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Romford to Beirut via France, Egypt and Jericho: An Outline of the War Record of B Battery, 271 Bde. RFA (1/2nd Essex Battery)


Packard H N Lt Col DSO : Photo
Packman T A Lt : Photo
Page E G Bmdr : Short Record Of Service
Page H Gnr 92155 : Short Record Of Service
Palethorpe E D 2nd Lt : Photo
Palmer E A Captain : POW Information
Parbury F N Major : Photo
Parfitt E G 2nd Lt : POW Information
Park A St J Major MC : Photo
Park H Gnr 75336 : Photo
Parker C G Sapper : Short Record Of Service
Parkes G W 2nd Lt : POW Information
Parkes R S 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Parkinson C B F 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Parry R G Gnr 825410 : Photo
Parry W T Gnr 677095 : Obituary
Parsons J C L 2nd Lt : POW Information
Pasteur W R Captain MC : Photo
Paterson N K 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Paterson R D Gnr 630340 : Obituary
Paton G G R 2nd Lt : POW Information
Patten J Dvr 29005 : Obituary
Patterson A Captain : Photo
Patterson K S 2nd Lt : POW Information
Patterson R M 2nd Lt : POW Information
Pattisson J M Major : Photo
Patton G E Lt : POW Information
Pattullo H J Lt : Photo
Paul A Gnr : Newspaper Photo
Paulley G H Sergt 45160 : Photo
Payne H 2nd Lt : Photo
Pearce A Dvr 35452 : Photo
Pearce H C Gnr MM 88973 : Obituary
Pearce W H 2nd Lt : POW Information
Pearse R S 2nd Lt : Photo
Pearson T W Major : Group Photo
Pease-Watkin E H Major DSO : Photo
Peel R L Lt MC : Photo
Peerless C S 2nd Lt : Photo
Philip G H 2nd Lt : POW Information
Phillips E H Major DSO : Photo
Phillips M A Captain : Photo
Phillips R M Sergt 1381 : Photo
Phillpotts L M Brig Gen DSO CMG : Photo
Pickett W Gnr : Photo
Pigott G W 2nd Lt : Photo
Pinch B Gnr L/17990 : Photo
Pinniger W J 2nd Lt : Photo
Pitcher J Gnr 18414 : Photo
Pitt J S Dvr L/20434 : Short Record Of Service
Pitt S R 2nd Lt : Photo
Pittar G P 2nd Lt : POW Information
Plant F Dvr : Photo
Platt C L F 2nd Lt : Photo
Platt J R Lt : Photo
Playfair L G H L Captain The Hon : Photo
Playford P R Lt : Photo
Plimsoll S R C Captain : POW Information
Pollard G B Lt : Photo
Pont E S 2nd Lt : POW Information
Poole F Bmdr 27666 : Obituary
Poore R Lt : Photo
Poppleton F Bmdr 1417 : Photo
Porter W G Major DSO : Photo
Powell J H S Major : Newspaper Photo
Powell N J Bmdr : Photo
Powell T 2nd Lt : POW Information
Power K W Lt : POW Information
Pownall A C M 2nd Lt : Obituary
Pratt G C S Lt : Photo
Preston J T Dvr : Short Record Of Service
Preston H W L Lt : Photo
Preston R M P Major The Hon DSO + Bar : Photo
Preston W Pte : Photo
Preston W H H Major : Group Photo
Price J T Captain MC : Photo
Prichard F H Captain : POW Information
Pringle M 2nd Lt : Obituary
Pritchard J D Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Pritchard J L Dvr 1036 : Photo
Pritchard L D W 2nd Lt : Photo
Proctor N Gnr MM : Photo
Pullan C M 2nd Lt : Obituary
Pulleine R P Lt : Photo
Pulley C Major : Photo
Pullin A H 2nd Lt : POW Information
Pullin B J Lt MC : Photo
Putt J H Bmdr 149601: Obituary
Pym N H Cpl 855145 : Photo


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