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Romford to Beirut via France, Egypt and Jericho: An Outline of the War Record of B Battery, 271 Bde. RFA (1/2nd Essex Battery)


Salaman E 2nd Lt : Photo
Salley A 2nd Lt : POW Information
Samuel C M 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Samuel E H 2nd Lt : Photo
Samuel L Major : Photo
Sandeman S R Captain : Photo
Sanders J D G Captain : Photo
Sanderson F B 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Sanderson H Captain : Photo
Sanderson R H Lt Col : Photo
Sands W 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Sargeant J W Dvr 293569 : Short Record Of Service
Sarson E V Col : POW Information
Saunders C 2nd Lt : Photo
Scarlett J C D 2nd Lt : POW Information
Scears L Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Schofield H M B Sergt MM : Newspaper Photo
Scoones A J Sergt 926316 : Photo
Scott E T Lt : POW Information
Scott J Lt MC : Photo
Scott J Gnr 125771 : Obituary
Scott T G Lance Bombardier 53986 : Photo
Scott T R 2nd Lt MC : POW Information
Scott W Bmdr L/8571 : Obituary
Scott-Deakin R Lt : Photo
Searle A J Dvr L/45173 : Photo
Selby M Bdr 248568 : Photo
Selwyn G V C Lt : Photo
Semple R E W Captain MC : Photo
Sewell H K Lt : Photo
Sewell H V Lt : Photo
Sexton E J Dvr 2257 : Photo
Shafe E J T Gnr 31606 : Photo
Shand-Kydd W 2nd Lt : Photo
Sharp A G Lt MC : Photo
Sharp D C G 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Sharp F L Lt Col CMG : Photo
Sharman W A Gnr : Newspaper Photo
Shaw R A Major : Photo
Shepard B A 2nd Lt : Photo
Sherman Gnr : Photo
Sherrard B 2nd Lt : Photo
Sherratt W G Gnr 836464 : Photo
Shoesmith W C Sig 776018 : Obituary
Short A H Brig Gen : Newspaper Caption
Shrimpton C W Dvr MM 37927 : Short Record Of Service
Silverman B Gnr : Photo
Sim C H S Gnr : Photo
Simmonds H A Dvr 61989 : Photo
Simmonds R W Gnr : Short Record Of Service
Simmons C W F Pte : Short Record Of Service
Simon H Captain : Photo
Simpson A J Gnr 949 : Obituary
Simpson D L Bmdr 140942 : Obituary
Simpson E V C P Lt : Photo
Simson D H A 2nd Lt : Photo
Simson R F Lt : Photo
Sinclair J N Lt Col DSO : Photo
Sinden W H Dvr 7798 : Short Record Of Service
Singer A Dvr : Photo
Singer L Gnr 223566 : Photo
Skeate H W Cpl 1230 : Photo
Skerratt W G Gnr 836464 : Photo
Slade W A 2nd Lt : Photo
Slaney J C Lt : Photo
Slater J P Gnr 67534 : Photo
Slinger G N 2nd Lt : Photo
Sloan A T Captain : POW Information
Sloper R J Cpl 41813 : Photo
Slyfield W J Gnr 956164 : Photo
Smart G A Dvr : Short Record Of Service
Smith C J Cpl 29119 : Obituary
Smith E D Gnr : Photo
Smith E H Sergt MM 35070 : Photo
Smith G M 2nd Lt : Photo
Smith H Lt : Photo
Smith H A Gnr : Short Record Of Service
Smith H H 2nd Lt : Photo
Smith J S Gnr 85847 : Obituary
Smith L Gnr 112753 : Obituary
Smith M K Lt : Photo and Photo
Smith R J 2nd Lt : Photo
Smith S F Lt : Photo and Obituary
Smith W Gnr : Photo
Smith W H Major : Photo
Smith-Rewse H B Major : Photo
Smythe I L Captain : POW Information
Snodgrass H 2nd Lt : POW Information
Solomon J Dvr : Photo
Soomons I Gnr : Photo
Southern N Major : POW Information
Smith E H Sergt MM 35070 : Photo
Smith E St C Lt : Photo
Soole S W Gnr 199014 : Photo
Southey R G 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Southgate D Bmdr 955 : Short Record Of Service
Sowinski J L Lt MC : Photo
Spears H A Cpl MM : Photo
Spence D S 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Spencer E A Lt : POW Information
Spencer W Gnr 110660 : Photo
Spicer G H Gnr 35031 : Photo
Spite J L 2nd Lt : POW Information
Spriggs F H Sig 177485 : Photo
Squire A Gnr 122015 : Obituary
Stacey B J 2nd Lt : Photo
Stalker D Lt : Photo and Obituary
Stammers J A Dvr 41606 : Photo
Standen A O 2nd Lt : POW Information
Stanford G Lt : Photo
Stanford J Lt : POW Information
Stanley G K 2nd Lt : POW Information
Stapylton G J C Major : Photo
Stark F G Gnr 635120 : Photo
Staveley M Major MC : Photo
Stemp L F Captain : POW Information
Stephens D E 2nd Lt : Photo
St Clair C M D Gnr 29160 : Photo
Steele L W Gnr 880671 : Short Record Of Service
Steer H D G Bmdr 146356 : Photo
Stephen A C Major MC : Newspaper Photo
Stephens H F Major DSO MC : Photo
Stephenson H F Staff Sergt 786666 : Photo
Sterrett F J Sergt 35153 : Short Record Of Service
Stevens C Lt Col : POW Information
Stewart M Lt : Photo and Obituary
Stewart-Cox A Lt : POW Information
Stimson J W Cpl 54454 : Photo
Stokes G L 2nd Lt : Photo
Stone A Sergt 868 : Photo
Stone C E Bmdr VC : Newspaper Photo
Stone T P G 2nd Lt : Photo
Stoneman J W 2nd Lt : POW Information
Stow H R Gnr MM 950621 : Photo
Strachan A C Lt MC : Photo
Street H E Col CMG : Photo
Streeter W R Dvr 46229 : Photo
Strickland D de E 2nd Lt : POW Information
Strickland W E Lt : POW Information
Stroudley A Lt : POW Information
Stuart A G Bmdr 35914 : Short Record Of Service
Stuart E Gnr 22363 : Obituary
Stuart G D G Lt : Obituary
Stuart T 2nd Lt : POW Information
Summers H L Dvr 70526 : Obituary
Sutherland A Major MC : Obituary
Sutherland A E Lt : Photo and Obituary
Sutherland J G Gnr : Photo
Sutton C J Bmdr 53618 : Photo
Swainsbury W Gnr 58319 : Short Record Of Service
Swan J Bmdr : Photo
Swann J H 2nd Lt : POW Information
Sully W Pte 1218 : Photo
Sykes F W Lt : Newspaper Photo
Sykes J A 2nd Lt : POW Information
Sykes W Lt : Photo
Symes E Sergt : Photo


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