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A Soldier In The King's Own Scottish Borderers


Battalion Unknown
Allan W Pte 41914 : Short Record Of Service
Angus A W Lt Col DSO : Short Record Of Service
Bain S Pte 30274 : Short Record Of Service
Bayley G B 2nd Lt : Photo
Francis-Hawkins A J S M Lt : Group Photo
Haig A E Major : Photo
Harle R J P Captain MC : Photo
Keswick H Captain MP : Group Photo
MacDonald E W Captain : Photo
Paterson J Pte : Photo
Scouller N Pte 44004 : Photo
Spencer L D Captain : Photo
Stevenson C M Lt Col : Photo
Thompson W Pte : Photo
Veasey F C L Pte 21930 : Photo
1st Battalion (Regular)
Abel S Pte 18647 : Photo
Alcorn J M Pte 18991 : Photo and Obituary
Antrobus C A Captain : Photo
Balfour I B Lt : Photo and Photo
Becher M A N Captain : Photo
Bell A W Pte 19001 : Obituary
Bennett J S H Pte 30883 : Obituary
Campbell A C Major DSO : Photo
Campbell R C C Captain : Photo
Carson F G 2nd Lt : Obituary
Cashmore J Pte 22531 : Obituary
Cheatle W J N Lt : Photo
Cockburn A Sergt 8376 : Obituary
Cooper H F B 2nd Lt : Photo
Crichton-Browne C H V Captain MC : Photo and Photo
Cunningham R J Captain : Short Record Of Service and Short Record Of Service
Deighton F H Lt : Photo
Dickie W Lt : Photo
Doughty G G 2nd Lt : Photo and Photo
Dreebin M L/Cpl 22915 : Photo
Ford J E Captain : Photo
Forret D J 2nd Lt : Photo
Freeman J Pte 202673 : Photo
Gow J L 2nd Lt : Photo
Graham-Clarke J A S 2nd Lt : Photo
Grimbaldeston W H Sergt VC : Photo and Photo
Hartley J B Captain : Photo
Henderson N E N 2nd Lt : Photo
Henry W Pte 201322 : Photo
Hughes J L/Cpl 20028 : Obituary
Hunter H S F 2nd Lt : Photo
Koe A S Lt Col : Photo and Photo
Lang J C Captain : Photo
Lees R Pte 201585 : Obituary
Marrow E A Captain : Photo, Photo and Obituary
Mill J D 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Muir A C M Lt : Photo and Obituary
Muir C 2nd Lt : Photo
Pollard H E 2nd Lt : Photo
Redpath J T 2nd Lt : Photo
Roberts N H Lt : Obituary
Robertson J E Coy Sergt Major 9072 : Photo
Rooney B M Lt : Photo
Sabine-Pasley T E 2nd Lt : Photo
Sanderson A J Captain : Newspaper Photo
Sanderson P N Captain : Photo
Scott I A S 2nd Lt : Photo
Sinnott P Pte 11726 : Photo
Skinner J K Sergt Maj VC DCM 6895 : Photo, Photo and Photo
Solomon L I 2nd Lt : Photo and Photo
Stewart R 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Stoney G B Lt Col DSO : Photo
Thomson H Lt : Photo and Obituary
2nd Battalion (Regular)
Alexander G H P Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Allan W L C Major : Photo
Amos G S 2nd Lt : Photo
Barnett W Pte 7476 : Obituary
Baxter W Pte 9080 : Obituary
Beattie J Pte 8649 : Obituary
Bell C Pte 9473 : Obituary
Benton E Pte 11999 : Obituary
Berry F Pte 40069 : Photo
Bishop R Pte 18489 : Obituary
Bland C E W Captain DSO : Photo
Boath F Pte 8958 : Obituary
Bonnin R H Lt : Photo
Bowman J Pte 5768 : Obituary
Bradley N Pte 11632 : Obituary
Brend W Pte 9304 : Obituary
Bright T Pte 11290 : Obituary
Broster W Pte 11127 : Obituary
Brown D Pte 6767 : Obituary
Brown D Pte 6831 : Obituary
Brown G Pte 8706 : Obituary
Brown H V Pte 22357 : Obituary
Brown J Pte 7609 : Obituary
Brown J M G Lt : Photo
Browne J L/Sergt 7583 : Obituary
Budge A E Pte 41907 : Photo
Buik F S Pte 27789 : Photo and Obituary
Burns G J Pte 11494 : Obituary
Burrell T Pte 5916 : Obituary
Bycroft W H Pte 9244 : Obituary
Caird J R Captain : Photo
Cairns J Pte 11333 : Obituary
Cairns T G Pte 40890 : Obituary
Cameron A Pte 6674 : Obituary
Cameron J Pte 8846 : Obituary
Campbell T L/Cpl 7453 : Obituary
Carrodus A A Pte 25785 : Photo
Carty J Pte 10048 : Obituary
Cavanagh A Pte 9691 : Obituary
Caward C Pte 7634 : Obituary
Charnock J Pte 11434 : Obituary
Cockburn M Pte 5036 : Obituary
Collingwood W Pte 6540 : Obituary
Connell G S L/Cpl 11843 : Obituary
Connell J C W Lt Col DSO : Short Record Of Service
Connelly E Pte 8709 : Obituary
Connor E Pte 7901 : Obituary
Cook H Pte 8394 : Obituary
Cooper W F 2nd Lt : Photo
Cox G H Lt : Photo
Dalrymple I D Captain : Photo
Davies H N Lt : Short Record Of Service
Dering R C Y Captain : Photo
Dunsmore W W Pte 28830 : Obituary
Gibson R Captain : Photo , Obituary and Obituary
Gillespie T C 2nd Lt : Photo and Photo
Gould R J Pte 44072 : Photo
Hamilton-Dalrymple J R Lt : Photo
Hamilton-Johnston E C R Lt : Photo
Hammond G P 2nd Lt : Photo
Holme R H P Lt : Photo
Hooley J Cpl 12982 : Obituary
Irvine J Pte 23807 : Obituary
Joynson R Lt : Photo
Leigh C Major DSO : Photo
MacGregor K C 2nd Lt : Obituary
MacNab G Pte 27639 : Obituary
MacRae I A 2nd Lt : Photo
Malet H A G Lt : Photo
MacWhinnie N H Regt Sergt Major DCM 5177 : Photo
Martin H T Pte 27172 : Photo
Maxwell P L/Cpl : Obituary
McDiarmid K Captain : Photo
McNeillie R Pte 202656 : Obituary
Miles H F 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Mitchell A Pte 18295 : Photo
Morrison H Pte 23264 : Photo
O'Driscoll L L/Cpl 6637 : Photo
Pennyman J B W Lt : Photo
Scott R R Pte 41897 : Photo
Sulley A H 2nd Lt : Photo
Swinley G N B Lt : Photo
Todd J W L/Cpl 11308 : Photo
Todd W H Sig 200243 : Obituary
Turnbull H V C Captain : Photo
Watt C C 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Wingate T P Captain : Photo
Woollcombe C S 2nd Lt : Photo
Yarrow H E 2nd Lt : Photo
3rd Battalion (Reserve)
Adamson R 2nd Lt : Short Record Of Service
Bagshawe L V Captain : Photo , Photo , Photo and Obituary
Blyth H M Lt : Short Record Of Service
Bremner D J Pte : Photo
Brown T E T Lt : Photo
Edgell R F A Lt : Photo
Grant-Ferguson D M 2nd Lt : Photo
4th Battalion (Territorial)(Border)
Ainslie A 2nd Lt : Photo and Group Photo
Alexander C Lt : Group Photo
Alexander T M Lt : Photo and Obituary
Allan J S 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Anderson R B Lt : Photo , Group Photo , Group Photo , Obituary and Obituary
Armstrong H L 2nd Lt : Photo and Group Photo
Bulman A Lt : Obituary and Group Photo
Brown W 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Burleigh J H S Lt : Short Record Of Service
Cairns J A G 2nd Lt : Photo and Group Photo
Cochrane E A Lt : Short Record Of Service
Cochrane H P Captain : Group Photo
Cochrane W E A Major : Group Photo
Cochrane W F Captain : Group Photo and Group Photo
Cuthbert D A R Lt MC : Short Record Of Service
Darling T Captain : Group Photo
Dashwood-Tandy R Lt Col : Photo
Dickson A L Captain : Group Photo
Dickson J Captain : Group Photo
Ditchfield S E 2nd Lt : Photo
Doughty W F Lt : Short Record Of Service
Dun G Lt : Group Photo
Dun J Lt : Group Photo
Dun J M Lt : Group Photo
Edington P 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Elder D L Captain : Group Photo
Elder J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Fairgrieve A 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Follis E H Lt & Qtr Mst : Group Photo
Forrest W T Captain : Photo and Group Photo
Galloway A 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Grieve N G 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Harrison J Lt : Group Photo
Henderson A H M 2nd Lt : Photo and Group Photo
Herbertson J Major : Group Photo
Hogg W Pte 201040 : Obituary
Innes J B Lt : Photo and Group Photo
Innes W A Captain : Group Photo
Innes W K 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Jobson M Captain : Group Photo
Laing P L P Captain : Group Photo and Photo
Lang J C Captain & Adjt : Group Photo
Lumgair R R M Lt : Group Photo
Mabbott W J Major : Group Photo
MacDonald C E Captain : Group Photo
MacGregor A W Lt : Short Record Of Service
Mackie A Pte 42270 : Obituary
McKay J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
McNeile J Lt Col : Photo and Group Photo
Muir T T Lt : Group Photo
Nimmo A P 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Oliver A P Captain: Group Photo
Patrick J B 2nd Lt : Photo , Obituary and Group Photo
Pollock J M 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Rodgerson J Pte 201063 : Obituary
Rosenheim J Pte : Photo
Ross J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Sanders J M B Lt Col MC : Photo
Sanderson H Captain : Group Photo
Sanderson J Major & Qtr Mst : Group Photo
Shepherd T Pte 200364 : Photo
Smith R P 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Sorley-Brown W 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Stenhouse J H 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Stevenson A Major : Group Photo
Stewart J B 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Stirling J Sergt 33370 : Obituary
Swan A C Pte 7376 : Photo
Thomson A Pte 30829 : Obituary
Waldie-Griffith R J Col Sir : Photo and Group Photo
Wallace A Captain : Photo, Obituary and Group Photo
Watson J M 2nd Lt : Group Photo and Obituary
Wilson G T B Lt Col DSO : Photo
Woodhead P 2nd Lt : Group Photo
5th Battalion (Territorial)(Dumfries & Galloway)
Anderson A W Pte 202777 : Short Record Of Service
Bell J M Lt : Short Record Of Service
Borda F Pte 30777 : Photo
Campbell R B Lt : Photo
Campbell W B 2nd Lt : Photo
Cannon M Pte 1960 : Obituary
Carlyle R 2nd Lt : Photo and Photo
Carmichael G G Lt : Photo and Obituary
Clark-Kennedy A K Captain : Obituary
Crombie W F Captain : Photo
Dickie E P Captain MC : Short Record Of Service
Dunn T Captain : Photo
Dykes J J Captain : Photo
Gloag A H Pte 26095 : Obituary
Kerr J Pte 1904 : Photo
Lindsay D K L/Cpl 41915 : Obituary
MacDougall D G M Lt : Obituary
Maxwell W F J Lt : Photo
McRae R W Pte 9415 : Obituary
McGowan S Captain MC : Photo and Obituary
McGuffie L Sergt VC : Photo
Sanders A M 2nd Lt : Obituary
Watson W G D Captain : Photo and Obituary
Welsh T Captain : Photo and Obituary
6th Battalion (Service)
Adamson G A 2nd Lt : Photo
Archer T Lt : Photo
Baddon D Sergt 12879 : Obituary
Balfour J H Lt : Short Record Of Service
Birrell A S 2nd Lt : Obituary
Brown D H Captain : Obituary
Carmichael A 2nd Lt : Photo
Cobb F C Captain : Photo
Crichton W P QMS : Short Record Of Service
Dick W C Lt : Short Record Of Service
Dunn W J 2nd Lt : Photo
Durward A Captain MC : Photo , Photo and Obituary
Gardner G C Cpl 14856 : Photo
Goodwin T Pte 22180 : Photo
Greener N H Lt : Photo
Hillier M 2nd Lt : Photo and Photo
Hogg J H Cpl 27625 : Photo
Hosley W J S Major : Photo
Leiper G Pte 19701 : Obituary
Little J Sergt 26566 : Obituary
Nicol A Lt : Photo and Obituary
Oliver R K L/Sergt 200981 : Obituary
Paterson G Cpl 24893 : Obituary
Rolland F J G Lt : Photo
Scott A H Lt : Photo and Obituary
Skinner W 2nd Lt : Photo
Stevenson W F Pte 32247 : Short Record Of Service
Stewart A P Lt MC : Obituary
Stocker E 2nd Lt : Photo
Wallace C A P 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Wedderburn-Maxwell J 2nd Lt : Photo, Photo and Obituary
Wight J Cpl 200716 : Obituary
7th Battalion (Service)
Anderson A A L/Cpl 22745 : Obituary
Beaumont J A Pte 14935 : Obituary
Beeching E L Pte 21375 : Short Record Of Service
Forbes G S D Major CMG DSO : Photo
Gilmour A K Captain : Photo and Obituary
Haddon W 2nd Lt : Photo
Howard W A 2nd Lt : Photo
Hynds W Pte 16542 : Photo
Jarvis J W Lt : Photo
Laidlaw D Piper VC : Photo , Photo and Photo
Lethbridge P L Captain : Photo
McKee T S Pte 29355 : Photo
Miller T M 2nd Lt : Photo
Milne J R Captain : Photo and Obituary
Newton P Captain : Photo
Penfold J B Lt : Photo
Ranken E F 2nd Lt : Photo
Scott J Lt : Photo
8th Battalion (Service)
Bicknell J J Coy Sergt Major 7893 : Obituary
Cowley V Lt : Photo
Crane F W L/Cpl 242147 : Photo
Dalgetty R Sergt 12811 : Obituary
Deans H M Captain : Photo
Dennis M F B Lt Col DSO : Photo
Dennistoun J H L/Cpl 43132 : Obituary
Douglas R R 2nd Lt : Photo
Douglas W G Lt : Short Record Of Service
Forster H M Major : Photo
MacLeod J H N 2nd Lt : Photo
Pollard E B Lt : Photo
Smith H H Captain : Photo
Stockdale R W Pte 202157 : Obituary
Swinton G L Piper 29828 : Obituary
White A B 2nd Lt : Obituary
9th Battalion (Reserve)
Cunningham L B C Lt : Short Record Of Service
McGuffie A Pte 16167 : Photo


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