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A Soldier In The East Yorkshire Regiment

The East Yorkshire Regiment Going Forward For The British Advance


East Yorkshire Regiment in the Great War 1914-1918

The Story of the 5th Battalion the East Yorkshire Regiment

Hull Pals: 10th,11th,12th and 13th (Service) Battalions of the East Yorkshire Regiment - A History of the 92nd Infantry Brigade,31st Division,1914-19 (Pals S.)

Soldiers Died in the Great War: The East Yorkshire Regt.

Officers Died in the Great War 1914-1919

Archive Films

Archive Film Foootage Of Pte G W Chafer VC

Archive Film Foootage Of Pte J Cunningham VC


Battalion Unknown
Aylett E M P Sergt MSM : Short Record Of Service
Baikie W Coy Sergt Major : Photo
Blagbrough G S Major : Obituary
Bond G Pte (POW) : Short Record Of Service
Bridge A E Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Dowden W Pte : Short Record Of Service
Evans J Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Green H P Pte : Short Record Of Service
Johnson A Drummer : Short Record Of Service
Rhodes W Sergt : Photo
Shapero L Pte MM 10/1371 : Photo
Shapero S Pte 10/588 : Photo
Smith A C V 2nd Lt : Obituary
Sykes A H Pte : Photo
Taylor E W Pte 58684 : Photo Of Grave
Williams J R Pte : Short Record Of Service
1st Battalion
Addyman O J Lt : Photo
Beal J H Pte 15932 : Photo
Benson R E Lt Col : Photo , Photo , Photo , Photo and Photo
Boddy T Pte 8170 Photo
Boncker B 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Bottomley T R Lt : Photo , Photo , Photo and Obituary
Brickwood A C Lt : Photo
Brindley J Captain DSO : Photo
Campion W E Major : Photo and Obituary
Carter J F Pte 40801 : Obituary
Chafer G W Pte VC : Photo
Clutterbuck P Lt : Photo
Collen N O 2nd Lt : Photo
Cosens H S F Lt : Photo
Dippie K Sergt 9321 : Short Record Of Service
Easman T Pte : Short Record Of Service
Edwards E L P Captain : Photo
Ellwood F J Lt : Photo
Elrington G G C 2nd Lt : Photo
Finlay F Pte 5492 : Obituary
Fortes T Sergt 7687 : Obituary
Foster H 2nd Lt : Photo
Frost P Pte 8009 : Photo
Gromett C Sergt 8713 : Photo
Hinings F W Captain : Photo
Holmes G 2nd Lt : Photo
Jacob G Lt DCM MM : Photo
Lawrence B Captain : Photo and Photo
Maddox J Pte 6941 : Photo
Markham J A Captain : Photo and Obituary
McKay W Sergt 8772 : Photo
North E Pte 16202 : Obituary
Parkin H Pte 5940 : Photo
Pease M R 2nd Lt : Photo
Peregrine J P P Lt : Photo
Piza D Captain : Photo
Roseblade A Cpl 6813 : Newspaper Photo
Ruthven W L Major : Photo
Stamp D Lt : Photo
Stow M B Brevet Major Photo
Townsend T 2nd Lt : Photo
Vokes H W Pte 30576 : Obituary
Walker E W Captain : Photo and Photo
Wallace R J Captain : Photo
Wilson A H Captain : Photo
Wolfe W W Pte 31034 : Obituary
2nd Battalion
Arnold A G Pte 317696 : Short Record Of Service
Beach E Pte 11301 : Obituary
Bowles C A Pte 9704 : Photo
Broadwell T Pte 6675 : Obituary
Callard S E 2nd Lt : Photo
Carey W A Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Carter R Pte 19529 : Obituary
Forth J Pte 7366 : Obituary
Glazebrook H L/Cpl 9383 : Obituary
Newman C H Pte 18622 : Obituary
Ottley A G Captain : Photo
Prichard F G Lt : Photo
Shiers J Pte 1185 : Photo
Stoddart G Pte 8738 : Obituary
Tate G C 2nd Lt : Photo
Trier N E 2nd Lt : Photo
Wakefield A J Pte 11319 : Photo
Wilkinson O C Captain : Photo
Wilson E S Captain : Photo
Winton J L/Cpl 9376 : Photo
3rd Battalion
Barrass A L Pte 6014 : Obituary
Churchill J LCpl 8109 : Obituary
Fenn G E L/Cpl 201631 : Obituary
Haswell F Lt : Obituary
Redhead R Pte 56914 : Obituary
Reynard C F P Captain : Photo and Photo
Robins G U Captain : Photo
Sargent T Pte 17466 : Obituary
Strickland-Constable F C Lt Col : Obituary
Wood C S Captain : Photo
4th Battalion
Ainley C E Pte 1638 : Photo
Barkworth K A W Captain MC : Photo
Battarbee H Sig 1578 : Obituary
Boyle C 2nd Lt : Photo
Chapman S L/Cpl 201107 : Obituary
Collingwood E J Captain : Short Record Of Service
Cross W Pte : Short Record Of Service
Dean A R 2nd Lt DCM : Photo
Downs W Sig : Short Record Of Service
Emmitt G E Coy Sergt Major 200107 : Obituary
Farrell B Captain : Photo
Ferrand H H Coy Sergt Maj 6 : Photo
Gough C Lt : Photo
Hall A P Sergt 200296 : Obituary
Halliday J H Pte 4434 : Photo
Hathaway J Pte 1446 : Obituary
Hellyer S H 2nd Lt : Photo
Howard J Pte 2505 : Photo
Ingleby N W Captain : Photo
Jacobs A Pte 203474 : Photo
Kent J R Pte 2693 : Photo
Morley D 2nd t : Photo
Murray W S Pte 2221 : Photo
Nicholson R R 2nd Lt MC : Obituary
Pollock C T A Captain : Photo
Quibell S B Major : Photo
Rayner H 2nd Lt : Photo
Robinson P L Pte 5213 : Photo
Shackles K G 2nd Lt : Obituary
Southern T W Captain MC : Obituary
Steele M J L/Cpl 2476 : Photo
Stock F E Drummer 1137 : Photo
Veal A J Pte 203706 : Photo
Woodcock A T 2nd Lt : Obituary
5th Battalion
Allen T G Lt : Photo
Langsford T Pte 42390 : Photo
6th Battalion
Adams A Pte 40416 : Photo
Atkinson W F Pte 13607 : Photo
Cox G Cpl 3/6811 : Obituary
Derrick J L Captain : Photo
Dingle A J Captain : Photo
Dunn F L/Cpl 10628 : Obituary
Garrett H F Captain : Photo
Huggard H Lt : Photo
Larvin J Pte 10562 : Photo
Moore H G A Lt Col : Photo
Pringle N D Captain : Photo
Stonehouse C B Pte 13612 : Photo
Tee A W Sergt 16524 : Photo
Watts H R 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
7th Battalion
Ashington H S O Captain : Photo
Brown S F Pte : Short Record Of Service
Buckley H P S Captain : Obituary
Collcutt P M B Lt : Photo
Cracroft R B Lt : Photo
Ellis J R Pte 28335 : Photo
Holroyd L Captain : Photo
Hunt F Pte 19758 : Obituary
Jackson H Sergt VC : Photo and Photo
Knaggs J W Pte 22707 : Obituary
Morice N A Lt : Photo
Rawling W D Pte 36929 : Obituary
Redfern W Captain : Photo
Rutledge J B Captain : Photo
Thomas W E Lt Col DSO MC : Photo
Thornton F 2nd Lt : Photo
Watkin F A L/Cpl 398 : Obituary
8th Battalion
Corrie W R 2nd Lt : Photo
Eastwood J Pte 316316 : Photo
Edwards A E Lt : Photo
Elliott E T 2nd Lt : Photo
Healey F Coy Sergt Maj 12052 : Obituary
Hough T P D 2nd Lt : Photo
Pappa F A 2nd Lt : Photo
Plumber G A L/Cpl 7447 : Photo
Prince F H 2nd Lt : Photo
Snell N Captain : Photo
Taylor C P Captain : Photo
Tyrrell J M 2nd Lt : Photo
Tyrrell L A H Lt : Photo
White J W 2nd Lt : Photo
10th Battalion
Corden H S Pte 459 : Obituary
Hall P M C Pte 886 : Photo
Harrison G M Pte 37899 : Obituary
Horsfall W Pte 20 : Obituary
Little J H Pte 51175 : Obituary
Maddra J O Pte 1395 : Obituary
Morack M Pte 10/225 : Photo
Palmer D W O Lt : Photo
Rice B N Captain : Photo and Photo
Spink C C 2nd Lt : Photo
Sutton C E L/Cpl 30213 : Short Obituary
Taylor S Pte 1008 : Obituary
Traill C B Major MC : Photo
Wilkinson J H Sergt MM 1038 : Obituary
11th Battalion
Bell W E C Pte 36357 : Obituary
Blanchard G H Pte 28140 : Photo
Cook A G Pte 36425 : Photo
Downs F Pte 36458 : Short Record Of Service
Hall A B Lt : Photo
Harrison J 2nd Lt VC : Photo
Hemming E G Pte 36539 : Photo
Lee C Pte 27076 : Obituary
Loftus F L Cpl 17596 : Photo
Nix C J Sergt MM 673 : Obituary
Oakes G Pte MM 874 : Obituary
Sissons N L Lt : Photo
Smith J H L/Sergt : Obituary
12th Battalion
Altoft H Pte 22376 : Obituary
Coulson C H Pte 1484 : Obituary
Cunningham J Pte VC : Photo
Habershon L O Captain : Photo
Morgan R G 2nd Lt : Photo
13th Battalion
Langthorp T A Pte 26745 : Obituary
Mann J Pte 1148 : Obituary
Syph J Pte 796 : Obituary
Watt R S 2nd Lt : Photo
Willey J A Cpl 37278 : Photo & Obituary
14th Battalion
Quesky H Pte 3/23948 : Photo
Quesky J N Pte 1374 : Photo


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