockburn J 2nd Lt : Obituary
Cooper R 2nd Lt : Photo
Cowley S F L/Cpl 38146 : Short Record Of Service
Cowper C P Lt : Photo
Dawson W Pte 7613 : Photo
Fortey E A I Pte 10969 : Photo
Gilderson W C Pte 1872 : Short Record Of Service
Gilderthorp H S L/Cpl 9771 : Photo
Gilliat C G P Captain : Short Obituary
Hackett E W Pte 2096 : Obituary
Hamilton I K Lt : Newspaper Photo
Hankey D W A 2nd Lt : Photo and Photo
Henson H W QMS MM : Short Record Of Service
Holtham G Sergt 1454 : Obituary
Hornsby R Pte 2402 : Photo
Irvine G F Captain : Photo
Jackson A W Pte 9628 : Photo
Jeffrey R H 2nd Lt : Photo
Kent V L Cpl : Obituary
Lewis G A D 2nd Lt : Photo
MacLagan G S Lt : Photo
Maunsell C F L Lt : Photo
Montgomery F T Sergt DCM 9945 : Newspaper Photo
Morriss J S 2nd Lt : Photo
Powell A E Pte 1322 : Photo and Photo
Ricard F 2nd Lt : Photo , Photo and Obituary
Riley S J Captain : Photo
Sabell S Pte 11295 : Photo
Simpson A H Lt : Photo
Spencer R M 2nd Lt : Photo
Stafford A D Lt : Photo
Thornton P Sergt 9484 : Photo
Waters R R Captain : Photo
Woolfson S Pte 24700 : Photo
2nd Battalion (Regular)
Anderson G J Pte : Photo and Short Record Of Service
Attenborrow E Pte 3384 : Obituary
Bendall A V Pte 23541 : Obituary
Bernard B F P Lt : Obituary
Blair S B 2nd Lt : Photo
Boucher C J Pte 4021 : Photo
Bousfield S R Pte 2446 : Photo
Brewis R H W Major : Photo
Brownfield R J Captain : Photo , Photo and Obituary
Burdin F A 2nd Lt : Newspaper Photo
Butler R A L/Cpl MM 5199 : Obituary
Campbell B 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Chambers T H Pte 2343 : Obituary
Cummings J W Pte 4023 : Obituary
Deane D 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Devis F 2nd Lt : Photo
Dooley J H Pte DCM 1068 : Photo
Dyer E T Pte 861 : Obituary
Edinburgh A C L/Sergt 6283 : Photo
Elderton F R Lt : Photo
Elliott J H 2nd Lt : Photo
Everall W A Pte 1119 : Obituary
Everton T W L/Cpl 1716 : Obituary
Farnsworth R W Pte 482 : Obituary
Firth J S 2nd Lt : Photo
Gamester S Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Gaunt K M 2nd Lt : Obituary
Goldman A Cpl 1211 : Photo
Harrowing J S Captain MC : Photo
Hayes-Sadler G R Lt : Photo
Hodgkinson A Captain : Photo
Lefroy B P Lt Col DSO : Photo
Levine B Pte 746 : Photo
Lister H H 2nd Lt : Photo
Mansergh J L O Lt : Photo
Martin E J Lt : Photo
Matear N H L Captain : Photo
McCormick J H G Captain : Photo
Methuen C O'B H Captain : Photo
Monk G B F 2nd Lt : Photo
Pearce G V 2nd Lt : Obituary
Raphael N H 2nd Lt : School Photo and Obituary
Ratcliff J E Lt : Photo
Roberts C L N Captain : Photo
Schooling E C Captain : Photo
Stevens A Cpl 94 : Photo
Stainforth R T Lt : Photo
Vardy A T 2nd Lt : Obituary
Vickers A Pte VC : Photo
3rd Battalion (Reserve)
Adams E J P Lt : Short Record Of Service
Hodgson C A R Captain : Photo
Jackson E P Lt : Photo
Ring N A M Lt : Obituary
Stewart S Staff Sergt 8121 : Photo
4th Battalion (Extra Reserve)
Cartwright G C Captain : Photo
Croft J A C 2nd Lt : Photo
Edinger W M V 2nd Lt : Photo
Holland G P 2nd Lt : Photo
Hunter N F Lt : Photo
5th Battalion (Territorial)
Bennett P D Captain : Obituary
Bindloss E A M Major : Photo
Colloff S L/Cpl 200605 : Photo
Edginton R W L Lt : Photo
Francis J Captain : Photo
Guest J E C 2nd Lt : Photo
Keay J G Lt : Photo
Kieff V F Pte 3875 : Obituary
Lamaison L W H Lt : Photo
Myers H T Pte : Photo
Phillips S Pte : Photo
Rothblatt S Pte : Photo
Solomon J Pte 29058 : Photo
Suckling C V Captain : Photo
Summers A P Sergt 200459 : Obituary
6th Battalion (Territorial)
Ashford S H Pte 241546 : Obituary
Atkinson H Pte 260081 : Photo
Balkwill J 2nd Lt : Photo
Barr D W Pte 2773 : Photo
Billington H Pte 240446 : Photo
Boddington G L Captain : Photo
Collins B Pte : Short Record Of Service
Cooper V F Pte 2349 : Photo
Dawson W L 2nd Lt : Photo
Dixon J E B Captain : Photo
Green L J Pte 2630 : Photo
Greener L L Captain MC : Photo
Homer M L/Sergt 2657 : Photo
Lowe R C Captain MC : Photo
Lyons W Pte 241220 : Obituary
Morris-Davies C T Captain : Photo
Poynting A Lt : Photo
Pridmore P M Captain MC : Obituary
Rose R V 2nd Lt : Photo
Rose W E Company Sergt Major 200407 : Obituary
Sichel O W Captain : Photo and Photo
Stafford J N G Captain : Photo
Summerfield L H Cpl 241420 : Obituary
Taylor L B Pte 241403 : Photo
Wagg J L/Cpl 243117 : Obituary
7th Battalion (Territorial)
Briggs H H L/Cpl 1941 : Photo
Browett A L T Captain : Photo
Clark G C Pte : Short Record Of Service
Cleaver A C Pte : Short Record Of Service
Edwards L A Captain : Photo
Fowler E W Lt : Photo
Garner H Pte 268265 : Obituary
Godwin E T Pte 330870 : Photo
Guest J E C 2nd Lt : Photo
Harte J Pte 35053 : Obituary
Hayes F H Pte 2216 : Obituary
Hayes G H Coy Sergt Major MC 265385 : Obituary
Hutt A Cpl VC : Photo and Photo
Knox J M Lt Col DSO + Bar : Photo
Louvel T Pte 29294 : Photo
Loveitt A P C 2nd Lt : Photo
Pinn E C F Pte 20350 : Photo
Short F Cpl MM (POW) : Photo
Stevens W J Pte 300208 : Obituary
8th Battalion (Territorial)
Bell G H Pte 305471 : Photo
Bennett A L/Sergt 305681 : Photo
Brewster G Pte 305207 : Photo
Bull F Pte 305313 : Photo
Croshaw F H Drummer 3647 : Photo
Davies J Pte 305814 : Photo
Denison R C Captain : Photo
Durnford E C Pte 3289 : Photo
Farmer J S Pte DCM : Photo
Field G C Captain : Group Photo
Hutton C Pte 2652 : Photo
Johnson P Pte 2656 : Photo
Key F B Lt : Photo
Langston S E Pte 306795 : Photo
Ludlow S Captain : Photo
Middleton A Pte 305204 : Photo
Morgan A Pte 305018 : Photo
Morton W R Captain : Photo
Parsons S E Captain : Photo
Preston E Pte 1885 : Photo
Price G Pte 1582 : Photo
Simmons G W Pte 2076 : Photo
Strickland H Pte 5388 : Photo
Swain G A Pte 2575 : Photo
Titley W L Pte 2487 : Photo
Tweedy J Pte 4260 : Photo
Uffindell H L Pte 325096 : Photo
Wheeldon H H Sergt DCM MM 305820 : Obituary
Wilkins G Cpl 328049 : Photo
9th Battalion (Service)
Baker S H 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Berthon L T 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Bodington P E Lt : Group Photo
Cattanach I Lt : Group Photo
Clements R W Pte 12414 : Obituary
Coats G H D Captain : Group Photo
Collett C W Pte 9673 : Photo
Cuthbertson E H Lt : Photo
Davies R H 2nd Lt : Photo
Fullerton G D'E H Major : Group Photo
Gardner F T Pte 11667 : Obituary
Glim W J Lt : Group Photo
Gordon W A Major : Group Photo
Goulden F G Pte 8976 : Obituary
Grigson F H 2nd Lt : Photo
Grundy G E Lt : Photo and Group Photo
Hall W P Lt & Qtr Mst : Group Photo
Harries W M Pte 10872 : Photo
Jardine R F 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Kemp A G 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Kingdom S St G S 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Knight A W 2nd Lt : Photo
Lawrence J Pte 2604 : Photo
Lucas-Lucas R W 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Marshall E S Captain : Photo and Group Photo
Marson E N 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Nevill C C R Captain : Group Photo
Page J K S Captain MC : Photo and Group Photo
Palfrey R 2nd Lt : Photo
Palmer C H Lt Col : Photo and Group Photo
Philips R E Lt & Adjt VC : Photo
Reade R W Lt : Photo and Group Photo
Reid C J Captain : Group Photo
Sharp A G Major : Photo and Group Photo
Shuttleworth R G Major : Photo and Group Photo
Smith S T K Pte 3847 : Photo
Starley J R 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Williams D M 2nd Lt : Photo
Wilson C E Lt : Group Photo
10th Battalion (Service)
Bostock C Captain : Obituary
Briscoe E V Captain : Newspaper Photo
Carty W G 2nd Lt : Photo
Daniells R Pte 26724 : Obituary
Ellis G P Pte 38260 : Photo
Gilmore T Pte 57845 : Obituary
Gribble J R Captain VC : Photo and Obituary
Horton C C Dmr 5064 : Obituary
Hughes E P Pte 905 : Photo
Levine J Pte 22005 : Photo
Martineau C Captain : Photo
Morrall J B 2nd Lt : Portrait
Pigg B W 2nd Lt : Photo
Pinsent R P 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Potter E Lt : Photo
Rainbow A E 2nd Lt : Obituary
Richards E W 2nd Lt : Photo
Rogers E H 2nd Lt : Photo
Smart E D 2nd Lt : Photo
Stehn A E Captain : Photo
Ward C S Lt : Photo and Photo
Wesselhoeft F G Sergt 27272 : Obituary
Winwood G Pte 267342 : Obituary
11th Battalion (Service)
Bromwich H F Pte 21085 : Obituary
Canton L T Coy Sergt Major 11825 : Obituary
Dealey L J B Pte 361 : Photo
Graham F N Captain : Photo
McClure S Pte 4860 : Photo
Pusch E J 2nd Lt : Photo
Shaw R Lt DSO : Photo
Voss E W T 2nd Lt : Photo
Williams W Pte 27843 : Obituary
12th Battalion (Reserve)
Barrett G Lt : Photo
13th Battalion (Reserve)
Perry L L L/Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Phillips R E Lt VC : Photo
14th Battalion (Service)(1st Birmingham)
Andrew G H Pte 25234 : Obituary
Barrow E S K 2nd Lt : Photo
Benfield B W Pte 510 : Photo
Brown F H Sergt 579 : Obituary
Clements C Sergt 102 : Photo
Cross E K L Pte 23128 : Photo
Dain J L Pte 882 : Photo
Fellows H J Pte 1117 : Photo
Gabriel H M Pte 1155 : Photo
Gorman G F 2nd Lt : Photo
Green A P Pte 205 : Photo
Greenwood H S 2nd Lt : Photo
Herbert R T Pte 8013 : Obituary
Hewett S H P 2nd Lt : Photo
Howell D Pte 113 : Photo
Jackson C Y L/Cpl 1034 : Photo
Jacobi W T 2nd Lt : Photo
Joseph E Sergt 336 : Photo
Kay A S Pte 428 : Photo
Longmore C R Pte 1223 : Obituary
Martin A J S Pte 50261 : Obituary
Mullis H Cpl 7923 : Photo
Newey H Sergt DCM 305886 : Obituary
Plant H 2nd Lt : Photo
Prescott T P Pte 119 : Photo
Rosenthal L M Pte 484 : Photo
Smith C E Pte 708 : Photo
Stubbs W E Pte 996 : Photo
Swede J A M Pte : Photo
Townley F L 2nd Lt : Photo
Turner B Captain : Photo
Vince W L Lt : Photo
Wilson A E Lt : Obituary
Woodcock F A Pte 286 : Photo
Wright R A Sergt 15/662 : Photo
15th Battalion (Service)(2nd Birmingham)
Alexander J P Pte MM 33788 : Short Record Of Service
Audley W Cpl 7232 : Photo
Barrett B T 2nd Lt : Photo
Bednall B C Pte 1254 : Obituary
Box F A Pte 28655 : Obituary
Brown F Pte 20612 : Obituary
Carter W E Pte 34132 : Short Record Of Service
Crisp E G 2nd Lt : Obituary
Edwards P C Major DCM : Photo
Evans H T R 2nd Lt : Newspaper Photo
Greasley D J Cpl 15/870 : Obituary
Green A F L/Cpl 16/1765 : Obituary
Griffin J W Pte 34190 : Short Record Of Service
Henning W A Pte 18656 : Photo
Horton H F Cpl 79 : Obituary
Illingworth C C L/Cpl 74 : Photo
Jacobs I E Pte 16/1568 : Photo
Jeeves P Pte 611 : Photo
Larkins J C R Lt : Newspaper Photo
Maddocks J A Lt : Photo
Treadway H L 2nd Lt : Obituary
Turner G H 2nd Lt : Photo
16th Battalion (Service)(3rd Birmingham)
Bessell H G Pte 1220 : Short Record Of Service
Bridgeman J Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Carr H Pte 15/1379 : Photo
Castle W E Dmr 1169 : Photo
Heaven G F V Captain : Photo
Hyde H W Lt : Photo
James C H Pte 48288 : Short Record Of Service
Littleboy W E Lt : Photo
McReynolds T A Pte 32788 : Obituary
Parry F A Major MC : Photo and Photo
Regester E Pte 43219 : Obituary
Rudell E A 2nd Lt : Photo
Shakespeare W Pte 202561 : Obituary
Smith H Pte 22752 : Obituary
Ward H Pte 16/1733 : Photo
51st (Graduated) Battalion
Warmington C Pte : Short Record Of Service
52nd (Graduated) Battalion
Hearne W C L/Cpl : Short Record Of Service


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