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Racionzier H F Pte : Photo
Radburn G Bmdr 71231 : Short Record Of Service
Rae J C Captain MC : Photo
Rait-Kerr S C Captain : Photo
Rait-Kerr W C Captain DSO : Photo
Rammage F B Gnr 970850 : Short Record Of Service
Ramsay J R Major : Photo
Randall C B Lt : Photo
Rasmusson F G J 2nd Lt : POW Information
Rattray D 2nd Lt : Photo
Rawes A N 2nd Lt : POW Information
Raynes J C Sergt VC : Photo
Rayson W H R Captain : Photo
Reakes S R K 2nd Lt : POW Information
Redhall A Bmdr 820073 : Obituary
Reeves L L Captain : Photo and Obituary
Reeves R Lt : POW Information
Reid G Lt : Photo
Reith D L/Cpl : Photo
Relton D E Lt : Photo
Rendel A J Major : Photo
Renny G M Lt : Photo
Reynolds A S 2nd Lt : Photo
Reynolds D Captain VC : Photo
Reynolds R B 2nd Lt : POW Information
Reynolds S Dvr 4392 : Obituary
Rice R Gnr 175916 : Photo
Richards A W 2nd Lt : Photo
Richards B C 2nd Lt : Photo
Richards W B Dvr 965036 : Photo
Richards H W B Lt : Photo
Richardson A J L/Bmdr : Short Record Of Service
Richardson F A Lt : Photo and Obituary
Richardson R L Gnr 160350 : Obituary
Richardson W C Dvr 49371 : Photo
Ricketts J S 2nd Lt : Newspaper Photo
Ridout G A E 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Riecke A F M Major : POW Information
Rimmer S G Lt : Photo
Ritchie J N Major: POW Information
Rivers A Pte : Short Record Of Service
Robb J Captain : Photo
Roberts A K 2nd Lt : POW Information
Roberts F Pte 88132 : Obituary
Roberts G H Gnr 149740 : Obituary
Roberts J Dvr 22125 : Obituary
Roberts W Bmdr : Group Photo
Robertson E J M Lt : Photo
Robertson J Gnr 104453 : Obituary
Robertson J K K Gnr 47843 : Short Record Of Service
Robinson H C Pte : Short Record Of Service
Robinson L Gnr 174540 : Obituary
Robinson N S Major : Photo
Robinson T B Lt : Photo
Robinson W Dvr 123948 : Photo
Robinson W A Sergt 82226 : Photo
Robinson W J Dvr 15204 : Obituary
Robinson W A Sergt 82226 : Photo
Rodocanachi H 2nd Lt : Photo
Rogers A Dvr 1209 : Photo
Rogers C H 2nd Lt : Photo
Rogers G Bmdr : Group Photo
Rogers H H Dvr 1196 : Photo
Rogers W F Major DSO : Photo and Obituary
Rogerson P S Dvr : Short Record Of Service
Rolfe W Gnr : Newspaper Photo
Rolison W C Gnr 1594 : Photo
Rolph J C J Gnr 880191 : Photo
Rooks W A E Dvr : Short Record Of Service
Rose E C Lt : POW Information
Rose H Gnr : Photo
Rosenbloom S Bdr : Photo
Rosenfeld L Fitter 148135 : Photo
Rosier J E R Lt : Photo
Ross J W Gnr 630953 : Obituary
Ross W A Gnr 660920 : Obituary
Rothwell W Bmdr : Group Photo
Rous T 2nd Lt : Photo
Rouse A R Lt : Photo
Rouse W H Gnr : Photo
Rowe-Evans C B Lt : POW Information
Rudkin W C E Captain DSO : Photo
Rule G J Bmdr 956574 : Short Record Of Service
Runnels-Moss E C A 2nd Lt : POW Information
Rusher A E Major : Group Photo
Russell E F Gnr 826659 : Photo
Russell W H Gnr 906 : Obituary
Ruston R M 2nd Lt : POW Information


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