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Raine H Lt : Photo
Rainsford-Hannay A G Major : POW Information
Ramsay G B 2nd Lt : Photo
Ramsden W Sapper 41835 : Short Obituary
Read C Pnr : Short Record Of Service
Reay R H Lt : POW Information
Rebbeck W H Lt MC : Photo
Rees B E Lt : POW Information
Reid G F Sapper 35796 : Photo of Grave
Reid L C Lt : Group Photo
Reid W Sapper : Photo
Rennie S Sapper 471441 : Obituary
Renny-Tailyour H F T 2nd Lt : Photo and Photo
Reynolds C H L/Cpl 17540 : Photo
Rhodes J P Lt : Group Photo
Rich E J Sapper : Short Record Of Service
Richards C L/Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Richardson T C Captain MC : Photo
Rigby E Cpl 28519 : Photo
Rigden B L Lt : POW Information
Riggs W Cpl 94540 : Photo
Ritchie W H Cpl 106116 : Photo
Robertson A Sapper 183100 : Obituary
Robertson G C 2nd Lt : Obituary
Robinson A K 2nd Lt : POW Information
Robinson A L 2nd Lt : Photo
Robinson E H Sergt 94422 : Photo
Robinson W J Sapper : Short Record Of Service
Robson H A Farrier Sergt 70355 : Short Record Of Service
Robson R G C Captain : Photo
Rodwell W A 2nd Lt MC : Photo
Rogers E Sapper 186640 : Obituary
Rogers M C 2nd Lt : Photo
Rosansky A J Sapper 341654 : Photo
Rose L St V Major : Photo
Rouse W J Cpl DCM 5168 : Photo
Rowlands C H Cpl 312027 : Photo
Rowley H G Lt : Photo
Roylance C K 2nd Lt : POW Information
Royle S H Dvr : Photo
Russell A E Sapper : Short Record Of Service
Russell T R Lt Col : POW Information
Russell W Col : Photo
Russell W W Lt : POW Information
Ruston A F G Major : POW Information
Ryder H Sapper 104334 : Photo


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