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A Record of the West Somerset Yeomanry 1914-1919

The Yeomanry Cavalry of Worcestershire 1914-1922


A Soldier In The Welsh Horse

C Company Fife Forfar Yeomanry Officers Mess Wadi Asher

Fife & Forfar Yeomanry Machine Gun Section

The Dorsetshire Yeomanry Guarding Bedouin Prisoners


1st Co Of London Yeomanry (Middlesex Duke of Cambridge Hussars)
Beart A W C Pte 4129 : Short Record Of Service
Bernstein S A Tpr 3088 : Photo
Blakeway P J T Col The Rev : Photo
Blundell J Pte Pte 39700 : Short Record Of Service
Brilliant H Tpr : Photo
Brodrick A L Captain : Short Record Of Service
Bullivant R P Captain MC : Photo
Clarke G E SM 260092 : Short Record Of Service
Dalby H S Tpr 3321 : Short Record Of Service
Fletcher H P Major DSO : Photo
Hess H Tpr : Photo
Keville S C Cpl 2962 : Short Record Of Service
Lafone A M Major VC : Photo
Milner A F L/Cpl 260211 : Photo
Orchardson C M Q Captain MC : Photo
Pearce E L/Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Pinner M Sergt : Photo
Real R W Sergt 2132 : Short Record Of Service
Stiff P W H Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Toomin M Tpr 3383 : Photo
Van Den Bergh S J H Captain : Photo
Wilson M R H Lt Col Sir : Photo and Photo
2nd County Of London Yeomanry (Westminster Dragoons)
Blair K A Pte 2621 : Short Record Of Service
Bowater T D B Captain : Newspaper Photo
Burdett H G Captain : Photo and Obituary
Clough W R L/Cpl 202595 : Photo
Haydon G W Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Jackson E W Qtr Mst Sergt 1905 : Photo
Langford V B Tpr 205457 : Photo
Laurence B S Lt 2nd : Photo
Maggs W Lt : Short Record Of Service
Myers A Tpr : Photo
Sharp D E Tpr 1737 : Photo
Sherek P Lt : Photo
Whitehurst C L Pte 1774 : Photo
3rd County Of London Yeomanry (Sharpshooters)
Allan M C Pte : Photo
Bennett J Pte : Photo
Ferguson J M Tpr 801 : Photo
Gould L L Pte 1200 : Photo
Harris H M 2nd Lt : Photo
Hartman A R Sergt 588 : Short Record Of Service
Israel L Tpr 2093 : Photo
Tuck R Major : Photo
Ayrshire Yeomanry (Earl of Carricks Own)
Adams R M Pte 1785 : Photo
Cooper W D Captain : Photo and Short Record Of Service
Hamilton R J Sig 295296 : Photo
Shairp N Captain MC : Photo
Shaw W H Tpr 2258 : Photo
Bedfordshire Yeomanry
Clark N H Lt : Photo
Edis W O Lt : Newspaper Photo
Sawyer E E Tpr 30255 : Photo
Woodhams E W Lt : Photo
Berkshire Yeomanry
Barry W T H Sergt 70016 : Obituary and Short Record Of Service
Sutton W V R 2nd Lt : Photo
Warden W H Tpr 152923 : Obituary
Wiseman B L/Cpl 2349 : Photo
Wood J Cpl 2317 : Photo
Cheshire Yeomanry
Glazebrook P K Major DSO : Photo
Lockett G B Captain MC : Photo
Shiers A Tpr 1073 : Photo
City of London Yeomanry (Rough Riders)
Andrews A Tpr : Short Record Of Service
Annenberg (Ashberry) R Tpr 40407 : Photo
Anstey T J E Cpl 1613 : Photo
Douglas R Tpr : Short Record Of Service
Elias A Tpr : Photo
Gregson F R Major : Photo
Harris R Cpl 3395 : Short Record Of Service
Howard A L Lt : Photo
Kekewich G Captain : Photo
Noel V H Lt : Photo
Peach E L J Tpr : Short Record Of Service
West R J F Lt : Short Record Of Service
Dorsetshire Yeomanry
Andrews N E Sergt DCM : Photo
Bradley C J Sergt DCM : Photo
Brister S J Cpl 666 : Obituary
Brown W Tpr DCM : Photo
Browne H V Captain : Photo
Grey G R Tpr 73062 : Obituary
Hayter A H Tpr 230140 : Obituary
Hoare H C A Captain : Portrait
Hope C B 2nd Lt : Photo
Kennaway A L Lt : Photo
Mason J N Lt MC : Photo
Paulet C H 2nd Lt : Photo
Reeves V C M Major : Photo
Routledge T K Trumpeter 660 : Obituary
Ryan W J N 2nd Lt : Photo
Waters J F Sergt 459 : Photo
Denbighshire Yeomanry
Reuben S Pte : Photo
Sandbach G R Captain : Photo
Derbyshire Yeomanry
Hartington E W S 2nd Lt Marquess : Photo
Wilson W Major : POW Information
Duke Of Lancasters Own Yeomanry
Ashman L A Tpr 110735 : Obituary
Crook P J Lt : Photo
Shepherd-Cross C H S Major : Photo
East Riding Of Yorkshire Yeomanry
Essex Yeomanry
Allen T Cpl 964 : Photo
Bird F E Cpl 476 : Photo
Bryant A H Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Hoare G P G Sergt : Photo
Holt H Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Johnson A S Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Lingeman J F 2nd Lt : Photo
Marshall A Pte 1771 trans to MGC : Photo and Photos Of Funeral
McTurk H A D Tpr 1269 : Photo
Miller H M Pte 927 : Photo
Mordecai A Tpr : Photo
Morgan G Lt : POW Information
Packer R C Sergt 53 : Photo
Reid G P N 2nd Lt : Photo
Roddick A Major : Photo
Tower C C Lt : Photo
Truefitt C J Tpr 1246 : Photo
Fife And Forfar Yeomanry
Aitken E L D Tpr 301491 : Obituary
Andrew R A Lt MC : Group Photo
Campbell W A A Lt Sir : Group Photo
Clark G P Pte 2036 : Short Record Of Service
Cummins W W Lt : Group Photo
De Pree C G Major : Group Photo
Dickie H A L/Cpl DCM : Photo
Don W G Lt : Group Photo
Gilmour J Major : Group Photo
Gray W Lt : Group Photo
Greig J G Pte : Photo
Herdman C W Lt : Group Photo
Hutchison R G Lt : Group Photo
Inglis Lt : Group Photo
Jackson G E Major MC : Short Record Of Service
Leitch A Sergt : Photo
Lindsay M E Captain : Group Photo
Lindsay A S Lt : Group Photo
Marshall D Lt : Group Photo
Mitchell A Lt Col : Group Photo
Mitchell Captain : Group Photo
Nairn I C Captain MC + Bar : Photo and Group Photo
Nairn R S Major : Group Photo
Ogilvie D D Captain : Group Photo
Osborne G E Captain : Group Photo
Rigg P J H Lt : Group Photo
Robertson J R Lt : Group Photo
Roger J M Cpl 2089 : Photo
Saunders A M Sergt 345334 : Photo
Smith A C Lt : Group Photo
Stewart R W Lt : Group Photo
Tuke Captain : Group Photo
Younger J Major : Group Photo
Yule G Pte 3480 attd 5th Black Watch : Photo & Obituary
Glamorgan Yeomanry
Abraham G W P Captain : Group Photo and Obituary
Astley A L Captain : Group Photo
Barrett Lt : Group Photo
Branfill C L A captain : Photo and Group Photo
Bruce G Lt : Group Photo
Bruce G T Lt Col : Group Photo
Byass G Lt : Group Photo
Carne G Captain : Group Photo
Cope W Major : Group Photo
David E V Captain : Group Photo
Edwards W A 2nd Lt : Photo
Evans E J L/Cpl 47147 : Photo
Fisher O Captain : Group Photo
Fisher P Lt : Group Photo
Hansen C V 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Helme E Major : Group Photo
Hill Captain : Group Photo
Jones K M 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Kirby W 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Moore-Gwyn J G Major : Group Photo
Phillips W 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Porter E 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Price F Major Sir Bart : Group Photo
Probyn-Miers R Captain : Group Photo
Scott A G 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Wakeford H S 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Wilson R C Lt : Group Photo
Wilson W H Lt : Group Photo
Hampshire Carabiniers Yeomanry
Cotton R C F Lt : Obituary
Lowis J R Lt : Photo
Morris H I Tpr : Photo
Trent W H Tpr 204882 : Photo
Hertfordshire Yeomanry
Abel-Smith R H M Captain MC : Biography
Carlile E H H Major : Photo
Carroll E S L/Sergt 1241 : Obituary
Clarke F Tpr 105809 : Photo
Croley H C Sergt 1541 : Short Record Of Service
Gurney-Sheppard S Lt Col : Photo
Hanbury-Carlile E H Major : Photo
Wilshaw D G Tpr 1988 : Photo
King Edwards Horse (The Kings Overseas Dominions Regiment)
Agostini B E Pte : Short Record Of Service
Brakell J F 2nd Lt : POW Information
Bridger D E Tpr 738 : Photo
Conder A E Pte 1550 : Photo
Gabrielson M Cpl 390 : Photo
Laurenson D G Lt : POW Information
Macaulay F C Sergt 729 : Photo
McLay J L/Cpl 1499 : Photo
O'Halloran-Giles R Lt : POW Information
Simpson A E Sig : Photo
Stein I Lt : POW Information
Tobias N Sig 80465 : Photo
Vallentine P Sergt 1089 : Photo
King Edwards Horse 2nd
Cuthbert R L Tpr 340 : Photo
Fisher A G E Tpr 1006 : Portrait
Griffiths J N Col DSO : Photo and Photo
Hearne G R Cpl 1233 : Photo
Herbert R Shoeing Smith 40567 attd to 2nd Lancashire Fusiliers : Photo
Scallon E W Pte 1172 : Photo
Sherris G Pte 1279 : Photo
Thomson A G Sergt Major 311 : Photo
Vassalli A J Cpl 305 : Photo
Warwick-Brooke J Sergt DCM : Photo
Worsley-Worswick B H 2nd Lt : Photo
Wrigley C J O Tpr : Photo
Lanarkshire Yeomanry
Crawford W S Lt : Short Record Of Service
Curle F R N Captain : Short Record Of Service
Glass R L/Cpl 95025 : Photo
Leadbetter J G G Captain MC : Short Record Of Service
McCosh R Captain : Short Record Of Service
Monteith H Major : Photo
Morgan W A Captain : Obituary
Niven J Tpr 2159 : Photo
Ross W L L/Cpl 427 : Photo
Wardle J R Major : Photo
Wyllie W Lt : Photo
Lancashire Hussars
Blundell F N Captain : Short Record Of Service
Glass R L/Cpl : Photo
Jeffrey H Pte : Photo
Sefton Col Earl : Newspaper Photo
Leicestershire Yeomanry (Prince Alberts Own)
Blackett W S B Captain : Photo
Campbell A T Lt : Short Record Of Service and Short Record Of Service
Evans-Freke P C Lt Col The Hon : Photo
Hickman A S Tpr : Short Record Of Service
Laskey G A L/Cpl 2194 : Photo
Martin W F Major : Photo
Peake C Lt : Photo
Thomson S P D Lt : Photo
Warner A Tpr 41191 : Obituary
Wiggins W E 2nd Lt : Photo
Lincolnshire Yeomanry
Bell T Tpr 55439 : Photo
Tyrrell J G L/Cpl 55690 : Photo
Lothians And Border Horse
Bain D Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Balfour A R Lt : Group Photo
Binning G B H Col Lord : Photo and Group Photo
Bruce W A Pte 120436 : Photo and Obituary
Burton-Stewart Major : Group Photo
Cadell Major : Group Photo , Short Record Of Service and Short Record Of Service
Cowan Captain : Group Photo
Eustace Lt : Group Photo
Graham J D Major : Photo
Hope C Lt Lord : Group Photo
Linlithgow Lt Lord : Group Photo
MacAulay M S 2nd Lt : Photo
Marshall J R Lt : Group Photo
Napier Lt : Group Photo
Nelson T A Lt : Portrait and Group Photo
Palfrey J E L/Cpl 1679 : Obituary
Pringle J Captain : Group Photo
Ramsay Major : Group Photo
Scott T R Lt : Group Photo
Steel Captain : Group Photo
Stormonth-Darling R Major : Short Record Of Service
Stubbs Major & Qtr Mst : Group Photo
Tulloh Lt : Group Photo
Turner Captain & Adjt : Group Photo
Villiers A H Lt : Photo
Waring Major : Group Photo
Watson G P L/Sergt 120177 : Photo
Wauchope Major DSO : Group Photo
Wickham J B Pte 1460 : Photo
Williams S H Captain : Photo
Younger C F Lt : Photo , Photo and Group Photo
Lovat's Scouts
Addison W Coy QMS : Short Record Of Service
Anderson J Sergt 3809 : Short Record Of Service
Allan R Pte 225013 : Short Record Of Service
Allison W L Lt : Short Record Of Service
Anderson A R Lt : Group Photo
Bain J Pte 225028 : Short Record Of Service
Barton-Ginn D Lt : Group Photo
Bowhill A H Lt : Group Photo
Bryan F V A Lt : Group Photo
Burness R Lt : Short Record Of Service and Short Record Of Service
Burns-Lindow M Lt : Group Photo
Calder G G Lt : Group Photo
Campbell I M Captain The Hon DSO : Group Photo
Campbell K L/Cpl : Group Photo
Cameron L/Cpl : Group Photo
Cameron A Lt : Group Photo
Chisholm Farrier Sergt : Group Photo
Cole A C Captain : Group Photo
Coles D Lt : Group Photo
Cummins W W Captain : Group Photo
Dewar H Major : Group Photo
Dobie W G M Lt : Short Record Of Service
Douglas R Lt The Hon : Group Photo
Dryburgh A M 2nd Lt : Short Record Of Service
Duff H J Major DSO MC attd 1st Kings Liverpool Regt : Photo
Forsyth-Grant I Lt : Photo
Fraser A Captain The Hon : Group Photo
Fraser SSM : Group Photo
Fraser-Tytler J Captain : Group Photo and Group Photo
Gibson A H Lt : Photo
Grant E Major : Group Photo
Griffiths D G Tpr : Group Photo
Henderson R E Lt : Photo and Group Photo
Hingston R Lt : Group Photo
Howard B Lt The Hon : Group Photo
Kennedy A Lt : Group Photo
Lister-Kaye G L Lt : Group Photo
Lloyd E C Lt : Group Photo
Logan W Major : Group Photo
Lovatt D Lt : Group Photo
Loyd L F I Lt : Photo and Group Photo
Macadie J Tpr : Photo
MacDonald K L Major : Group Photo
MacDonald W Lt Col : Group Photo
MacGregor N E Lt : Group Photo
MacKenzie L/Cpl : Group Photo
MacLeod Sergt : Group Photo
MacLennan D L/Cpl : Group Photo
MacLennan J Sergt : Group Photo
MacLennan K Sergt : Group Photo
MacNeill A J Major DSO : Group Photo
MacPherson A L/Cpl : Group Photo
MacTavish D Captain : Group Photo
Manley M Tpr : Group Photo
Maxwell G Lt : Group Photo
MacBean D L/Cpl : Group Photo
MacKenzie L/Cpl : Group Photo
MacLean D L/Cpl : Group Photo
MacLeod A L/Cpl : Group Photo
McCrae A B Cpl 5142 : Photo
McDonell A L/Cpl 126764 : Photo
McIntyre D Pte 3685 : Photo
Paterson Sergt : Group Photo
Paterson W G Lt MC : Group Photo and Group Photo
Pocock R Major : Group Photo
Roberts T Captain : Group Photo
Robson J Captain : Photo , Group Photo and Group Photo
Roche C H Captain : Group Photo
Ross SSM : Group Photo
Russell P A 2nd Lt : Photo
Scott M D Lt : Group Photo
Stirling J Lt : Photo
Webb L B Lt : Group Photo
Loyal Suffolk Hussars (Duke of Yorks Own)
Barne M Major DSO : Photo
Cousins H E Tpr 2331 : Short Record Of Service
Greene E J Lt MC : Photo
Guinness W E Major DSO + Bar : Photo
Montgomeryshire Yeomanry
Bankes W 2nd Lt : Photo
Charlesworth F R Captain : Photo
Hedge L A L/Cpl 2471 : Photo
Hurlbutt P Captain MC : Photo
Langrishe H R 2nd Lt : Photo
Norfolk Yeomanry (Kings Own Royal Regiment)
Auchterlonie A J Lt : Short Record Of Service
Bonsor M C Captain : Photo
Bowles B Sergt 320010 : Obituary
Bryon S L/Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Buszard S G Lt : Photo
Cassell C A Pte D/17547 : Photo
Crampton E Pte 320378 : Short Record Of Service
Plant G B H Lt MC : Photo
White R E Lt : Photo
Northamptonshire Yeomanry
Cunliffe J B Major : Photo
Pirie G L 2nd Lt : Photo
Smith A Pte 1155 : Photo
North Irish Horse
Adam J G Lt : Photo
Combe S B Lt : Photo
Daly J Pte : Short Record Of Service
Farnham Major Lord : Newspaper Photo
Massereene and Ferrard Major Lord : Photo
Smyth J Pte 1435 : Photo
Turner C D Tpr 1978 : Photo
West R A Lt Col VC DSO+Bar MC : Photo
North Somerset Yeomanry
Cleall A E Sergt 942 : Newspaper Photo
Crees A W Sergt 293 : Newspaper Photo
Davey J S Lt : Photo
Dickinson L T Tpr 637 : Photo
English R E Captain : Photo
Evens H J Pte 166114 : Obituary
James E E Lt : Photo
Liebert F A C Captain : Photo
Northumberland Hussars
Armstrong W H A F W Major : Photo
Burrell W H Major : Photo
Cunningham F L Tpr 319 : Photo
Patterson I A Lt : POW Information
Pumphrey J L Tpr 2263 : Photo
Thew W R Sergt 665 : Photo
Thwaites H H Pte 763 : Photo
Nottinghamshire Yeomanry (Sherwood Rangers)
Abel-Smith B Col DSO MC : Biography
Birchal W A 2nd Lt : Photo
Brudenell-Bruce J E J Lt : Photo
Colley F J W Captain : Short Record Of Service
Layton R C Captain : Photo
Milbanke J P Lt Col Sir Bt VC : Photo
Oxfordshire Hussars (The Queens Own)
Bonham-Carter G Captain & Adjt : Newspaper Photo
Carter W W Pte : Short Record Of Service
Cator S F Pte 285579 : Photo
Churchill Major Viscount : Newspaper Photo
Collins C W Pte 1794 : Short Record Of Service
Crawford-Smith H 2nd Lt : Photo
Fane H A Captain MC : Newspaper Photo
Fleming V Major DSO : Photo
Flowers H H Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Jacobs C F Sergt 528633 : Short Record Of Service
Rylatt F Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Scott J W Lt Col : Photo
Shrimpton R T Sergt 1453 : Short Record Of Service
Taunton A W Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Whinney J A P 2nd Lt : Photo
Pembroke Yeomanry
Brown K Tpr 5177 : Photo
De Rutzen A F Lt Baron Attd Camel Corps : Photo
Lambton E Captain : Photo
Roch G P Captain : Photo
Wakeford C H S Captain : Photo
Royal 1st Devonshire Yeomanry
Bolitho W E T Lt Col DSO : Photo
Hain E Captain : Photo and Photo
James C E Pte 33852 attd to North Devon Hussars : Photo
Leach A J Pte 345254 : Obituary
Royal Buckinghamshire Hussars
Bartlett R D Pte 695 : Short Record Of Service
Boyce J H Tpr 1626 : Photo
De Rothschild E A Major : Photo , Photo and Obituary
Fairman W Shoeing Smith : Short Record Of Service
Goetz C E G Major : POW Information
Grenfell R N Captain : Photo
Hopcraft F Pte : Short Record Of Service
Johnson A W Sergt 205280 : Photo
Primrose N Captain The Hon MC : Photo
Taylor J E L L/Cpl 1111 : Photo
Royal East Kent Yeomanry (Duke Of Connaughts Own Mounted Rifles)
Anning H P Sergt 1492 : Photo
Hatfield C E Captain MC : Photo
Martin C A Tpr 1678 : Photo
Pearson F G L/Cpl 1317 : Short Record Of Service
Sebag-Montefiore R Captain : Photo and Photo
Warren R D Tpr 2058 : Photo
Williams S R T A M 2nd Lt : Newspaper Photo
Winch R B Lt : Photo
Royal Glasgow Yeomanry
Croshaw O M Lt Col DSO : Photo
MacMillan P C Tpr 2717 : Photo
Royal Gloucestershire Hussars
Bengough J C Captain : Photo
Brouard E J Pte 2465 : Photo
Charteris H F C Captain (Lord Elcho) : Photo
Clifford H F Major : Photo
Gething H B 2nd Lt : Photo
Guise R E Lt MC : Photo
Hicks-Beach M H Lt (Viscount Quenington) : Photo
Hobbs N Pte 34195 : Short Record Of Service
Honey A T Sergt 1144 : Photo
Horlick G N Major attd to Cavalry Machine Gun Corps : Photo
Jennings W J Pte 2381 : Photo
Jotcham C R Tpr : Photo
Kearney J J Tpr 2241 : Obituary
Peacey H G Sergt 2100 : Photo
Pearce D H L/Cpl 2162 : Photo
Smith W A 2nd Lt : Photo
Turner C E Major DSO : Photo
Vick J Sergt 1926 : Photo
Royal North Devonshire Hussars
Adams T H Pte 345667 : Obituary
Crimmin F Lt : Photo
Thynne A C Lt Col DSO : Newspaper Photo
Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry
Anthony J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Awdry C S Major : Group Photo
Awdry E P Lt : Group Photo
Awdry R Captain : Group Photo
Barrett Lt : Group Photo
Bateson 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Beaven J F Lt : Short Record Of Service
Brunskill 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Butler H Captain The Hon : Group Photo
Cole H N Captain : Short Record Of Service
Davy D Lt : Group Photo
Forbes 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Fuller W Major : Group Photo
Henderson A Captain : Group Photo
Henderson K 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Herbert S Lt : Group Photo
Lakin M L Captain : Group Photo
Mann H Captain : Group Photo
Megaw G Lt : Group Photo
Palmer A L Major : Photo and Group Photo
Rice G 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Shaftesbury Brig Gen Earl : Group Photo
Simmons N 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Smith H D Pte : Short Record Of Service
Sumner 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Tennyson A 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Thrale Lt : Group Photo
Thynne A G B Major Lord : Group Photo and Photo
Thynne U Lt Col DSO : Group Photo
Twine A 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Ward H Captain : Group Photo
Wilson B 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Scottish Horse
Aitchison W Major : Obituary
Anderson J Tpr 638 : Short Record Of Service
Anderson J Tpr 4048 : Short Record Of Service
Balfour J M Captain The Hon : Short Record Of Service and Short Record Of Service
Barnett S C Pte : Photo
Beech J R Lt Col CMG DSO : Photo
Butchart H J Major : Short Record Of Service
Butler G K M Lt : Photo
Campbell A Tpr : Group Photo
Clement J Tpr : Group Photo
Clow A W B Pte : Short Record Of Service
Coulter W Cpl DCM : Short Record Of Service
Cowieson R C L/Cpl 377 : Obituary
Crichton J S Tpr : Photo
Dawson R G Major : Short Record Of Service
Deuchar R 2nd Lt : Photo
Drysdale W L/Cpl : Photo
Duncan H H Pte 5730 : Photo and Obituary
Eardley A W E SSM : Short Record Of Service
Ellison L Tpr 4926 : Photo
Fasson F H Captain : Short Record Of Service
Ferguson J Tpr : Group Photo
Florence G Pte 315322 : Obituary
Galbraith J Tpr : Group Photo
Haven C J Captain : Photo
Hendry A Tpr : Photo and Photo
Hume A S V Major : Photo
Hunter G A Lt : Photo
Irvine T Tpr : Group Photo
Kyles J Tpr 967 : Newspaper Photo
Leslie A S Lt Col CMG TD : Short Record Of Service
Loring W Captain DCM : Photo
Maben A H Pte 1035 : Photo
MacDonald G Tpr : Group Photo
MacFadyen J Tpr : Group Photo
MacFadyen D Tpr : Group Photo
MacInnes H Tpr : Group Photo
McIntosh J G H Captain : Short Record Of Service
MacKay D Tpr : Photo
Maclean L H Tpr : Group Photo
Morris F Lt : Photo
Murray J Major : Photo
Myers J C Captain : Photo
Neil A S Pte 315181 : Photo
Rawson A Captain : Photo
Robertson A B Pte D/30167 : Photo
Smith W B P Lt : Photo
Stewart C L/Cpl : Photo
Toyer S M Captain : Group Photo
Zimmerman P L/Cpl : Photo
Shropshire Yeomanry
Berwick Lt Lord : Newspaper Photo
Henningsen C E Lt : Photo
Hopton E M Lt : Photo
Muddock J M P 2nd Lt : Photo
Partridge R C B Captain : Photo
South Irish Horse
Brewster R G Lt : Photo
Fogarty W J Captain : Photo
Kelly J Pte 2049 : Short Obituary
McDowell E V Tpr 1494 : Photo
Rawlins W Sergt 1342 : Obituary
Roe S G Pte 25742 : Photo & Obituary
Shier C G L/Cpl 1921 : Photo
South Nottinghamshire Hussars
Burch S G Lt : Photo
Ley C F A Captain : Photo
Warwick J C G Lt : Photo
Staffordshire Yeomanry (Queens Own Royal Regiment)
Bailey A J Tpr : Short Record Of Service
Black C M J Tpr 41897 : Obituary
Clowes H A Lt Col : Photo
Wolseley E C Lt : Photo
Surrey Yeomanry (Queen Marys Regiment)
Austin J A Tpr : Short Record Of Service
Barclay T H Major : Photo
Bassett E J L/Cpl 45714 : Short Record Of Service
Doyle J Tpr : Short Record Of Service
Koch W J Tpr 2518 : Photo
May H E Lt : Photo
Saunders E J Tpr MM Croix de Guerre : Photo
Sutton H L/Cpl 1757 : Photo
Vickers F J Pte 45780 : Photo
Whibley R E Pte 1816 : Photo
Sussex Yeomanry
Campbell A B Lt attd to 8th R Sussex Regt : Photo
Campbell I M Lt : Photo
Graham J W Regt Sergt Major 3559 : Photo
Gwynne R V Major DSO : Photo
Harker J G 2nd Lt : Photo
Howard C J L/Cpl 1534 : Photo
Hunt F E Pte 2057 : Photo
Jordan W J L Tpr 2254 : Photo
Kekewich H L Captain : Photo
Morton H Pte 1790 : Photo
Walker J H 2nd Lt : Photo
Wyatt H G P 2nd Lt : Photo
Warwickshire Yeomanry
Biddles G L/Cpl MSM 1722 : Short Record Of Service
Chambers A J F 2nd Lt : Photo
Coe B C K Tpr 2127 : Photo
Drake F Captain : Photo
Loverock H G 2nd Lt : Photo
Patchett W I Tpr 310976 : Obituary
Smith-Ryland H D Captain : Photo
Wight-Boycott T A Brig Gen : Photo
Welsh Horse
Ellis R A Captain : Photo
Everingham R Pte 1098 : Photo
Roch W P Captain : Photo
West Kent Yeomanry (Queens Own)
A'Brook F T Pte 1872 : Record Of Service
Boorer W J Tpr 1839 : Photo
Boorman C A Tpr 801 : Photo
Couldry D J 2nd Lt : Photo
Gardiner W Pte : Short Record Of Service
Glass E G Tpr 743 : Photo
Mildmay F B Lt Col : Photo
Simpson R C Major : Photo
Stewart B Captain : Photo
Westmorland And Cumberland Yeomanry
Lacy F P Captain MC : Photo
Lees E B Major : Photo
Lowther C W Major : Photo
Roberts R B Lt : Photo
West Somerset Yeomanry
Aubrey F Tpr : Short Record Of Service
Glanvile W S Qtr Mst Sergt 795 : Photo
Levy I J Cpl : Photo
Miles W J L/Cpl 1387 : Obituary
Richardson A T L Captain : Photo
Smith H B 2nd Lt : Photo
Tilley J R Pte : Short Record Of Service
Vile S J L/Cpl 295139 : Obituary
Watson D M Lt : Obituary
Worcestershire Hussars (The Queens Own)
Aherne R H Pte 276303 : Short Obituary
Bousfield E Pte 2314 : Photo
Bromley-Martin E G Major : Group Photo
Brotherton F Tpr : Newspaper Photo
Challands R S Lt : Group Photo
Chennells M 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Cripps A H S Lt The Hon : Group Photo
Dudley Lt Col Earl : Newspaper Photo
Gray-Cheape H A Lt Col DSO + Bar : Photo and Photo
Henderson J G 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Jones B H Captain : Group Photo
Lane W G 2nd Lt : Photo
Llewelyn-Davies R S Tpr 2428 : Photo
Lutley J T Major : Group Photo
Mason B 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Melville D W L 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Powell D J Cpl 2318 : Photo
Pratt J V Staff Sergt 1817 : Photo
Selwyn H J Major : Group Photo
Todd A M Captain : Group Photo
Wiggin W W Lt Col : Group Photo
Yorkshire Dragoons (Queens Own)
Warde-Aldam J R P Major : Biography
Clay L P Captain : Photo and Photo
Macrae J A Tpr 235609 attd to 13th Yorkshire Regt : Photo
Yorkshire Hussars (Alexandra Princess Of Wales Own)
Ellis C Pte 2580 : Photo
Haslam C S Captain : Photo
Lumb T D Cpl 2011 : Photo
Pease C Y Captain : Photo
Turton E S Lt : Photo


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