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Radcliffe S Gnr HMS Laurel : Casualty List
Ramsay A Comm The Hon DSO : Photo
Randall T J Stoker : Short Record Of Service
Raven W Stoker 1st Class HMS Liberty : Casualty List
Rawles W G AB CGM HMS Broke : Photo and Photo
Rayner E Surg HMS Vanguard : Photo
Read A V AB 22285 HMS Queen Mary : Obituary
Read A W Leading Seaman 214246 H.M.S. Birkenhead : Photo Of Grave
Reade A G L Surgeon Lt : Short Record Of Service
Reardon G H AB HMS Arethusa : Casualty List
Reckitt C E Surgeon HMS Victory : Photo
Record E H AB HMS Magnificent : Short Record Of Service
Redsull G E Leading Stoker K/4055 HMS Recruit : Photo
Reed W S Leading Stoker HMS Cochrane : Newspaper Photo
Reeves G Lt Comm MBE : Photo At Investiture
Rennick H E de P Lt Comm HMS Hogue : Photo
Reynolds-Peyton J Lt HMS Ambuscade : Photo
Richard A AB : Short Record Of Service
Richards G Petty Officer 24343 HMS Otranto : Obituary
Richardson A J S Sub Lt H.M.S. Invincible : Photo
Richardson W J 2nd PO HMS Bulwark : Photo
Riches G AB HMS Laurel : Casualty List
Ritchie H P Comm VC HMS Goliath : Photo
Roake A AB DSM SS/1940 HMS Foyle : Short Record Of Service
Roberts H G L Clerk HMS Hogue : Photo
Roberts J Lt Comm MBE : Photo At Investiture
Roberts J G H Telegraphist J/40804 H.M. SM H10 : Obituary
Roberts W C Leading Seaman HMS Liberty : Casualty List
Robinson E G Comm VC : Photo
Robinson R S Lt HMS Arethusa : Casualty List
Rogers J Stoker K/20073 HMS Pathfinder : Photo
Rolling R R Telegraphist J/57069 HMS Pembroke : Photo Of Grave
Roome P W Fleet Pymstr HMS Aboukir : Photo
Root C R AB HMS Juno : Short Record Of Service
Rose A Boy 1st Class HMS Arethusa : Casualty List
Rose F F Comm HMS Laurel : Casualty List
Rose J AB : Photo
Ross G C C Staff Surgeon HMS Hawke : Photo and Photo
Ross R P Lt : Photo
Royce W S AB : Short Record Of Service
Russell A M Surg HMS Macedonia : Photo
Russell D R Carpenter HMS Vivid : Newspaper Photo
Russell F A H Comm : Wedding Photo


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