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UK Naval Medal and Award Rolls 1793-1972

Wadkins W F AB HMS Laurel : Casualty List
Wait P A W Mishipman H.M.S. Queen Mary : Photo
Waite C W 2nd Yeoman Of Signals 160682 HMS Hawke : Short Record Of Service
Walker J F Officers Cook 141402 HMS Iron Duke : Obituary
Wall G C AB : Short Record Of Service
Wallace J Seaman : Photo
Wallen L C F Seaman HMS Africa : Short Record Of Service
Waller B Boy Telegraphist J/38741 HMS Eden : Photo
Waller J AB HMS Laurel: Casualty List
Walton C A Rev HMS Chester : Photo
Wansbrough L B R Eng Lt HMS Monmouth : Photo
Ward G E S Surgeon : Wedding Photo
Ward H de C Fleet Pmst HMS Cressy : Photo
Ward H H Midshipman HMS Hogue : Photo
Wardlaw W P Lt Comm DSO : Newspaper Photo
Warren A E AB J/8081 HMS Good Hope : Photo
Warrender G Vice Admiral Sir : Photo
Waters A D Stoker 1st Class HMS Hogue : Photo
Waters G A Fleet Surg HMS Goliath : Photo
Watkins F W AB HMS King Alfred : Short Record Of Service
Watson J G Lt HMS Aboukir : Photo
Watson S F Lt HM Sub E5 : Photo
Waymouth A W Vice Admiral : Photo
Weaver G Stoker 1st Class HMS Laurel : Casualty List
Webb H D Leading Seaman : Short Record Of Service
Webb H G AB : Short Record Of Service
Webb J H Canteen Assistant HMS Hampshire : Photo
Webb J R Chief PO : Short Record Of Service
Webb R Rear Admiral CB : Photo
Webber E W L AB J/6671 HMTB 10 : Photo
Webley H J Lt H.M.S. Paragon : Photo
Weir F S Eng Lt HMS Britannia : Photo
Welch J Leading Seaman : Short Record Of Service
Wells S J W Stoker PO : Short Record Of Service
Wemyss R E Vice Admiral Sir : Photo
Westmacott E W P Lt HMS Arethusa : Photo and Casualty List
Wheeler N J Midshipman : Photo
Whiddett W Stoker K/2155 HMS Formidable : Photo
White B AB : Short Record Of Service
White E Stoker 280315 HMS Hogue : Short Record Of Service
White L H Lt HMS Natal : Photo
Whitehair W Stoker 1st Class HMS Liberty : Casualty List
Whitehouse A E Lt Comm HM Sub L10 : Photo
Whitfield P Lt Comm HMS Nomad : Photo
Whitfield T N E.R.A. 3rd Class HMS Arethusa : Casualty List
Whitlock E Sick Berth Attendant M/5448 H.M.S. Monmouth : Newspaper Photo
Wickens H C W AB HMS Queen Elizabeth : Short Record Of Service
Wilcocks C H D AB HMS Juno : Short Record Of Service
Wilkinson C W Eng Room Art 3rd Class 272232 H.M.S. Hampshire : Short Obituary
Wilkinson N Lt Comm : Photo
Williams A H Eng Room Art 4th Class M/19636 H.M.S. Colleen : Photo & Obituary
Williams C F AB HMS Laurel : Casualty List
Williams D J AB : Short Record Of Service
Williams D M AB HMS Aboukir : Short Record Of Service
Williams H P E T Captain HMS Hawke : Photo
Williams J F Lt H.M.S. Russell : Photo
Williams J J D AB Gnr J/18874 HMS Indefatigable : Obituary
Williams O W 2nd Class Steward HMS Vanguard : Obituary
Williams R H J AB HMS Glory : Short Record Of Service
Williams R J AB HMS Sutlej : Short Record Of Service
Williams-Freeman F A P Lt : Photo
Williamson E J Midshipman HMS Bulwark : Photo
Willoughby P R H D Lt Comm The Hon HMS Monmouth : Photo
Wilson A W A Midshipman H.M.S. Vanguard : Photo
Wilson C H Midshipman HMS Bulwark : Photo
Wilson D H V Lt HMS Bulwark : Photo
Wilson J H Paymaster Lt : Photo
Wilson J S Lt Comm HMS Indefatigable : Photo
Wilson R A Com DSO HMS Mersey : Photo
Windsor W J Signalman HMS Laurel : Casualty List
Wing A AB HMS Queen Mary : Photo
Winn S T Lt DSO Sub B11 : Photo
Wintour C J Captain HMS Tipperary : Photo
Wisdom J P AB HMS Juno : Short Record Of Service
Wise E S Lt HMS Severn : Photo
Wodeman B H Fleet Paymaster HMS Benbow : Photo
Woodhouse Geo AB HMS Laurel : Casualty List
Woolley J B Midshipman DSC Sub E15 : Photo
Wooster H E Stoker 1st Class SS102158 H.M.S. Pembroke II : Photo
Wright L W Eng Lt HMS Bulwark : Photo
Wyard J E AB HMS Natal J/7869 : Photo
Wyld H W Lt Comm DSO : Photo
Wylie J Artificer : Photo


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