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Romford to Beirut via France, Egypt and Jericho: An Outline of the War Record of B Battery, 271 Bde. RFA (1/2nd Essex Battery)

Tailyour G H F Major : POW Information
Talbot T E Lt : Photo
Tall W Bmdr : Short Record Of Service
Tapson-Jones H Capt MC : Photo
Tarry M J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Tawse J G Captain : Photo
Taylor C M 2nd Lt : Photo
Taylor G R M S Lt : Photo
Taylor G W 2nd Lt : Photo , Photo of Original Grave Marker and Photo Of Memorial
Taylor J M 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Taylor R Gnr : Photo
Tester H Sergt MM 28092 : Short Record Of Service
Tetbutt W Gnr 168499 : Obituary
Thicknesse F W Major : Photo
Thirkell W Shoeing Smith 776142 : Photo
Thomas C V 2nd Lt : Photo
Thomas E G Gnr 930565 : Obituary
Thomas E H Lt : POW Information
Thompson D H 2nd Lt : POW Information
Thompson H S 2nd Lt : POW Information
Thomson A B Lt : POW Information
Thorn H S Gnr : Photo
Thornton G St L Lt Col DSO : Photo
Thorp T T 2nd Lt : Photo
Thorpe E Gnr 925834 : Short Record Of Service
Tiffen E J Sig 289769 : Short Record Of Service
Timbler J Pte : Photo
Tod C F 2nd Lt : POW Information
Todd H Bmdr 781083 : Photo
Todd J 2nd Lt : POW Information
Todd R F 2nd Lt : POW Information
Todd W Sergt : Photo
Tombs J S M 2nd Lt : Photo
Took L J Captain : Short Record Of Service
Torrens A A Major : Photo
Towell G W 2nd Lt MC : Photo
Townsend H 2nd Lt : POW Information
Townshend J Gnr 1657 : Short Record Of Service
Trapp T H Bmdr 75536 : Photo
Travis E Cpl 32300 : Short Record Of Service
Treacy F J Cpl : Group Photo
Treuenfels C O V Major DSO : Photo
Trevenen S V Captain : Photo
Triffitt E W Sig MM 780180 : Obituary
Triphook O L Major : Photo
Trower R F 2nd Lt : POW Information
Trusler A 2nd Lt : POW Information
Tucker A R 2nd Lt : Photo
Tudhope E D Lt : POW Information
Turnbull C J Fitter 147397 : Obituary
Turner C R Lt : Photo
Turner D J Gnr 151073 : Obituary
Turpin H E Sig 960417 : Short Record Of Service
Tweedie L K 2nd Lt : Photo
Tyler J C 2nd Lt : Photo
Tyndale-Biscoe N E Lt : POW Information
Tyson W H Engineer MM 67615 : Obituary


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