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Wakinshaw J W Sapper 51464 : Photo
Waldon W W Pnr WR/253703 : Short Record Of Service
Walker A D Lt Col DSO : Photo
Walker A S L/Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Walker J Sergt 402024 : Photo
Wallace J R 2nd Lt : POW Information
Wallis-Stolzle O Cpl 197899 : Photo and Photo
Walmsley R H 2nd Lt : POW Information
Walsh R E Lt : POW Information
Walthew E J Lt Col MC : Photo
Watson G P H Lt : POW Information
Watters A Sapper 97484 : Obituary
Weald G Lt : Short Record Of Service
Weaving H A Sapper T/1006 : Short Record Of Service
Webb F J Dvr : Short Record Of Service
Webber S Sapper 547525 : Short Record Of Service
Webster H Sapper 496988 : Obituary
Weisbloom P D L/Cpl 170787 : Photo
Wellard H W Cpl 113302 : Obituary
Wellesley E V C Lt : Group Photo
Wells R C Lt : POW Information
Welsby W F 2nd Lt : POW Information
West L G Sapper : Short Record Of Service
West W T Sapper : Short Record Of Service
Westwood G F Pnr 214288 : Short Record Of Service
Wheater K R M 2nd Lt : Photo
Whimster T F 2nd Lt : Photo
Whitbread W J Sapper 33973 : Short Record Of Service
White R E 2nd Lt : Photo
Whitehead E Sapper 65314 : Photo
Whitehouse J W G Lt : Photo and Photo
Whittington H N Sapper 248745 : Short Record Of Service
Whittington J Pnr 252692 : Obituary
Wiggins W G Sapper MM 87477 : Obituary
Wilken W A 2nd Lt : POW Information
Wilkinson J L 2nd Lt : Newspaper Photo
Willett G Sapper : Short Record Of Service
Williams A S G Lt : Photo
Williams T E Sapper 182449 : Photo
Willis A Sapper 237474 : Photo
Wills R B M Captain : Photo
Wilson E A Lt : Group Photo
Wilson G A Sapper 103483 : Photo
Wilson H R Sapper 40272 : Photo
Wilson N Captain : Group Photo
Winchester J H Pnr 188189 : Photo
Winter W O Lt : Group Photo
Withington R L Captain : Group Photo
Witts F V B Captain MC : Photo
Wood G T Sapper 44561 : Photo
Woodhead R Sapper 104506 : Photo
Wooding P H 2nd Lt : POW Information
Woods A R R Lt : Photo
Woods B H 2nd Lt : Photo
Woolf H L Pnr 146370 : Photo
Woolfe E L/Cpl 449 : Photo
Wooton H Dvr : Photo
Wraith A O Major : Photo and Photo
Wrede R Sapper WR/307850 : Short Record Of Service
Wright F M Pnr 182465 : Photo
Wright J Pte 10014 : Obituary
Wright T Captain VC : Photo
Wynn G Dvr 148878 : Photo


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