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Pte William Spink 57410
Lancashire Fusiliers

A Soldier In The Lancashire Fusiliers

A Soldier In The Lancashire Fusiliers

Men Of The Lancashire Fusiliers On The Western Front, Near Messines, Belgium, c. 1917

Archive Film Of Men Of The Lancashire Fusiliers Fixing Bayonets On 1st July 1916

Archive Film Of Men Of The Lancashire Fusiliers Resting At "White City"'


Battalion Unknown
Armitage W B Major OBE : Short Record Of Service
Bailey R Pte : Short Record Of Service
Chalk W Pte : Short Record Of Service
Darby C J Pte : Short Record Of Service
Drake H G Pte : Short Record Of Service
Dunnett J G Pte : Photo
Emery W H Pte : Short Record Of Service
Fletcher A C Pte : Short Record Of Service
Flynn W Pte : Short Record Of Service
Glenister A T Pte : Short Record Of Service
Goldenberg J Pte : Photo
Greenwood E Captain : Photo
Greenwood H Lt : Photo
Hewitt J Pte : Short Record Of Service
Loverman D Sergt : Photo
Martindale J B Lt : Obituary
Moody R H Captain : Photo
Norman R B Lt MC : Photo
Pickering J Lt : Short Record Of Service
Ruddle F J Major : Short Record Of Service
Siller A Pte : Obituary
Spooner A H Brig Gen CMG DSO + Bar : Photo
Whitelaw N J R Pte : Photo
Winterbottom A L/Cpl : Photo
1st Battalion (Regular)
Adams G S Major : Photo
Anderton F W 2nd Lt : Photo
Appleton E Cpl 1774 : Photo
Bartley A Pte 956 : Obituary
Bonney F Pte 3760 : Photo
Brierley C L Major : Obituary
Bromley C Major VC : Photo and Photo
Clayton H R Captain : Photo
Cunliffe T H W Captain : Photo and Photo
Currey J W Pte 20673 : Short Record Of Service
Grimshaw J Cpl VC : Photo
Guthrie H M Lt : Photo
Keneally W Pte VC : Photo
Kirsch C F Pte 54366 : Photo
Leake E L W Lt : Photo
Lister J Sergt VC : Photo and Photo
Magniac M Lt Col DSO : Photo
Melling C F Captain MC : Photo
Petty N W 2nd Lt : Photo
Porter A M F W Lt : Photo
Richards A Sergt VC : Newspaper Photo
Rowley C R 2nd Lt : Photo
Sayres H W Captain : Photo
Setchell G T Pte 331015 : Obituary
Shaw H Major : Photo
Spafford A L Captain : Photo
Spencer J H Captain : Photo
Stubbs F E Sergt VC : Photo
Talbot A D Captain : Photo
Thomas A J N Captain : Photo
Waters R W 2nd Lt : Photo
Willis R R Captain VC : Newspaper Photo
2nd Battalion (Regular)
Bass C H Captain : Photo
Billington L C 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Bowen G G Captain MC : Photo
Boyle D E Lt : Obituary
Brampton C H J Pte 47246 : Obituary
Bray C T Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Butler-Bowdon B B J 2nd Lt : Photo
Cassidy B M 2nd Lt VC : Photo
Clarke W Sergt 308 : Photo
Farbstein L Pte : Photo
Fawcett J Pte 8855 : Photo
Hands G B Pte 8438 : Obituary
Hartley E Lt : Photo
Herbert R Pte 40567 : Photo
Hopkinson J W L/Cpl 51735 : Obituary
Humfrey W K Lt : Photo
Hurn F J Pte 56645 : Obituary
Iliff A A Pte : Short Record Of Service
Lawson-Lewis G Lt : Photo
Lichtenstein M H Pte 20335 : Photo
Lucas-Tooth S L Captain : Photo
Lynn J Pte VC : Photo and Photo
MacIver R S 2nd Lt : Obituary
Malinsky S Pte : Photo
Maggs R W J L/Cpl 47244 : Obituary
Pallant H Sergt 7001 : Photo
Partridge-Gamon M P Captain : Newspaper Photo
Paulson J S 2nd Lt : Photo
Riley J Pte 4598 : Photo
Robin A Pte : Photo
Sidebottom R Y Captain : Newspaper Photo
Smyth J Captain : Photo
Sneyd T H Captain : Photo
Stoddart C Pte 2635 : Photo
Stuart C E Lt : Photo and Photo
Walden R E J 2nd Lt : Photo
Ward A C Captain DSO : Photo , Photo and Obituary
Warrell A 2nd Lt : Obituary
Wise (Cohen) R Pte 37706 : Photo
3rd Battalion (Reserve)
Coury M N Lt : Short Record Of Service
Hallet G Pte 67006 : Photo
4th Battalion (Extra Reserve)
Barnsley A Captain : Photo , Photo and Obituary
Best-Dunkley B Lt Col VC : Photo
Cremer S Pte : Photo and Photo
Simpson R H Lt : Photo
Stanley J W 2nd Lt : Obituary
Wilcox F H C Captain : Photo
Zang C Pte 34417 : Photo
5th Battalion (Territorial)
Ashby L 2nd Lt : Photo
Bainbrigge P G 2nd Lt : Obituary
Barlow R M Lt MC : Short Record Of Service
Barnes C E L/Cpl 40412 (POW) : Obituary
Barton E W 2nd Lt : Photo
Benjamin P D Pte 202444 : Photo
Bentley F M Captain MC : Photo
Bloy L H Captain : Obituary
Boden W Pte 202682 : Photo Of Grave Site
Elson E A 2nd Lt : Photo
Forshaw G L F 2nd Lt : Newspaper Photo
Hedley J W Captain : Photo
Hoyle H K 2nd Lt : Photo
Hudson A P Captain : Photo
Hutchinson J Pte VC : Photo and Photo
Kay G C Captain : Photo
Kemp N Lt : Photo
Manoukian Z 2nd Lt : Photo
Morgan J W Lt : Photo , Photo and Obituary
Priestley D B 2nd Lt : Photo
Schofield J 2nd Lt VC : Photo
Simon E C Captain : Photo , Photo and Photo of Original Grave Marker
Smith E Sergt VC DCM : Photo and Photo
Steadman R W Pte 57548 : Obituary
Sutherland J 2nd Lt : Obituary
Walker R 2nd Lt : Photo
Waterhouse K Captain : Photo
Waterhouse R Captain : Photo and Photo & Obituary
Woolf R Pte : Photo
6th Battalion (Territorial)
Child J W Pte DCM 8978 : Obituary
Clegg A V Captain : Photo
Duckworth E 2nd Lt : Photo
Gerrard P L/Cpl 202865 : Obituary
Goldsmith H F Lt : Obituary
Leak R 2nd Lt : Photo
Marlow G 2nd Lt : Inquest Result
O'Neill S Lt : Photo
Spafford A L Captain : Photo
Taylor T R Lt : Photo
Wyatt G L 2nd Lt : Photo
7th Battalion (Territorial)
Baldwin F 2nd Lt : Photo
Belman A M Pte : Photo
Brewis R R Captain MC : Short Record Of Service
Cade R H Major : Obituary
Cossack H Pte 280729 : Photo
Crittall H B Pte 38812 : Photo
Dorning E Cpl 10927 : Photo
Downham H 2nd Lt : Photo
Goodall H Sergt 155 : Photo
Howis F S Pte 5037 : Obituary
Kearon P Sergt 280802 : Obituary
Kershaw S R 2nd Lt : Obituary
Levy S Pte : Photo
Mottram J E Lt : Obituary
Power R L L/Cpl 39134 : Photo
Rayner C L/Cpl 25164 : Photo
Schofield T Pte 42190 : Obituary
Shaw W Pte : Photo
Smith H D 2nd Lt : Photo
Tennant A S Lt : Photo and Obituary
Wardle C Pte 282371 : Photo
Warterhouse R Captain : Photo
Whitworth W H 2nd Lt : Photo & Obituary and Photo
8th Battalion (Territorial)
Anslow A L/Cpl 306189 : Photo
Baddeley E L Major : Photo
Bailey F Lt : Obituary
Boydell W V Lt : Photo
Dorrington A Sergt : Photo
Duddle W K 2nd Lt : Obituary
Goodfellow A J Captain : Photo
Harrison F S Pte 39022 : Photo
Humphrey E S Captain : Photo
Ingleton H J Lt : Photo
Jones D T Pte 307493 : Photo
Lane A Pte : Photo
Levinson A D Pte : Photo
Littler J T Lt : Photo
Morgan G Pte 1961 : Photo
Parke A Captain : Photo
Pownall E 2nd Lt : Photo
Rich F R Pte 325060 : Short Record Of Service
Simpson J H Lt : Photo
Smart N Captain : Obituary
Sturt H M Lt : Photo
Terry W G Captain : Obituary
White S Pte 1906 : Photo
9th Battalion (Service)
Brierley H J Lt : Photo and Obituary
Cohen M Drummer 3546 : Photo
Crook H Pte 357 : Obituary
Cryer L Sergt 12695 : Obituary
Hook D 2nd Lt : Photo
Hook R 2nd Lt : Photo
Joyce J 2nd Lt : Photo
Longworth E C Captain : Obituary
Osborne L H Lt : Photo
Osborne W J 2nd Lt : Photo
Johnson J Pte 9310 : Photo
Masterman R C Lt : Photo
10th Battalion (Service)
Bache H G 2nd Lt : Newspaper Photo
Barrow A J Captain MC : Photo
Bingham B A 2nd Lt : Obituary
Burne C C Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Cohen H Pte 39564 : Photo
Colley H J Sergt VC MM 40684 : Photo and Photo
Dutton C 2nd Lt : Obituary
Hebblethwaite G 2nd Lt : Obituary
Hubbard R E Pte 56964 : Photo
Lester F Pte VC : Photo and Photo
Rogers J H Sergt Maj DCM : Photo
Shepherd J C Lt : Photo
Speke H Major : Photo
Stockdale E L J Lt : Short Record Of Service
Wood J B Captain : Photo
11th Battalion (Service)
Altham A C Lt MC : Short Record Of Service
Barrett R 2nd Lt : Obituary
Bernstein M L 2nd Lt MC : Photo
Fullerton-Mackinnon R Lt MC : Photo
Halliwell J L/Cpl VC : Photo
Jewell E H 2nd Lt : Photo
Kershaw T J 2nd Lt : Photo
Leete W J H Captain : Photo
Moorehouse J H Pte 35108 : Obituary
Rufus T Captain MC : Photo & Obituary
Simons S Captain : Photo
12th Battalion (Service)
Baker W F 2nd Lt : Obituary
Billinton H L 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Bowring J F E Captain : Group Photo
Brundle H C B 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Clfford C L Lt : Short Record Of Service
Farmer B L Captain : Group Photo
Farrar J G K Captain : Photo and Group Photo
Haslam R 2nd Lt : Obituary
Kendall W J C 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Lord E B 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Lunt E A 2nd Lt : Group Photo
MacCartney-Filgate E J P F Col : Group Photo
Milbourne C K Captain : Group Photo
Morris R W Lt : Group Photo
Newton T 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Nickols R P M Major : Group Photo
Ramsbottom R 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Rodda D H W 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Settle W N 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Sheppard S M W Lt : Group Photo
Sutton S V 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Warburton S 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Watson E E 2nd Lt : Group Photo
White R A V Lt : Group Photo
Wilson D E Captain : Group Photo
13th Battalion (Reserve)
Griffiths G C Captain : Photo
Schooling P S B Lt : Photo and Photo & Obituary
15th Battalion (Service) (1st Salford)
Clegg A 2nd Lt : Obituary
Greenhill R F Captain : Photo
Lodge R N 2nd Lt : Photo
Nuttall A E Pte 10511 : Photo
Schill E M Lt : Photo
Scrivener J S 2nd Lt : Photo
Wood J H L/Cpl MM 38162 : Obituary
16th Battalion (Service) (2nd Salford)
Baxter D Pte 63354 : Photo
Gerber E L/Cpl 18620 : Photo
Macer W G Pte 30822 : Photo
Noble B Lt : Photo
Noyes C R B 2nd Lt : Obituary
Porter J L/Sergt 57663 : Photo
Spencer G D Pte 35055 : Photo
Tiller A Pte 31398 : Short Obituary
Thomas E Sergt 26516 : Photo
Tonge J R Lt : Obituary
17th Battalion (Service) (1st South East Lancashire)
Allin H A 2nd Lt : Photo
Farrar V A 2nd Lt : Photo
Hayden C Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Lake W H Pte 32138 : Obituary
Layman D A C 2nd Lt : Photo
Leigh H T 2nd Lt : Obituary
McInnes R D 2nd Lt : Obituary
Parker J T Pte 14152 : Obituary
Sanders J E 2nd Lt : Photo
Slater J 2nd Lt : Photo
Strang J B 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
18th Battalion (Service) (2nd South East Lancashire)
Barnes H M Lt : Group Photo
Bonner C A J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Brockman W J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Coslett F V Lt : Group Photo
East K D Lt : Group Photo
Edgar W L/Cpl 16774 : Photo
Gardiner E G Lt : Group Photo
Haselden R B Captain : Group Photo
Hurst-Greaves E Lt : Group Photo
Irvine R Lt Col : Group Photo
Jones C H Pte 16082 : Photo
Jones I 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Lingeman F E Lt : Group Photo
Lloyd-Williams A R C 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Lowther-Clark M H Major : Group Photo
Markwick A H Lt : Group Photo
Mattingley E G Lt : Group Photo
McKenzie Brig Gen : Group Photo
McLaughlin G C Lt : Group Photo
McQuaid J F W Captain : Group Photo
Montgomery Brig Major : Group Photo
Mounsey J P Lt : Group Photo
Olivier W S V 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Openshaw S N 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Paget J Lt : Group Photo
Peters C A K Captain & Adjt : Group Photo
Phillips H L L/Cpl MM 39068 : Obituary
Rushton W O 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Sewell R W Pte 25424 : Photo
Stansfield E M 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Strong V Lt : Group Photo
Tice G P Captain : Group Photo
Ward-Dibb H Lt : Group Photo
Weston E T Major : Group Photo
Whitehead J Pte 16729 : Photo and Obituary
Wilcox H R Captain : Group Photo
Wilson J H Captain : Group Photo
Williams G H S De M Captain : Photo and Group Photo
Williams J Lt : Group Photo and Photo
Wood G K P 2nd Lt : Photo
Wood M R Lt : Short Obituary and Group Photo
19th Battalion (Service) (3rd Salford Pioneers)
Ashton E D 2nd Lt : Photo
Chambers E C E 2nd Lt : Photo
Dixon A C Lt : Photo
Johnson W H Pte 46281 : Short Record Of Service
Kydd J W A 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Thomas G O 2nd Lt : Photo
Willett J C 2nd Lt : Photo
20th Battalion (Service) (4th Salford)
Cossick S Sergt : Photo
Duckworth W H 2nd Lt : Photo
Grime J C 2nd Lt : Obituary
Hartley B H Lt : Photo
Shaw T Pte 16773 : Photo
21st Battalion (Reserve)
Bussy G 2nd Lt : Short Record Of Service
22nd Battalion (Reserve)
Baumgard S Pte 32976 : Photo
Dobbyn W A N 2nd Lt : Photo
23rd Battalion (Service)
Maythorn R F Pte 49950 : Short Record Of Service


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