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UK Naval Medal and Award Rolls 1793-1972

Talbot C P Com DSO : Photo
Tappenden A B AB 223171 H.M.S. Undaunted : Obituary
Tarn M A Engine Room Artificer HMS Aquarius : Photo
Tatham T H S Lt HMS Formidable : Photo
Tatham W I Sub Lt HM Sub H3 : Photo
Taylor C Stoker 2nd Class K/32252 HMS P26 : Photo
Taylor C G Captain HMS Tiger : Photo
Terry F G Lt Comm HMS Fortune : Photo
Terry P Mech HMS Riviera :Photo
Teuma G Officer's Steward 3rd Class HMS Arethusa : Casualty List
Tharle R Leading Seaman 212075 HMS Southampton : Photo
Thew C A AB HMS Sapphire : Short Record Of Service
Thomas W AB HMS Gibralter : Short Record Of Service
Thompson L G C Sub Lt : Photo
Thornhill A Officer's Cook 1st Class HMS Arethusa : Casualty List
Thorpe C K AB HMS Laurel : Casualty List
Thursby C F Rear Admiral KCMG HMS Queen : Photo
Toff A Seaman : Photo
Tomkins W J Signalman J20250 HMS Triumph : Photo
Tomkinson W Comm HMS Fame : Photo
Tomlin G AB : Short Record Of Service
Tothill H H D Rear Admiral : Photo
Tottenham H L Vice Admiral CB : Photo
Toulmin S N Surgeon MFA Ermine : Photo
Townsend J Petty Officer HMS Viknor : Photo
Townsend R H D Comm H.M.S. Invincible : Photo
Traherne L E Lt Comm : Photo
Treays J Officer's Steward 3rd Class L/7531 H.M.S. Victory : Photo Of Grave
Tritton R E Leading Seaman 227159 HMS Aboukir : Photo
Trott T J Chief Petty Officer 156177 HMS Queen Mary : Obituary
Troubridge E C T Vice Admiral : Photo
Trounson G F D Midshipman HMS Good Hope : Photo
Tucker E E AB 195629 H.M.S. Good Hope : Obituary
Tudor D C Lt HMS Good Hope : Photo
Tudball D C Midshipman HMS Indefatigable : Photo and Photo
Turner C J Leading Seaman HMS Glory : Short Record Of Service
Turner C R C Leading Stoker K10536 HMS Derwent : Photo
Turner F C AB HMS Invincible : Newspaper Photo
Turner J W H Sig : Short Record Of Service
Turner R C Lt Comm HMS Pegasus : Photo
Turrell J S Deck Hand : Short Record Of Service
Twedale J J 1st Class Stoker 308093 HMS Hogue : Photo
Twiss G K Lt Comm HMS Tartar : Photo
Tyrwhitt R Comm : Photo


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