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Archive Film Footage Of Captain Fryatt's Funeral At St Pauls


Adamson A Fireman SS Hogarth : Short Obituary
Aitken J 2nd Officer SS Norwood : Photo
Alexander W Fireman SS Montford : Short Record Of Service
Allen J Donkeyman Albert Medal : Photo
Allerton J 1st Mate SS Glenstrae : Short Record Of Service
Andrews F R Cable Hand SS Colorian : Short Record Of Service
Anderson A B Seaman HMD Earn : Short Record Of Service
Anderson J Chief Officer SS Lindfell : Photo
Anderson J Seaman SS San Fraterno : Photo
Anderson P AB SS Giralda : Photo
Anderson R J Stoker HMD Admiration : Short Record Of Service
Angel T Steward HMT Gaika : Short Record Of Service
Angus C J Chief Officer SS Volodia : Photo
Apples P J Fireman SS Harrogate : Obituary
Anthony R Trimmer RMS Leinster : Photo
Austin T E A Fireman : Short Record Of Service
Bailey B Butcher SS Edinburgh Castle : Short Record Of Service
Balfour G D 2nd Officer : Photo and Obituary
Banbury J E Ord Seaman Oil Tanker : Short Record Of Service
Barclay R J AB SS Savona : Photo
Bartley W J Master Mariner SS Annitina : Obituary
Bell A Ordinary Seaman SS Cairnstrath (Newcastle) : Obituary
Bennitt B H P Officer SS Strombus : Obituary
Bigwood J Engine Room Artificer SS Prestol : Short Record Of Service
Bishop W F CPO SS Fleur de Lys : Short Record Of Service
Boulton T 4th Eng SS Florrieston : Obituary
Bowdidge W L Ship's Carpenter SS Altonia : Short Record Of Service
Brabner H S P Apprentice SS Don Arturo (London) : Short Obituary
Brickell C D Wireless Operator SS Polesley (London) : Photo
Bronckson R Skipper DSC : Photo At Investiture
Brooker J Fireman : Short Record Of Service
Brown A R AB SS Guildford Castle : Short Record Of Service
Brown F C Steward SS Jackona : Short Record Of Service
Brown J Captain Barque Harold : Photo
Burt B Master HMHS Glenart Castle : Obituary
Bush A A Merchant Seaman HMT Minanha : Short Record Of Service
Bush A A AB : Short Record Of Service
Butcher W Merchant Cadet SS Ingleside : Obituary
Byfield E Eng SS Astoria : Obituary
Caraher F Seaman SS Arabic : Group Photo
Care G Chief Engineer : Short Record Of Service
Caress F C Ships Engineer SS Irishman : Obituary
Carlson C 1st Class Stoker SS Montebello : Short Record Of Service
Carter A F Fireman SS King Orry : Short Record Of Service
Challis C F A Third Officer HMS Manica : Photo and Obituary
Cheyne A Boatswain SS Cresham : Photo
Cheyne A D AB SS Jacona : Photo
Clark H Seaman SS Craiglea : Photo
Clark J M 3rd Engineer S.S. Arca : Obituary
Clarke B Officer SS Garsfield (POW): Newspaper Photo
Coward A S Chief Steward SS Teelin Head : Short Record Of Service
Crammond S C Fireman SS Mansfield : Short Record Of Service
Crowther A Carpenter SS Cuirassier : Short Record Of Service
Curtis H Trimmer HMS Comet : Short Record Of Service
Dale P Seaman : Short Record Of Service
Davey J J Stoker 964029 SS Montfort : Obituary and Short Record Of Service
Davis A AB SS Marathon : Short Record Of Service
Davis G E Wireless Operator : Photo
Davis L V Cook SS Athenic : Short Record Of Service
Dean G T Steward SS Commonwealth : Short Record Of Service
Depledge N 2nd Officer SS Orange River : Short Record Of Service
Doust J H Chief Officer SS Cynic : Short Record Of Service
Duncan P Boatswain SS Ledbury : Photo
Dunham C S Wireless Operator : Short Record Of Service
Edwards I H AB SS Lycaon : Short Record Of Service
Eriksen A Seaman : Short Record Of Service
Everett W Surgeon SS Persia : Photo
Fennell J H AB HMS Maniton: Short Record Of Service
Ferrier A G Seaman SS Brantingham : Photo
Finch W Captain SS Arabic : Photo
Fitzgerald J Steward SS Miltades : Short Record Of Service
Fontana A Steward : Short Record Of Service
Fraser C Seaman Barque Avante Savoia : Photo
Fraser M AB SS Jacona : Photo
Fraser R C Chief Officer SS Gretaston : Photo
Fraser W AB SS Zillah : Photo
Fraser W AB SS Cairnstrath : Photo
Fryatt C A Master SS Brussels & Family : Photo
Gardiner E W Wireless Operator S.S. Benledi : Photo
Garrett R M Master RMS Rappahannock : Photo Of Memorial
Garriock J AB SS Zillah : Photo
Garstang C H Master SS Gartness : Photo
Gear R AB SS Pontypridd : Photo
Georgeson T Seaman SS Borg : Photo
Gillingwater H W Cook : Short Record Of Service
Gooch A C M Trimmer : Short Record Of Service
Goodson Captain SS Balgownie : Newspaper Photo
Gordon J B Apprentice SS Polandia : Photo
Gordon J T 2nd Engineer SS Edernian : Photo
Grant C Steward SS Membland : Photo
Gray G AB SS Malvina : Photo
Gray R Eng DCM SS Gallier : Newspaper Photo
Gray T R Chief Eng HMT Curaca : Photo
Green E C 1st Marconi Officer RNT Surada : Photo
Halcrow W J Seaman HMHS Berbice : Photo
Hamlet C Trimmer : Short Record Of Service
Hardy C Second Mate SS North Wales : Photo
Hardy W D Seaman SS Bylands : Photo
Harrison A AB SS Teviotdale : Photo
Harrison H G Captain SS Appam : Newspaper Photo
Harrison J H Steward SS Rimkuate : Short Record Of Service
Harrison J W AB SS Beeswing : Photo
Healey H AB SS Huntsend : Short Record Of Service
Henderson G 3rd Officer SS Clearfield : Photo
Henderson K Chief Engineer SS Woodfield : Newspaper Photo
Henry R B Captain SS Skerries : Photo
Herculson J T Seaman SS Knightgarth : Photo
Hitchcock A G Petty Officer 1st Class : Short Record Of Service
Hitchiner H W 2nd Officer : Short Record Of Service
Hixon A AB : Short Record Of Service
Holbrook G L Chief Engineer SS Teveal : Photo
Hopkins M Father (Chaplain) : Photo
Hughes B Fireman SS Transylvania (Glasgow) : Obituary
Hughes E Pantryman RMS Leinster : Photo
Hughes O Crew's Cook RMS Leinster : Photo
Hughes R Captain SS Woodfield : Newspaper Photo
Hunt A L Captain Burrsfield : Photo
Hunter A M AB HMS Crescent : Photo
Hunter M G Chief Officer SS Birkhall : Photo
Inglis T B Apprentice SS Ben Cruachan : Photo
Inkster W Seaman SS Franz Fischer : Photo
Irvine W Captain SS Duchess Of Cornwall : Photo
Isbister J 2nd Officer SS Swedish Prince : Photo
Isbister L AB SS Giralda : Photo
James E T 3rd Engineer SS Redesmere : Photo
Jamieson M Boatswain SS Cairnstrath : Photo
Jamieson W H AB SS Ribston : Photo
Jenkins W H Chief Engineer S.S. Lydie : Obituary
Johnson A H AB SS Walton Hall : Photo
Johnson C Seaman SS Heatherside : Photo
Johnson G Engineer SS Santa Alicia : Photo
Johnson H M Seaman SS Loadner : Photo
Johnson J AB SS Kini : Photo
Johnson L Captain : Photo
Johnson R Chief Officer SS Minorca : Photo
Johnson R L Chief Officer HMT Nigel : Photo
Johnston A AB SS Jacona : Photo
Johnston A T AB SS Oldenburg : Photo
Johnston G J Captain SS Brantingham : Photo
Johnston T Chief Officer SS Harberton : Photo
Jourden G Steward SS Ionic : Short Record Of Service
Kennedy C Seaman SS Arabic : Group Photo
Laurenson J Seaman SS Fingwall : Photo
Lewis W Cook RMS Leinster : Photo
Lingwood T H Steward SS Ivernia : Obituary
Lobb Captain MBE : Photo
MacDonald J Chief Officer SS England : Obituary
MacLaren C A Wireless Operator SS Santa Amalia : Obituary
MacLean W Eng SS Comrie Castle : Photo
Mallet T M 2nd Officer S.S. Duchess of Cornwall (Falmouth) : Photo
Mann J S Boatswain SS Ladoga : Photo
Manson T M Seaman SS Aras : Photo
Manson W Carpenter SS Highgate : Photo
McArthur J F Wireless Operator HMT SS Sahara : Photo
McBroom A I Senior Marconi Operator SS Idaho : Photo
McCurdie A Marine Engineer SS Glasgow : Photo
McFiggans A Wireless Operator HMT San Fraterno : Photo
McGowan W A Third Mate S.S. Kalibia (Glasgow) : Photo
McGuinnity C Steward SS Hesperian : Photo
Milburn W H 3rd Engineer SS Edernian : Photo
Milne J Third Engineer S.S. Warilda (Port Adelaide) : Obituary
Mitchell J Captain SS Minorca : Photo
Mitchell W Fireman S.S. Minnehaha (Belfast) : Obituary
Moffatt J J Chief Officer SS Minorca : Photo
Moffat J J Boatswain : Photo
Moncrieff P Boatswain HMT Waitmata : Photo
Morgan C B F Senior Marconi Operator SS Poldown : Photo
Morrison C Master SS Sheafblade Mercantile Marine : Photo
Morrison G H AB HMS Diana : Photo
Mowat T Chief Boatswain SS Baron Ailsa : Photo
Nicholson L S 2nd Officer SS Caithness : Photo
Nicolson L Seaman HMHS Rohilla : Photo
Nicolson W M H Steward SS Portloe : Photo
Oliver W H Senior Wireless Operator SS Baron Ailsa : Photo
Oniggan W Seaman Board Of Trade Bronze Medal : Photo
O'Sullivan J Seaman SS Arabic : Group Photo
Paxton J Fireman Stanhope Gold Medal : Photo
Pearce T E Captain SS Barbary : Photo
Peterson A Seaman SS Hildawell : Photo
Pole P AB SS Albuera : Photo
Pottinger J Captain SS Arranmore : Photo
Procter S W Captain SS Leeds City : Photo
Rendall H Captain SS Normandiet : Photo
Robertson F AB SS Ladoga : Photo
Robertson G 3rd Officer SS Fremona : Photo
Russell A 2nd Engineer SS Rio Verdi : Photo & Obituary
Scollay P D Seaman SS Ladoga : Photo
Scott J R AB SS Cairnstrath : Photo
Scott M Engineer SS Barrowmore : Photo
Scrymgeour P M Fireman S.S. Coronda (Leith) : Photo
Seniscal W B Master Mariner SS Birnta : Photo
Shearer M AB SS Harbeton : Photo
Shearer W Wireless Operator HMT Sycamore : Photo
Shewan W S Master SS T R Thompson : Photo
Sinclair J R Engineers Steward SS Wychwood : Photo
Slater C 3rd Officer S.S. Waverley (West Hartlepool) : Obituary
Slater G P First Mate S.S. Marina : Photo
Slater W AB SS T R Thompson : Photo
Smith A AB SS Perth : Photo
Smith B Seaman SS Anglo-Australian : Photo
Smith H O Wireless Operator S.S. Tweed (Glasgow) : Obituary
Smith J F Seaman SS Ladoga : Photo
Smith R Qtr Mst HMA Transport Barambah : Photo
Southern W R TB No11 : Photo
Spain W Third Mate S.S. Montebello (Hull) : Obituary
Stanley W J J Deck Hand HM Yacht Iolaire : Photo
Stephen D S Captain SS Hogarth : Obituary
Stewart F W Fourth Engineer Officer SS Norwegian (Liverpool) : Photo and Obituary
Strachan P Seaman SS Auriac : Photo
Stubbs J Master Mariner SS Mariston : Photo
Sutherland A A S AB SS Australange : Photo
Tait C AB S.S. Ilvington Court (Liverpool) : Obituary
Tait J A AB SS Remembrance : Photo
Tait M AB SS Jacona : Photo
Tait R 2nd Engineer SS Lux : Photo
Taylor B Greaser S.S. Sylvanian (Liverpool) : Obituary
Thompson T Wireless Operator : Photo
Thomson T Seaman SS Brantingham : Photo
Thornton G W Captain SS Passing : Photo
Toogood F E 1st Officer HMT Cyrene : Obituary
Trubshaw R H Apprentice Officer SS Sandhurst : Photo
Turner A H Wireless Operator SS Tortuguero : Photo
Tulloch A Seaman SS Tynemouth : Photo
Tulloch P Third Officer SS Regina : Photo
Twatt P Boatwain SS Harberton : Photo
Umphray J R Seaman SS Gem : Photo
Urquhart A Seaman SS Britannia : Photo
Valentine J B Captain SS Warsaw : Obituary
Watson H A Chief Steward HMT Queensland : Photo
Webster L S Senior Wireless Operator SS Waverley : Obituary
Wilkin F R 2nd Officer Board Of Trade Silver Medal SS Chilka : Photo
Williams J A P Second Mate SS Kildonan : Photo
Williams W Deck Hand RMS Leinster : Photo
Williamson L L Chief Officer HMT Anglo Chilean : Photo
Williamson M Boatswain SS Lodener : Photo
Williamson T Seaman SS Brittania : Photo
Willoughby A Seaman SS Arabic : Group Photo
Wilson R C Chief Officer SS Aragon : Obituary
Wise A E Steward HMT Argyll : Short Obituary
Wood J Captain SS Durward : Photo
Wright A F Captain : Photo
Wright L H Naval Wireless Operator SS Coya : Photo


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