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1st Btn (Royal Fusiliers)
2nd Btn (Royal Fusiliers)
3rd Btn (Royal Fusiliers)
4th Btn (Royal Fusiliers)
5th Btn (London Rifle Bde)
6th Btn (London Rifles)
7th Btn(City Of London)
8th Btn (Post Office Rifles)
9th Btn (Queen Victoria Rifles)
10th Btn (Hackney)
11th Btn (Finsbury Rifles)
12th Btn (The Rangers)
13th Btn (Kensington)
14th Btn (London Scottish)
15th Btn (Civil Service Rifles)
16th Btn (Queens Westminster Rifles)
17th Btn (Poplar & Stepney)
18th Btn (London Irish Rifles)
19th Btn (St Pancras )
20th Btn (Blackheath & Woolwich)
21st Btn (Surrey Rifles)
22nd Btn (The Queens)
23rd Btn
24th Btn (The Queens)
25th Btn (Cyclists)
28th Btn (Artists Rifles)
34th Btn
Unknown Btn

Machine Gun Instruction For The 28th London Regiment (Artists Rifles)

Shoemakers 8th London Regiment (Post Office Rifles)

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