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The Royal Fusiliers (Public Schools Battalions) Boarding Buses In Hyde Park To Take Them To Epsom

The Royal Fusiliers (Public Schools Battalions) At Woodcote Camp Epsom 1915

The 21st Royal Fusiliers (4th Public Schools Battalion) at Woodcote Camp Epsom 1914

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(See London Regiment For 1st - 4th Battalions)


17th Battalion (Empire)
Agate P J Pte GS/25228 : Short Record Of Service
Allan G A Pte : Short Record Of Service
Arrol C A Pte 28 : Photo
Barber E J Lt : Short Record Of Service
Bennett R H Pte 559 : Photo
Bentley A F J Pte 61686 : Photo
Benzecry S Lt : Photo
Boughton S H Pte 77834 : Photo and Short Obituary
Bradman W R Pte : Short Obituary
Burridge J J Pte 69570 : Short Record Of Service
Champ T A Pte 791 : Photo
Cunningham J F Pte : Short Record Of Service
Duffy W P Pte : Short Record Of Service
Duke R Pte 74817 : Obituary
Dumbell L S L/Cpl 107 : Photo
Etheridge H D 2nd Lt MC MM : Photo
Fell F H Pte 2231 : Short Record Of Service
Fraser R H B Pte 68717 : Photo
Gaddum R C S 2nd Lt : Photo
Goldsack J G W Pte 6658 : Obituary
Hugill E A Captain : Photo
Jackson A A Pte G/52584 : Short Record Of Service
Johnson T F W Pte : Short Record Of Service
Kibblewhite H J T Coy Qtr Mst Sergt 658 : Short Record Of Service
Lucas J 2nd Lt : Photo
Pacey F B Pte 439 : Photo
Ponton H F Pte PS/6593 : Short Record Of Service
Rosenberg D L/Cpl 51060 : Photo
Shairp W V Cpl E/285 : Photo
Stone W N Captain VC : Photo
Wells W A Pte 1706 : Photo
White E T L/Cpl 1233 : Photo
Whybrow T W Pte E/1775 : Photo
18th Battalion (1st Public Schools)
18th -21st Battalion Memorial Gates : Photo
Akers-Douglas Major The Hon : Group Photo
Arnold A C P 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Bacon P R 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Baker B H Lt : Group Photo
Bamber M K 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Bowes-Lyon H E Captain : Group Photo
Bowman H S Captain : Group Photo
Cooper W A 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Cutter R C 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Dixon J W 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Duff W H 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Fifoot E L 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Gray J W H Lt & Qtr Mst : Group Photo
Hamilton H C 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Hartley J C Major : Group Photo
Hayes C P 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Hazeldine D 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Herrmann E G F Pte 6518 : Photo
Hicks H C Captain : Group Photo
Holloway N J Lt : Group Photo
Hutchinson L A Lt : Group Photo
Jewell D M H 2nd Lt : Photo and Group Photo
Knight E H S 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Leech J C Captain : Group Photo
Martin A C 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Payne M N Lt : Group Photo
Price-Edwards O Captain : Group Photo and Photo
Price-Hallowes E 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Reiss F E 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Robinson S T Lt : Group Photo
Scott H Lord Col : Group Photo and Photo
Skey C O Lt : Group Photo
Smurthwaite H Captain : Group Photo
Street F Lt : Group Photo
Vandermin C V 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Westover C 2nd Lt : Group Photo
19th Battalion (2nd Public Schools)
18th -21st Battalion Memorial Gates : Photo
Armstrong L Pte G/7014 : Obituary
Abbott W Pte 1979 : Photo
Adams H N Sergt PS/2 : Obituary
Banks W R Pte G/42 : Obituary
Blackford A J Pte 94 : Photo
Buckingham J D L/Cpl : Photo
Chadband J S Pte G178 : Photo
Colbourne L Sergt 3639 : Photo
Dobell N B L/Cpl PS/270 : Photo
Gordon W L Lt Col : Photo
Pepperday G A G L/Cpl 765 : Photo
Wilbee R F L/Cpl PS/1036 : Photo
Wright-Ingle C H 2nd Lt : Photo
20th Battalion (3rd Public Schools)
18th -21st Battalion Memorial Gates : Photo
Andrews E R L Pte 9684 : Photo
Bennett C H Col DSO : Photo
Bower F W Captain : Obituary
Brown A J Pte 47623 : Photo
Brownridge F W Pte 4421 : Obituary
Budge H E U L/Cpl 4584 : Obituary
Bulbeck H E Lt : Photo
Cass E C Sergt 4610 : Obituary
Cornblatt S Pte 63332 : Photo
Evans N L Sergt 4802 : Obituary
Field R G Pte 9352 : Photo
Fisher S A Pte 4823 : Obituary
Fox S Pte 4833 : Obituary
Garner A Pte 4850 : Obituary
Hartley W S Pte PS/4937 : Obituary
Heath B Pte 8044 : Photo
Heinemann J W Captain : Photo
Hoole L A L/Cpl 5043 : Obituary
Jones I M Pte 5137 : Photo
Lisbona N Pte 5212 : Photo
Ponsford J W P Sergt PS8002 : Obituary
Power R C Pte 5486 : Photo
Rawson S M Lt : Photo
Rayner W V L/Cpl 5504 : Photo
Robinson H J Pte 63971 : Photo
Ross H D Pte 8688 : Photo
Smethurst W K Pte 5646 : Obituary
Tattersall G W Pte 3297 : Photo
Taunton B G Sergt 5769 : Photo
Toller E N Captain : Photo
Walker A E Lt : Photo
Wright E T Captain : Photo
21st Battalion (4th Public Schools)
18th -21st Battalion Memorial Gates : Photo
Bull R B Sergt Major : Photo
Dalton R Pte : Photo
Fenn H F Lt Col DSO : Photo
Hurry C Pte : Newspaper Photo
Madgett W S L/Cpl 7090 : Photo
Neilson N C Cpl 3027 : Photo
Pearce-Gould R Captain : Photo
Sanderson R Pte 4224 : Photo
Stuart-Wortley J Lt Col : Photo
22nd Battalion (Kensington)
Ansell G F Pte 1358 : Obituary
Ashton J G R L/Cpl G/996 : Obituary
Bond G W L/Cpl 17597 : Short Record Of Service
Borrett A L Cpl 1657 : Short Record Of Service
Burgess E A 2nd Lt : Photo
Burton W Pte 25234 : Short Record Of Service
Cogan H Pte : Short Record Of Service
Fitt C Pte 8876 : Photo
Fowler C J 2nd Lt : Photo
Ginsberg S Pte 2102 : Photo
Harbour I Pte 1786 : Photo
Hennessey H W Sergt MM : Photo
Holmes H H Pte 61504 : Photo
Lambrick S W L/Sergt 51940 : Photo
Livingstone D Pte 1235 : Photo
Munro H L/Sergt 225 : Newspaper Photo
Outram A R Pte 51968 : Photo
Payne W H 2nd Lt : Photo
Pearce B S L/Cpl 369 : Obituary
Phythian-Adams W J Major MC : Photo
Salter A R Pte 23390 : Photo
Simons L Captain MC : Photo
Stanbrough E G Sergt 483 : Short Record Of Service
Stannard G M Pte 6527 : Photo
Tonge R S L/Cpl 237 : Photo
Walsh J Major : Photo
Williams F Pte : Photo
23rd Battalion (1st Sportsmans)
Albany W Cpl 115 MM : Photo
Balbirnie J V E 2nd Lt : Photo
Barker E B L/Cpl 6625 : Photo
Barry K Pte SPTS/4774 : Obituary
Barton M D Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Bealey 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Beck S Cpl 3817 : Photo
Bolton W S Sergt 622 : Photo
Burnie J G Pte PS/2474 : Obituary
Church Captain : Group Photo
Clarke F W Pte 96 : Photo
Cross 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Cummings Inst Sergt : Newspaper Photo
De Vere Stacpoole Lt : Group Photo
Dewar D D Pte 767 : Short Record Of Service
Erwood F L Pte 4514 : Photo
Evans J T L/Cpl 7736 : Photo
Fleming H C Ote 2316 : Photo
Fossey A Pte 8947 : Obituary
Foy 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Gibbons Lt Col : Photo and Group Photo
Hayes V 2nd Lt : Newspaper Photo and Group Photo
Hilder M L Captain MC : Photo
Hillcoat 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Hirst J E H Pte 10664 : Photo
Holmes Captain : Group Photo
Inglis Lt & Adjt : Newspaper Photo and Group Photo
Inwood W S L/Cpl 2066 : Photo
Littman S Pte 1647 : Photo
Pirie 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Powell Captain : Group Photo
MacPherson J C B Pte 998 : Photo
Maitland Col Vis : Group Photo
Murray-Thompson 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Prangley N C L/Cpl 23332 : Photo
Ravenhill H H L/Cpl 2026 : Photo
Richardson 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Richey Major DSO : Newspaper Photo and Group Photo
Sadgrove L S Pte G/87275 : Photo
Sanderson R L/Cpl G/68456 : Photo
Seymour H A L/Cpl 3379 : Photo
Shotton J S Pte SPTS/123 : Photo
Suckling Lt : Group Photo
Taylor H A 2nd Lt : Newspaper Photo and Group Photo
Whitlock A E Sergt 902 : Photo
Willett E A Pte 1015 : Photo
Williams Lt : Group Photo
Winter 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Witham D H L/Cpl 4712 : Photo
Yorke B 2nd Lt The Hon : Group Photo
24th Battalion (2nd Sportsmans)
Adams Sergt : Group Photo
Anderson J E A Pte SP/3084 : Photo
Arrowsmith A E Coy Sergt Major 2754 : Obituary
Artis Sergt : Group Photo
Axten Regt Qtr Mst Sergt : Group Photo
Baines Sergt : Group Photo
Baron O Pte 4554 : Photo
Barr-Hamilton : Group Photo
Barrowman R W Pte 2174 : Photo
Becher W S Pte 2116 : Photo
Bedbrooke L/Sergt : Group Photo
Black W J Pte 59616 : Photo
Bond F N Pte 3311 : Photo
Boote J A L/Cpl 68857 : Photo
Bradberry C C D Pte 2630 : Obituary
Brock L/Sergt : Group Photo
Burton Sergt : Group Photo
Busby Coy Qtr Mst Sergt : Group Photo
Challenger Orderly Room Sergt : Group Photo
Clair Sergt : Group Photo
Cox Sergt : Group Photo
Croft J E Pte SP/4339 : Photo
Cronin Coy Qtr Mst Sergt : Group Photo
Day Sergt : Group Photo
Dean H D Pte 77042 : Short Record Of Service
Dent Sergt : Group Photo
Denton Sergt : Group Photo
Drew Coy Qtr Mst Sergt : Group Photo
Early C D Pte STK/2027 : Photo
Edwards G T Captain : Photo
Ellis Sergt : Group Photo
Enderby H Major : Group Photo
Essex Sergt : Group Photo
Evans Sergt : Group Photo
Fairburn Sergt : Group Photo
Finch Coy Sergt Major : Group Photo
Hadaway Sergt : Group Photo
Hammond A L 2nd Lt : Photo
Harmer Coy Sergt Major : Group Photo
Harvey Sergt : Group Photo
Hayward Sergt : Group Photo
Hearn A L/Cpl G/50440 : Short Record Of Service
Heaton Sergt : Group Photo
Herford S W Pte 2860 : Obituary
Hurst Sergt : Group Photo
Joy A Bugler 2162 : Short Record Of Service
Kimsey A Pte GS/61199 : Short Record Of Service
Little Sergt : Group Photo
Marshall C B Pte 2425 : Photo
Mason L/Sergt : Group Photo
May Sergt : Group Photo
Mintorn R H N Pte : Photo
Mitchell D S Pte 3437 : Photo
Morris Sergt : Group Photo
Morris Regt Sergt Major : Group Photo
Perry H Pte : Short Obituary
Punchard Sergt : Group Photo
Radcliffe D Captain : Photo
Ralph C S Pte 3049 : Photo
Remnant Sergt : Group Photo
Ridding L J F R Pte 52079 : Photo
Samuels Sergt : Group Photo
Scobell Coy Qtr Mst Sergt : Group Photo
Shearing H S Pte 68872 : Obituary
Shields Sergt : Group Photo
Stafford C 2nd Lt : Photo
Stuart Coy Qtr Mst Sergt : Group Photo
Taylor J B Pte 52015 : Photo
Tottie Sergt : Group Photo
Towler Coy Sergt Major : Group Photo
Ullman D M Lt : Photo
Urry F A Pte 52024 : Photo
Wakefield Sergt : Group Photo
Warth B Pte 2143 : Photo
Watson Pnr Sergt : Group Photo
Wellington Sergt : Group Photo
Whitfield Sergt : Group Photo
Wilson Sergt : Group Photo
25th Battalion (Frontiersmen)
Budler A H de W Pte 13732 : Short Record Of Service
Dartnell W T Lt VC : Photo
Driscoll D P Lt Col DSO : Photo
Forster C H Cpl : Photo
Griffiths G H W Pte 12946 : Photo
Robinson A H Captain : Photo
Selous F C Captain DSO : Photo
26th Battalion (Bankers)
Adamson J E Sergt MSM B/19550 : Short Record Of Service
Barnett H W 2nd Lt : Photo and Short Obituary
Benbow J L Pte STK/2305 : Photo
Blackie C D Pte B/23066 : Short Obituary
Blendis S Pte 1805 : Photo
Briggs C Pte 2470 : Photo
Burgess J Pte MM 60026 : Photo
Caines J A H Pte 19576 : Photo
Clarke W H Pte : Short Record Of Service
Cooper G S Pte 19451 : Photo
De Lattre R Pte 19482 : Photo
Edwards J P Coy Sergt Maj B/19418 : Short Record Of Service
Ellis C J Pte 19957 : Photo
Finch C F Pte 19950 : Photo
Freeman C L/Cpl MM 23261 : Photo
Goodes A Pte 2779 : Short Record Of Service
Hadley E W Pte 19594 : Photo
Harding C H Pte 19893 : Photo
Harris C H Pte 19822 : Photo
Havelock E W Lt : Photo
Hayman H F L/Cpl 20134 : Photo
Hill C L Pte 19467 : Photo
Hillier A Pte 781350 : Photo
Hipkiss A V Pte 2320 : Photo
Hodgson J F Pte 20179 : Photo
Ikin H L Pte 23042 : Photo
Jonas F J Pte 191619 : Photo
Jones W E Sergt 19374 : Photo
Kinder R C Captain : Photo
King W E Pte 23283 : Photo
Lampard P Sergt 19568 : Photo
Leale F R L/Cpl 23111 : Photo
Lee A C Pte 19765 : Short Obituary
Legate F Pte 1829 : Obituary
Morgan W I Pte 20341 : Photo
Morrow W E Pte 23028 : Obituary
Nowers J A Cpl 19415 : Photo
Pope F L/Cpl 46691 : Photo
Powe P Pte 20162 : Photo
Pugh G A 2nd Lt : Photo
Rigby H F Pte 19862 : Photo
Ritchie J K W Pte 53356 : Obituary
Robson T O Pte B/19769 : Photo
Rowe S Pte 23286 : Photo
Samuels S M 2nd Lt MC+Bar : Photo
Sangar W A L/Cpl 19584 : Obituary
Secker F T Pte 19953 : Photo
Seline J J Pte B23001 : Photo
Shaw M J Lt : Photo
Short C S T Pte 19477 : Photo
Simpson C B Captain : Photo
Smith S J Lt : Photo
Spooner G P 2nd Lt MM : Photo
Talbot E F Pte 20077 : Photo
Toft H R Pte B/19761 : Photo
Tuite H M Lt Col : Photo
Upfield N Cpl 19459 : Photo
Varey J A Pte 20180 : Photo
Ward E W D Pte 19583 : Photo
Warden L E Pte 49573 : Photo
Waterhouse A H Pte 23291 : Photo
Whiting H T Pte 2376 : Photo
Williams D J S Pte 20309 : Photo
27th Battalion (Reserve)
Francis A E Pte : Short Record Of Service
28th Battalion (Reserve)
Bailey R C Pte 8784 : Photo
Russen G F Pte : Short Record Of Service
Spooner G P 2nd Lt MM : Photo
29th Battalion (Reserve)
30th Battalion (Reserve)
31st Battalion (Reserve)
Butchard R A Lt : Photo
Radford W C L Pte 16826 : Photo
32nd Battalion (East Ham)
Blake G L/Cpl 20900 : Short Record Of Service
Brett W G L/Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Dobney E V Pte 49624 : Photo
Hamburger J L/Cpl 20630 : Photo
Phillips A Pte 245106 : Photo
Rowswell H Pte 52660 : Photo
Thorburn J M Captain : Obituary
Trevor-Roper G Pte 57835 : Photo
33rd Battalion (Labour)
Elliff A W L/Cpl 25730 : Short Record Of Service
34th Battalion (Labour)
35th Battalion (Labour)
36th Battalion (Labour)
37th Battalion (Labour)
38th Battalion (Judeans)
Abrahams J L/Cpl : Photo
Abrahams S Lt : Photo
Allonowitz L Pte 773 : Photo
Barnes J Pte : Photo
Bernard A Pte : Photo
Bernstein J Sergt : Photo
Block B Sergt : Photo
Blumenthal J Pte : Photo
Boorman D Cpl J/993 : Photo
Brick B Pte J/1010 : Photo
Burns M Pte J/3856 : Photo
Carmel J RSM 205124 : Photo
Cohen P Pte : Photo
Cross H B Lt : Group Photo
Daltroff E M Lt : Group Photo
Davis I Pte : Photo
Deitz M Pte J/1754 : Photo
Evans Lt : Group Photo
Fligelstone T H Lt MC : Photo
Freiner M Pte J/1590 : Photo
Galinsky M Pte J/1186 : Photo
Gardner M Pte 1019 : Photo
Gillis L L/Cpl J/790 : Photo
Glynn S L/Cpl MM : Photo
Goldberg Pte : Photo
Goldenberg J Pte J/3726 : Photo
Golding A L/Cpl : Photo
Goldston D L/Cpl J/3468 : Photo
Green A Pte : Photo
Greyman S Pte J/901 : Photo
Harris E Lt : Photo and Group Photo
Harris H H Captain : Group Photo
Hyams G S Captain : Group Photo
Hyman C A/Sergt : Photo
Isaacs H M Pte : Photo
Jabotinsky V Lt : Photo
Jaffe I Captain : Photo and Group Photo
Julian Captain : Group Photo
Kapshut K Pte : Photo
Karo M CSM 192 : Photo
Kempner S A Cpl 3313 : Photo
Levene J Pte : Photo
Levin L Pte : Photo
Levine A Pte : Photo
Levy C Pte : Photo
Levy J Pte J/1289 : Photo
Levy L Pte : Photo
Marks R Pte J/2588 : Photo
Matthews S Pte : Photo
Matz P Pte : Photo
Morris H Lt : Group Photo
Myers I Pte : Photo
Neill Captain : Group Photo
Nevill J H Lt : Group Photo
Patterson J H Lt Col DSO : Group Photo
Rich Pte : Photo
Ripley Captain : Group Photo
Sarna E Pte : Photo
Saxton L H L/Cpl : Photo
Scareff L Cpl : Photo
Seramber C Pte J/322 : Photo
Shapiro S Pte J/263 : Photo
Shorts A Pte : Photo
Singer J Pte : Photo
Slomovitch S Pte J/4419 : Photo
Smythe Lt : Group Photo
Solomons H Pte : Photo
Solomons J Pte : Photo
Sugarman S Sergt : Photo
Sultag P Pte : Photo
Symonds M Lt : Group Photo
Tytz J Pte : Photo
Vilofsky B Sig J/2259 : Photo
Weinberg W Pte J/1042 : Photo
Weitzenfeld M Pte : Photo
Wolfensohn H Lt : Photo and Group Photo
Wolffe B Lt : Photo and Group Photo
Zucker H Pte : Photo
39th Battalion (Judeans)
Alexander M Pte J/3909 : Photo
Arnold M P Lt : Group Photo
Bagola L L/Cpl : Photo
Barnett 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Barnett A E Captain : Group Photo
Barnett D Pte J/2062 : Photo
Beatty Captain : Group Photo
Bierman A Pte J/2416 : Photo
Black M Sergt MM : Photo
Brown Lt : Group Photo
Cather Captain : Group Photo
Coussin T Lt : Group Photo
Cowen A 2nd Lt : Photo
Cowen E Cpl J/2052 : Photo
Crugman S Pte J/2549 : Photo
Gilman Lt : Group Photo
Harris Lt : Group Photo
Hopkin D Major MC : Group Photo
Isaacs H Sergt : Photo
Jacobs J Lt : Group Photo
Keyzer 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Kroftchinscky L Pte : Photo
Lesnie J H L/Cpl J/1206 : Photo
Levy Lt : Group Photo
Levy J Coy Qtr Mst Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Margolin E Lt Col DSO : Group Photo
Milman B L/Cpl : Photo
Murphy 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Murphy Captain : Group Photo
Myers 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Needle M Pte : Photo
Newport Lt : Group Photo
Perlstone J Pte J/2400 : Photo
Phillips H 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Racionzer J L Captain : Group Photo
Reid Captain : Group Photo
Rich Lt : Group Photo
Rubin H de V Lt : Group Photo
Salaman R N Dr : Group Photo
Salmon H W 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Samuelson B G Captain : Group Photo
Seftor B Pte : Photo
Silverman L Pte J/2334 : Photo
Smalley Captain : Group Photo
Stone L 2nd Lt : Photo and Group Photo
Strump R Sergt : Photo
Tabatsky S Bugler J/2156 : Photo
Taylor M Pte : Photo
Trachtenberg M I L/Cpl J/2716 : Photo and Obituary
Whitworth Captain DSO : Group Photo
Wolfensohn H Lt : Group Photo
Zimmerman M Pte J/761 : Photo
40th Battalion (Judeans)
Berg E Pte 3327 : Photo
De Rothschild J Major DCM : Photo
Freedman J Pte : Photo
Gnessen M Pte J/1420 : Photo
Goldstone I Sergt : Photo
Jacobs M J Cpl 2476 : Photo
Jellen B Bandmaster J/3712 : Photo
Levy A S L/Cpl : Photo
Michaels H Sergt : Photo
Mivansky J Pte : Photo
Moreberg A Pte J/5707 : Photo
Reuben D B Sergt J/559 : Photo
Scalnick B Pte : Photo
Shneerson M Sergt J/4769 : Photo
Simcovitch (Wise) M Pte J/35694 : Photo
Solomons L Sergt J/3059 : Photo
Spyer S M RSM J/2831 : Photo
Waley E Major OBE : Photo
Wansker H Sergt J/3029 : Photo
Wolfensohn H Lt : Photo
41st Battalion (Reserve)
42nd Battalion (Reserve)
Annenberg M L/Cpl : Photo
43rd Battalion (Garrison)
44th Battalion (Garrison)
45th Battalion (Service)
Levy M Pte : Photo
46th Battalion (Service)
47th Battalion
Campbell R L/Cpl : Short Record Of Service


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