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UK Naval Medal and Award Rolls 1793-1972

Oakeley F E Lt Sub D2 : Photo
Ockwell A H Boy Telegraphist 34214 HMS Defence : Photo
Odd A A AB J/67065 HMS Halcyon : Photo Of Grave
O'Donnell P G AB : Short Record Of Service
Oliver R AB : Short Record Of Service
Olson A Wireless Operator : Photo
Onslow A G Lt Comm DSC HMS Onslaught : Photo and Obituary
Orde H W J Lt DSO HMS Goliath : Photo
O'Reilly F P Lt HMS Invincible : Photo
Osborne E O B S Comm DSO HMS Vindictive : Photo and Group Photo
Ostle J D 1st Class Stoker 116849 HMS Black Prince : Obituary
Owen G A Chief Petty Officer 201273 HMS Glatton : Obituary
Owen G C L Midshipman H.M.S. Defence : Photo
Owens G B Paymaster HMS Good Hope : Photo


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