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Romford to Beirut via France, Egypt and Jericho: An Outline of the War Record of B Battery, 271 Bde. RFA (1/2nd Essex Battery)

Oakden A W Lt : Photo
Oakley J E Bmdr 891295 : Obituary
O'Brien H R H Captain : Photo
O'Brien T J A 2nd Lt : Photo
O'Callaghan J C Major MC : Photo
O'Keefe W H Lt : Photo
Oliver G B Major : Photo
Olver J D C 2nd Lt MC : Photo
O'Malley W J Lt : Photo
Orde J B Major MC : Photo
Orders W M Captain : Group Photo
Orme A G Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Owen D C Lt : POW Information
Owen N M 2nd Lt : Photo
Owen-Smith C 2nd Lt : Photo
Oxley A H 2nd Lt : Photo


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