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Surrender be Damned: History of the 1/1st Battalion the Monmouthshire Regiment, 1914-18

History of the 2nd Battalion the Monmouthshire Regiment

Soldiers Died in the Great War,1914-19: Monmouthshire,
Hertfordshire,Herefordshire Regiments; Army Cyclist Corps,etc


1st Btn (Territorial)
Ballantine A S Rfn 2768 : Short Record Of Service
Ballinger H J 2nd Lt : Photo
Edwards H T Captain : Photo
Frampton J G Lt : Obituary
Goldsworthy W Lt MC : Photo
Hornby S G Pte 151980 : Obituary
Jacobson E Pte DCM 226918 : Short Record Of Service
James W M Captain : Photo and Photo
Jones L S G 2nd Lt : Photo
Lambert C H Pte 2136 : Obituary
Lewis J C Captain : Obituary
Lock W E Cpl 226317 : Obituary
Meares G P S Rfn 4255 : Photo
Paul R Pte 15605 : Obituary
Perry B L Captain : Photo
Phillips E S Lt : Photo
Richards A 2nd Lt : Short Record Of Service
Richards S E 2nd Lt : Photo
Robinson C L Lt Col : Photo
Spittle T S Captain : Photo and Photo
Stewart W V 2nd Lt : Photo
Wellsteed P T Lt : Short Record Of Service
Williams O M Major : Photo
2nd Btn (Territorial)
Bowen A J H Lt Col DSO : Photo
Bridle P W Pte 265518 : Obituary
Cater J P Pte 40089 : Photo
Evans E Pte 1682 : Obituary
Fraser A E Lt : Photo
Gwynne T H Pte 1917 : Photo
Hockaday S R Captain : Photo
Hudson-Hillier C A 2nd Lt : Photo
Jones F Pte 2366 : Photo
Jones R S Pte 538 : Photo
King A 2nd Lt : Photo
Owen I E Lt : Photo
Paton J E 2nd Lt : Photo
Reed H W T 2nd Lt : Photo
Rosenbaum L B Lt : Photo
Watkins I E M Captain : Photo
Watkins V H Captain : Photo
Watts J R Pte 2458 : Photo
3rd Btn (Territorial)
Baker R L Captain : Photo
Bennett-Dore 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Berry J H 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Beveridge M L Lt : Group Photo
Bowen A W Captain : Group Photo
Burgoyne J A Lt : Group Photo
Butler H D Captain : Group Photo
Cruickshank R A 2nd Lt : Photo
Davies H B Lt : Group Photo
Edwards W Pte 1963 : Photo
Evans J Major : Group Photo
Finn J E 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Ford L E 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Gardner R O Captain : Photo
George J T Lt : Group Photo
Gough R Pte 2488 : Obituary
Greenland G W 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Griffith H H 2nd Lt Group Photo
Griffiths H D Lt Col : Group Photo
Groves F N Lt : Photo
Hoare J Pte DCM 675 : Photo
Hodges H A Captain : Photo
Hopkins J H 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Hunt E V 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Johnson Sergt Major : Group Photo
Lancaster G W Captain MC : Photo
Lancaster J Captain : Photo
Letton Coy Sergt Major : Group Photo
Lewis N G N H Captain : Obituary
Martin C H G Lt : Photo and Photo
Morgan D R 2nd Lt : Group Photo
North H M Lt : Group Photo
Owen J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Palmer W L 2nd Lt : Photo
Pennymore P Lt Col DSO : Group Photo
Preen H Sergt 2202 : Photo
Rancombe M E W Pte 1593 : Photo
Reese R T Captain : Photo
Robertson A L T 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Roderick S Bandmaster : Group Photo
Roskins Qr Mr Sergt : Group Photo
Rosser H C Captain : Group Photo
Sale A C Captain : Group Photo
Saunders R 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Warneford-Taunton C Lt : Group Photo
Williams A F 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Williams D R 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Williams F S 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Williams J H 2nd Lt : Group Photo
4th Btn (Home Service)
Moss T Pte : Photo


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