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UK Naval Medal and Award Rolls 1793-1972

Sackville G W S Sub Lt HM Destroyer Ribble : Photo
Samson C R Comm DSO : Photo
Sandaver H W AB HMS Glory : Short Record Of Service
Sandford F H Lt DSO : Photo
Sandford R D Lt HM Sub C3 VC : Photo & Photo In Hospital
Savill H J Captain H.M.S. Hampshire : Photo
Schafer J S Acting Comm HMS Gaillardia : Photo
Scarlett F R Comm : Photo
Scarlett L F Lt The Hon Sub AE1 : Photo
Schreiber V G E S Midshipman HMS Monmouth : Photo
Scott J de U Midshipman HMS Defence : Photo
Scott W Comm HMS Good Hope : Photo
Sellens A E AB HMS Laurel : Casualty List
Setterfield F AB 184292 HMS Cressy : Photo
Seymour N Sub Lt H.M.S. Queen Mary : Photo
Shakespear H F Captain HMS Wildfire : Photo
Shaw D E Shipwright 1st Class : Photo
Shaw H S P Sub Lt HMS Apal : Photo
Shearman L A Leading Seaman HMS Arrogant : Short Record Of Service
Sheldrick W H AB HMS Virginian : Short Record Of Service
Shelford T L Captain HMS Goliath : Photo
Shephard H L Lt Comm HMS Viknor : Photo
Shine W Leading Stoker : Short Record Of Service
Shirley W L Stoker 1st Class K20753 H.M.S. Pembroke : Photo
Shoppee D C G Lt DSC : Newspaper Photo
Shore L H Comm HMS Invincible : Photo
Shorland J M Midshipman HMS Invincible : Photo
Short J Leading Seaman HMS Liberty : Casualty List
Sibsey E Stoker : Short Record Of Service
Silk W E F Telegraphist HMS Hecla : Short Record Of Service
Sillick H B Chief Engine Room Artificer HM SM C34 : Photo
Simes H C N Eng Lt HMS Pheasant : Photo
Simmons T S AB HM Tug Deluge : Short Record Of Service
Simpson E J Leading Sig : Short Record Of Service
Sinclair R J Gnr HMS Conqueror : Photo
Sington H Surg : Photo
Sinnett W A Sig HMS Glory : Short Record Of Service
Skingle G PO 1st Class : Short Record Of Service
Skinner P J L Sub Lt HMS Formidable : Photo
Slingsby S Lt HMS Defence : Photo
Small G Leading Seaman J/872 HMS Agamemnon : Photo
Smith H Writer 3rd Class : Short Record Of Service
Smith J AB J/65788 HMS Abdiel : Photo
Smith J H AB HMS Glory : Short Record Of Service
Smith L W AB J/11861 HM Sub G5 : Obituary
Smith W T Chief Stoker 159411 HMS Wildfire : Photo
Snare A E AB : Short Record Of Service
Snead-Cox H A Midshipman H.M.S. Indefatigable : Photo
Sneyd R S Comm HMS Thetis : Photo
Snook R E Lt : Photo
Snoswell T E Petty Officer 1st Class 6107 HMS Hogue : Photo
Solomons S AB : Photo
Somerville J F Comm DSO : Photo
Southgate E W Leading Seaman HMS Engadine : Short Record Of Service
Sparrow W C 1st Class Boy J/32562 HMS Hampshire : Photo
Spelling J Leading Stoker K/1383 HMS Princess Irene : Photo
Spencer H Comm HMS Arrogant : Short Record Of Service
Spittles T R Stoker 1st Class K726 HMS Lynx : Photo
Splatt C H Leading Seaman HMS Calyx : Short Record Of Service
Spratling A D Leading Seaman J/6908 HMS Laforey : Photo
Springgay H Stoker 1st Class HMS Laurel : Casualty List
Stahl H C Lt Comm HMT King Emperor : Photo
Starkie J Petty Officer Stoker 285787 H.M.S. Kale : Obituary
Steel A R Surgeon : Obituary
Steer W G Sick Berth Attendant 2nd Class 351640 H.M.S. Princess Irene : Photo
Steggall J W A Naval Instructor HMS Invincible : Photo
Stern W Stoker HMS Pathfinder : Photo
Stirling W C H Sig 216012 HMS Monmouth : Photo
Stirling W D Lt HMS Monmouth : Photo
St J Fraser W Lt Com : Photo
Stocks D de B DSO H.M. Sub K.4 : Obituary
Stokes F W Ord Seaman HMS Warspite : Short Record Of Service
Stone H E Stoker : Short Record Of Service
Stone S J Boy 1st Class J/27238 HMS Clan McNaughton : Photo
Storey A Stoker 2nd Class K/49646 H.M.S. Argonaut : Obituary
Storkey W G CPO HMS Vanguard : Photo
Street G C Lt Comm H.M.S. Queen Mary : Photo
Street H L Lt Comm HMS Formidable : Photo
Stuart D Lt Comm HMS Turbulent : Photo
Stubbs J D Midshipman HMS Aboukir : Photo
Sturdy G H Chief Stoker HMS Laurel : Casualty List
Sugarman H AB Sub L12 : Photo
Sullivan H A D AB DSM : Photo
Summers H B AB HMS Cressy : Short Record Of Service
Sumner W AB HMS New Zealand : Short Record Of Service
Surman J W AB HMS Colossus : Short Record Of Service
Susans F Engine Room Artificer : Photo
Sutherland J Seaman 218805 : Photo
Swanson G M AB HMS Prince Rupert : Photo
Sweeney J J AB : Short Record Of Service
Sweet A S O Chaplain HMS Natal : Photo


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