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UK Naval Medal and Award Rolls 1793-1972

Lacey C V Shipwright : Photo
Lackmaker S Wireless Operator HMS Irresistible : Photo
Lambart L J O Comm The Hon DSO : Photo
Lambert J S AB : Short Record Of Service
Landes A AB HMS Aboukir : Short Record Of Service
Lane F E Leading Seaman : Short Record Of Service
Lane W R Stoker PO 1st Class HMS Sapphire : Short Record Of Service
Lang A Lt HMS Columbus : Photo
Lattey A D Midshipman HMS Hawke : Photo
Laurence N F Comm : Newspaper Photo
Leach S J AB : Short Record Of Service
Leather G Lt HMS Pathfinder : Photo
Lee W G E Ship's Steward's Assistant HMS Vanguard : Obituary
Lees J A Lt Comm HMS Monmouth : Photo
Leggett O S Captain : Photo
Le Patourel W M Rev HMS Defence : Photo
Lester G H AB HMS Laverock : Short Record Of Service
Letts H AB J/14232 HMS Indefatigable : Photo
Leveson A C Rear Admiral CB : Photo
Levy S R AB HMS Victorious : Photo
Lewin F H L Comm : Newspaper Photo
Lewis A E 1st Class Stoker HMS Monmouth : Photo
Lewis B Stoker HMS Minerva : Photo
Lewis C W Surgeon HMS Queen Mary : Photo
Lewis M C AB L/4929 HMS Bulwark : Photo
Lewis N AB : Photo
Lewis P V Captain CB DSO HMS Superb : Photo
Ley J C Captain CVO HMS Canada : Photo
Lidderdale J H Asst Paymaster : Photo
Light A P Steward 148076 HMS Hogue : Photo
Liles F 2nd Yeoman of Signals HMS King Alfred : Short Record Of Service
Lillie W P Lt DSC Sub E34 : Obituary
Lind W Leading Seaman HMS Glory : Short Record Of Service
Lindup Lt : Photo
Lister L AB : Short Record Of Service
Little J P 1st Class Stoker K/18404 HMS Defence : Short Obituary
Livings C H AB : Short Record Of Service
Livingstone W AB 1907062 HMS Hogue : Short Record Of Service
Llewelyn R N Comm HMS Queen Mary : Photo
Lloyd M C Sub Lt DSC + Bar HMS Hindustan : Photo
Lobb F F Fleet Surgeon H.M.S. Queen Mary : Photo
Lockyer H C Captain HMS Implacable : Photo
Longley C R Midshipman HMS Indefatigable : Photo
Lovett J W Leading Stoker : Short Record Of Service
Lowcock A W B Lt HMML 367 : Photo
Lowe J W AB DCM 134114 HMS Buttercup : Short Record Of Service
Loxley A N Captain HMS Formidable : Photo
Luce J Captain HMS Glasgow : Newspaper Photo
Lush C A 1st Class Chief Petty Officer HMS Cressy : Photo
Luxton J W PO 1st Class : Short Record Of Service
Lynes H Comm CMG : Photo


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