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The Worcestershire Regiment Photos

Soldiers Worcestershire Regiment

A Worcestershire Regiment Sentry August 1916


Soldiers Died in the Great War, 1914-19: The Worcestershire Regiment Pt. 34


Battalion Unknown
Allbut P Sergt DCM 13388 : Newspaper Photo
Atkinson M P Captain : Short Record Of Service
Beacham C J Lt : Photo
Binder A E L 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Boucher W E Captain : Group Photo
Bowman A H Lt : Group Photo
Brown E H Pte : Short Record Of Service
Butcher C L Captain : Group Photo
Channing W Sergt MM : Photo
Chichester W R Major : Photo
Clarke E H St L Lt Col Sir CMG DSO : Photo Of Memorial Window
Condon W Pte : Short Record Of Service
Cox R B Pte MM : Photo
Dunn D Pte (POW) : Short Record Of Service
Epstein S Pte 5177 : Photo
Finstein S Pte : Photo
Flint F 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Freeman E Pte : Short Record Of Service
Goodwin H Lt : Group Photo
Grainger E H Major : Group Photo
Green A D Major DSO : Photo and Photo
Green C T L/Cpl : Photo
Green G H Major : Group Photo
Hancocks W Captain : Group Photo
Hemingway E C Lt : Group Photo
Hemingway K S Lt : Group Photo
Holmes D L/Cpl MM 17781 : Newspaper Photo
Hopewell E R Captain : Group Photo
Hunt W H Pte : Newspaper Photo
Johnston L 2nd Lt : Group Photo
MacBeth W D 2nd Lt : Photo
Molyneux E S Captain : Photo
Overbury G E 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Palmer C H Lt Col : Photo
Peters W Lt & Qtr : Group Photo
Peyton A G Col : Group Photo
Roberts J E Lt : Group Photo
Simpson F D Captain & Adjt : Group Photo
Spreat S H Lt : Group Photo
Snowden J W Lt : Photo
Stone H C 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Stone P Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Swanson J L 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Teglio M 2nd Lt : Photo
Wrenford A L Lt Col : Photo
1st Battalion (Regular)
Bacon B K W Major : Photo
Barnett G 2nd Lt : Photo
Baronovich L Pte 14216 : Photo
Birtles R P Captain : Photo
Budden R A 2nd Lt : Photo
Burns W B 2nd Lt : Photo
Butcher L Pte 42642 : Photo
Cartland J B F Lt Col : Photo
Cottrell W Pte 7305 : Photo
Darby F 2nd Lt : Obituary
Deakin A E L/Cpl 21447 : Obituary
Demaine J W Lt : Short Record Of Service
Field G R Cpl 2555 : Photo
Gotch D H 2nd Lt : Photo
Grogan G St G Brig Gen VC DSO : Photo
Gurrey G Sergt 37698 : Photo
Hammond H Pte 9332 : Obituary
Hartnoll H P Lt : Photo
Isaac A W 2nd Lt : Photo and Photo Of Memorial Window
Prosser A E Captain MC : Photo
Read A H Lt : Photo
Riley J Pte DCM : Newspaper Photo
Roberts F C Lt Col VC : Photo
Ruck L H Lt : Photo
Slater R M Lt : Photo
Sparrow L H Cpl 20750 : Photo Of Memorial Window
Stephens H C 2nd Lt : Photo
Stevens M Lt : Short Biography
Ward W 2nd Lt : Photo
Watson L T Captain : Photo
Weinberg A L/Cpl 33858 : Photo
Whittle W V P C 2nd Lt : Photo
Winnington J F S Lt Col DSO : Photo Of Memorial Window
Wodehouse E C F Lt Col : Photo Of Memorial Window
2nd Battalion (Regular)
Allen E J Pte : Short Record Of Service
Arnold O V 2nd Lt : Obituary
Beare R V L/Cpl : Photo
Bennett E P Captain VC MC : Photo , Photo and Photo Of Memorial Window
Biscoe F C F Lt : Photo
Booth F H F Captain : Obituary
Carr M R Captain : Photo
Christie A W E Lt : Photo , Photo and Photo
Couldridge J O 2nd Lt : Photo
Covill C E L/Cpl 23213 : Photo
Crowe J 2nd Lt VC : Newspaper Photo
Curtler F G O Lt : Photo
Daniel E C Pte 42565 : Photo
Farmar-Cotgrave C R Captain : Photo
Ford R J Captain MC : Photo
Fordanski J Pte 57570 : Photo
Hadley C F Pte 8675 : Photo
Hardy L B Lt : Photo
Hastings-Medhurst F L 2nd Lt : Photo
Henry C C Lt : Photo
Holland E M Lt : Photo
Hudson A W Lt : Photo
Hydon C H Pte 33238 : Obituary
Irish F Pte 15216 : Photo Of Memorial Window
Isaacs E E Pte 51543 : Photo
Jamieson A B Pte 4870 : Photo
Jones J Pte : Short Record Of Service
Langford E L/Cpl 204091 : Photo Of Memorial Window
Laughton H H S Lt : Photo
Lerry H J Pte 51403 : Obituary
Levine L Pte 41636 : Photo
Lowe H S Lt : Photo
MacKay C L 2nd Lt : Photo
Matthews A T Sergt 11184 : Photo
McCormick J G Lt : Photo
Myddelton-Gavey F E Captain : Photo
Orford F S Lt MC : Photo
Pepys R W Captain : Photo
Phillips L H P Lt : Photo
Pope C M Lt : Photo
Pownall J 2nd Lt : Photo
Smythe F F 2nd Lt : Photo
Sweetman M J Major : Photo
Trotman A Coy QMS 235358 : Short Record Of Service
Turner D A Pte 9812 : Obituary
Vinter R B W 2nd Lt MC : Obituary
Wainman P S G Captain : Photo and Photo
Wilmot T N 2nd Lt MC : Obituary
3rd Battalion (Regular)
Adams F W Pte : Short Record Of Service
Ariss A J Pte 6329 : Photo
Barling W B 2nd Lt : Photo
Barnes G Sergt Maj : Short Record Of Service
Battle E C V 2nd Lt : Obituary
Beresford C V Captain MID : Photo
Brown J R Pte 8582 : Photo
Burr F B 2nd Lt : Photo
Carter C C Pte 23778 : Photo
Cazalet-Harrison C 2nd Lt : Photo
Chaytor A K 2nd Lt : Photo
Chignell H 2nd Lt : Photo
Clarke M E L H Lt : Photo
Clarke W H 2nd Lt : Photo
Cook R G 2nd Lt : Obituary
Crash M Pte 13287 : Photo
Ginn H E 2nd Lt : Photo
Golding L H L/Cpl 9083 : Photo
Goldsmith S A Lt : Photo
Graham-Gilmour H J Lt : Photo and Photo Of Memorial Window
Graves H E Pte 53112 : Obituary
Hallward K L 2nd Lt : Photo
Harvey-Jones F M 2nd Lt MC : Photo
Hill H T Pte 50797 : Short Record Of Service
Hughes T H Captain : Photo
Jacobs N Pte 40241 : Photo
Jones F M H 2nd Lt MC attd 8th Border Regt : Photo
Kauntze C E W Lt : Photo
Lamb F E Coy Qtr Mst Sergt 12944 : Photo
Loos C G B Lt : Photo
Mansel-Pleydell E M 2nd Lt : Photo
Muspratt T P Captain MC : Photo
Nesbitt A S Captain : Photo
Northey A Lt : Photo
Parsons E V Captain : Photo
Perks W L 2nd Lt : Photo
Saunders W L Pte 7075 : Photo
Solomons M Pte 26368 : Photo
Stuart B F G Lt Col : Photo Of Memorial Window
Taylor A D L/Cpl 10417 : Obituary
Underhill F Pte 7882 : Photo
Whitehouse E Pte : Photo
Whitehouse W Pte 8411 : Photo
4th Battalion (Regular)
Aldana J M Lt : Photo
Archer P B Pte 22464 : Short Record Of Service
Barden E L/Cpl (POW) : Short Record Of Service
Beard F G V Lt : Obituary
Birch J 2nd Lt : Photo
Bird E J 2nd Lt : Obituary
Bush W D Captain : Photo
Coy W J Pte 46222 : Photo
Crawley T H O Captain : Photo
Dancox F G Pte VC : Photo
Dayman W Pte 26173 : Obituary
Deans G C Captain : Photo
Downes D L 2nd Lt : Photo
Dutton W Sergt 51765 : Photo
Entwistle J M B Captain : Photo
Franklin H W Pte 11513 : Photo
Hart G A Pte 21896 : Photo
Holding S Pte 21794 : Photo
Honey A C 2nd Lt : Photo
James H 2nd Lt VC : Photo
Johnson P Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Johnson V D L/Cpl 48114 : Photo
Lang H A Major : Photo
Lewis E R H 2nd Lt : Photo
Linton C S Major DSO MC : Photo
Martin B C D 2nd Lt : Photo
Meek J C Pte 40411 : Obituary
Meredith M H Captain : Photo
Merritt D C Pte 23047 : Short Record Of Service
Parkes S Pte 13627 : Photo
Peto J A 2nd Lt : Photo
Pickersgill-Cunliffe J C Captain : Photo
Pollock D W Captain : Photo
Rye F C L/Cpl 7966 : Photo
Talbot J L P 2nd Lt : Photo
Voyce H E 2nd Lt : Photo
Wythes C A Captain : Photo
5th Battalion (Reserve)
Atkinson G J B Lt : Photo
Bowler A Bandsman : Short Record Of Service
6th Battalion (Reserve)
Gilson F G Major : Photo
Graham A G M Captain : Photo
Meade W W 2nd Lt : Photo
Willmot J D Lt : Photo
7th Battalion (Territorial)
Austin F E Pte 235223 : Obituary
Bugler W G Cpl 202244 : Obituary
Cadman H Pte 203481 : Obituary
Cook C M 2nd Lt : Photo
Fineberg S Pte 202322 : Photo
Goodwin J A Pte 41323 : Short Record Of Service
Hancocks W Lt : Obituary
Johnston L 2nd Lt MC : Photo
Leighton R A Lt + Adj : Photo
Rollason A G Captain : Photo
Wallace G R Captain MC + Bar : Photo and Photo Of Memorial Window
White B Pte 41384 : Short Record Of Service
Whitney E S Lt : Short Record Of Service
Wood H G W Captain DSO : Photo
8th Battalion (Territorial)
Alford A J Pte 57837 : Obituary
Amphlett R F 2nd Lt : Photo
Bamford R B 2nd Lt : Short Record Of Service
Barnsley H Pte 43874 : Obituary
Benjamin H S Captain : Photo
Bomford D R Captain : Short Record Of Service
Bomford L R Acting Captain DSO MC+Bar : Photo and Short Record Of Service
Dicks F J N 2nd Lt : Photo
Evers H L Captain MC + Bar : Photo
Hancock R L Lt : Photo
Hughes F B L/Cpl 263020 : Obituary
Jago E L Pte 57923 : Obituary
Jotcham W M 2nd Lt : Photo
List S Pte 51063 : Photo
Plaistow A Captain : Photo
Powell W Pte 207459 : Obituary
Tompkins E E L/Cpl 241933 : Obituary
Welt H Pte 260196 : Photo
Wilmot H C Pte 202923 : Obituary
Wilson H S 2nd Lt : Photo and Photo Of Memorial Window
Wylde C G A L/Sergt 2220 : Photo
9th Battalion (Service)
Austin H L F 2nd Lt : Obituary
Barker W Major : Photo , Photo and Obituary
Boyd-Moss E W Major DSO : Photo
Callender G W Lt : Newspaper Photo
Crofton C W Major : Photo
Dobson H P Captain : Photo
Harrington P W 2nd Lt : Photo
Hiscock H Captain : Photo
Hiscock L E 2nd Lt : Photo
Kittermaster A N C Captain : Photo
Lancaster J N 2nd Lt : Photo
Nunn M H Lt Col : Photo and Photo Of Memorial Window
Myer D G A 2nd Lt : Photo and Photo of Memorial
Polack B J 2nd Lt : Photo
Preece F J Pte 17016 : Photo
Rolph G W Captain : Photo Of Memorial Window
Street N K Captain : Photo
Wright R G Cpl 31430 : Photo
10th Battalion (Service)
Abrahams R A Pte 18707 : Obituary
Bartlett F J Pte 51194 : War Memorial
Bennett R 2nd Lt : Photo
Bull H M Pte 204284 : Photo
Butler A H Pte MM : Short Record Of Service
Channing E J Pte 40055 : Photo
Dwyer C H Captain : Obituary
Fish J 2nd Lt : Photo
Foster G M S 2nd Lt : Photo
France E M 2nd Lt : Photo
Franklin W E 2nd Lt : Photo
Jennings R W Lt : Photo
Harsant A F Pte 202202 : Obituary
Law W L Pte 14253 : Obituary
Lowes R H Pte 24665 : Photo
Luxton I E Pte 202486 : Obituary
Pigg B W 2nd Lt : Photo
Summers J W Pte 15071 : Obituary
Tasker R G Captain : Newspaper Photo
Tucker F St G Major : Photo
Turrall T G Pte VC : Photo
Woodburn L Sergt 18484 : Photo
11th Battalion (Service)
Bricknell T Pte 29724 : Obituary
Corbin C R P 2nd Lt : Photo
Featherstone T Lt MC : Photo
Gibbs A E Lt : Photo
Need J Sergt 17105 : Photo Of Memorial Window
Pardoe F Pte 31231 : Photo Of Memorial Window
12th Battalion (Reserve)
Albutt G Pte 20420 : Obituary
Amphlett E B Captain : Photo
Day G H 2nd Lt : Photo
Falcon F Captain : Photo and Short Record Of Service
Robertson F Captain : Photo
Taylor S A T 2nd Lt : Photo
Walford H S Captain : Photo
13th Battalion (Reserve)
Allen J H Lt : Photo
Harley J Lt : Photo
Ruddock E H M Captain : Photo
14th Battalion (Severn Valley Pioneers)
Biggs H C Pte : Short Record Of Service
Blake J R Captain : Photo Of Memorial Window
Hallett E J Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Spears R H Pte 44867 : Obituary
Tomkins P G Pte : Short Record Of Service
15th Battalion (Transport Workers)
Bolton F Pte : Short Record Of Service
Henbery A Cpl : Short Record Of Service
16th Battalion (Transport Workers)
Cherrill S G Pte : Short Record Of Service
Franklin T Pte : Short Record Of Service
Rawlings C C Pte : Short Record Of Service


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