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History of the Royal Munster Fusiliers

Distinguished Conduct Medal, 1914-20: Citations: Royal Munster Fusiliers

Soldiers Died in the Great War, 1914-19: The Royal Munster Fusiliers


Battalion Unknown
Aplin H Captain : Group Photo
Bennet F E 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Berthon A P Major : Group Photo
Callander C B Lt MC : Photo
Carroll H A Lt Col : Photo
Clark G W Lt : Group Photo
Collins H 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Davis G K Lt : Group Photo
Drage G Major : Group Photo
Fitzmaurice F G 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Good W H 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Gore H Lt Col : Group Photo
Halliman T D Lt : Group Photo
Hendriks C Major : Group Photo
Horan C R 2nd Lt MC : Photo
Longfield C E Lt : Group Photo
McLindsay C Lt & Qtr Mst : Group Photo
Montagu H G Lt : Group Photo
Morrogh F M D Lt : Photo
O'Callaghan V M 6944 : Short Record Of Service
Powell F T S 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Sheehan D D Captain : Photo
Slattery E B 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Stokes L St L 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Travers A S 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Travers S R V Lt : Group Photo
Wace M Captain & Adj : Group Photo
1st Battalion (Regular)
Barnard S L/Cpl 9070 : Photo
Blake H M J Lt : Photo and Short Record Of Service
Bonham H B 4559 : Obituary
Brice H Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Brown W 2nd Lt : Obituary
Cosgrove W Cpl VC : Photo
Cunningham A C 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Day J Pte 18462 : Obituary
Dorman E C Captain : Newspaper Photo
Eagar W G M Captain : Photo
Jarrett C H B Major : Photo and Photo
Maunsell D S Lt : Photo
O'Leary W F M Lt : Photo and Obituary
Pollard C E G Captain : Photo
Prior J Pte 5754 : Photo
Stewart C F S Major MC : Obituary
Storr A E L/Cpl 9208 : Obituary
Whatley S W Captain : Photo
Wilson A D 2nd Lt : Photo
2nd Battalion (Regular)
Awdry C E V 2nd Lt : Photo
Banning P S Captain : Photo , Photo and Photo
Barrett P G Captain : Photo , Photo and Obituary
Batten-Pooll A H Captain VC : VC Citation
Bennett J W Lt : Photo
Campbell C W Coy Qtr Mst Sergt 18390 : Obituary
Campbell-Dick J Captain : Photo
Charrier P A Major : Photo and Obituary
Chute C F T Lt : Photo and Photo
Crozier J C B 2nd Lt : Photo and Photo
Day F I Major : Photo and Obituary
Dorman T R H 2nd Lt : Photo
Durand F W Captain : Photo and Photo
Eccles F Sergt DCM 9946 : Photo
Flynn P 2nd Lt : Photo
Frizell R A Captain : Obituary
Gethin R P W 2nd Lt : Photo
Gower E W Lt : Photo
Grantham F W Captain : Photo
Harman R S Pte 5942 : Photo
King C S Lt : Photo
Moran F Lt : Photo
O'Brien H C H Captain : Photo and Photo
O'Brien J F Lt : Photo
Pakenham R E M Captain : Photo
Phayre C F Lt : Photo
Philby D D Lt : Photo
Rabone M 2nd Lt : Photo
Reymes-Cole W E Captain : Short Obituary
Ryan G J Captain DSO : Photo
Simms G N Captain : Photo
Stewart J A Lt : Photo
Stokes O C 2nd Lt : Photo
Styles F E Lt : Photo
Sulivan P H 2nd Lt : Photo
Thomson E P Major : Photo
Young R A 2nd Lt : Photo
3rd Battalion (Reserve)
Meredith W J Lt : Photo
Olphert H M A 2nd Lt : Photo
4th Battalion (Extra Reserve)
Cahill P L 2nd Lt : Photo
Des Voeux H C 2nd Lt : Obituary
Hussey E T 2nd Lt : Photo
5th Battalion (Extra Reserve)
Travers H M Captain : Photo
Varian W O 2nd Lt : Photo
6th Battalion (Service)
Burrowes G W Lt : Photo and Obituary
Dion J Pte 2909 : Photo
Freeman C H Cpl 1157 : Obituary
Gaffney L A 2nd Lt : Photo
Jephson J N Major : Photo
Longfield C E Captain : Photo
7th Battalion (Service)
Boulby R L/Cpl 2508 : Photo
Cullinan R H Captain : Photo
Cussen R Pte 479 : Obituary
Good W H 2nd Lt : Photo
Harper E M Lt : Photo
McDade J Pte 2325 : Short Obituary
O'Duffy K E Lt : Photo
Richards R Lt : Photo
Travers S R V Lt : Photo and Photo
8th Battalion (Service)
Bostock G E Captain : Photo
Chandler C W Captain MC : Photo
Cronin J Pte : Short Record Of Service
Fitzgerald J Pte 4373 : Obituary
O'Donovan M H Lt : Photo
Sullivan T Pte 569 : Obituary
9th Battalion (Service)


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