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22nd Battalion the Manchester Regiment: The Western Front, Italy, Australia, Egypt 1914-1920

An Officer In The Manchester Regiment

Soldiers In The Manchester Regiment

Wilfred Owen With The 5th (Reserve) Manchester Regiment

A Soldier In The Manchester Regiment

A Soldier In The Manchester Regiment

Archive Film Of The Manchester Regiment Training


Battalion Unknown
Apinall S Pte : Short Record Of Service
Bentata J Pte : Photo
Bick G V Pte : Short Record Of Service
Booth C H Pte : Photo
Boudier W C Pte 2861 : Short Record Of Service
Climo V C Major : Obituary
Fisher A H E Pte : Photo
Friend S Pte : Newspaper Photo
Horevitz N Sig : Photo
Howarth H Pte : Newspaper Photo
Johnstone P Pte 53045 : Photo
Lyons A 2nd Lt : Photo
Mason A E W Captain : Newspaper Photo
Nisbett F S Captain : Photo
Parker J Regt Sergt Major DCM 6141 : Photo
Theobald H C W Captain DSO : Photo and Photo
Trueman C H F Captain : Photo
Wickham T S Lt DSO : Photo and Obituary
Wood T Pte : Photo
Worthington J R Captain : Photo
1st Battalion
Anderson E E Pte 30687 : Obituary
Bass A Pte : Photo
Berman L Pte : Photo
Brandon W Drummer 7887 : Short Record Of Service
Buchan E N Brig Major DSO : Photo
Burdon J Lt : Photo
Cheshire J Pte 23559 : Obituary
Close-Brooks A B Captain : Photo and Photo
Creagh L Captain : Photo , Photo and Short Record Of Service
Davidson R I M Lt : Photo
Dunlop F C S Captain : Photo
Fisher H Captain DSO : Photo
Friend S Pte : Newspaper Photo
Green H Pte : Photo
Herman L Pte : Photo
Hitchins H W E Lt Col : Photo
Horrabin W Pte : Photo
Lynch R F Captain : Photo
Marks S Pte : Photo
Marshall C H L/Cpl 28227 : Obituary
Murphy M Pte 3103 : Obituary
Palfreyman A Pte : Photo
Procter S Pte : Photo
Sharp P Pte 33290 : Photo
Shipster W N Captain MC : Photo
Smith I Sergt VC : Photo and Newspaper Photo
Stringer G Pte VC : Newspaper Photo
Weinberg H Pte 35757 : Photo
Wilkins A R Lt : Photo
Yates W G 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
2nd Battalion
Baker E Sergt 51317 : Obituary
Balshaw W 2nd Lt : Obituary
Bartholomew G Pte : Short Record Of Service
Bayliss R B 2nd Lt : Photo
Bentley C L 2nd Lt : Photo and Photo
Best B S L Sergt 8918 : Short Record Of Service
Burkmar J F Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Caulfeild J C Lt : Photo
Chittenden A G B 2nd Lt : Photo
Coote C S Pte 1355 : Short Record Of Service
Davis J Pte : Photo
Dixon G Captain : Obituary
Eastgate-Smith C W Captain : Photo
Gavaron W Pte : Short Record Of Service
Gudgeon S Lt : Obituary
Heywood T Sergt 2859 : Photo
Holberton P V Lt Col : Obituary
Horridge R Lt : Photo
Ford W Pte 7288 : Photo
Johnson D F G Lt : Photo
King A E Pte 53108 : Photo
Knox H Captain : Photo
Leach J 2nd Lt VC : Photo
Levy L Pte : Photo
Lewtas O Captain : Photo
Lowther E F Lt : Photo
Lynch R F Captain : Photo
Mansergh W G Lt : Obituary
Marks W Pte 31986 : Photo
Miller H Pte 2752 : Photo
Raw W Pte : Photo
Reade J H L Lt : Photo
Slater J F Pte 376707 : Obituary
Sullivan J Pte 7237 : Photo
Tillard A G Captain : Photo
Walker R F 2nd Lt : Obituary
Wright H S Captain : Photo
3rd Battalion
Butterworth B 2nd Lt : Obituary
Drucquer M W Lt : Photo
King-Peirce W G Captain : Photo
Margesson A R L/Cpl 33307 : Photo
Titjen C F H Captain : Photo
Vaudrey C H S Captain : Photo
White H E 2nd Lt : Photo
4th Battalion
Barton T D Pte : Photo
Bottomley A Pte 2010 : Short Obituary
Gardiner P W Lt : Obituary
Salt G Pte : Photo
Shaw J 2nd Lt : Photo
Taylor A Pte : Photo
Towers W G 2nd Lt : Photo
Warrington G Pte : Photo
5th Battalion
Brook A C 2nd Lt : Photo
Davis L E 2nd Lt : Photo
Devereux C E Pte 2359 : Obituary
Dickey R G A Captain : Obituary
Downer F 2nd Lt : Photo
Hutchinson A Pte : Photo
Jacobs J 2nd Lt : Photo
James F A Captain : Photo
James G S Lt : Photo
Lamb E R Lt : Photo
Lloyd J Pte : Photo
Owen W E S 2nd Lt MC : Photo
McGeorge T L Lt : Photo
Muggleton P G Pte 53450 : Short Record Of Service
Rasky L S Pte 2045 : Photo
Rogers H M Captain : Photo
Scott F G 2nd Lt MM : Photo
Walker T C 2nd Lt : Photo
Wilkinson A Pte VC : Newspaper Photo
6th Battalion
Bamford W Cpl 251763 : Obituary
Bedford R H Captain : Photo
Bentata J Pte 2338 : Photo
Berriman P Pte 19917 : Photo
Blease F S L/Cpl 251066 : Obituary
Bloomfield T G Pte : Short Record Of Service
Boodson D Sergt 1607 : Photo
Boodson L Cpl 1345 : Photo
Bridgford S L Captain : Obituary
Brooks A B Captain : Obituary
Brooks R C 2nd Lt : Photo
Capper S H Acting Major : Short Record Of Service
Carter W Pte 251697 : Photo
Cawley H T Captain : Photo and Photo
Cohen J Pte 252663 : Photo
Collier S F Captain : Obituary
Compton-Smith R N 2nd Lt : Photo
Cooney J D Pte 2486 : Photo
Cottrill G Pte 2039 : Photo
Davies O St L Lt Col : Photo
Deakin J Pte : Photo
Doig A M Pte DCM 1738 : Obituary
Donald A J I 2nd Lt : Obituary
Edgar R G Captain : Photo
Fagen T L/Sergt 250570 : Obituary
Fielding H H 2nd Lt : Photo
Foster-Jackson S Captain : Obituary
Fry A H Pte 1374 : Photo
Hankinson R H Lt : Photo
Heywood A G P Major : Newspaper Photo
Hogan J Sergt VC : Photo
Holt J Captain : Photo
Horne J L Pte 2000 : Photo
Houghton J Major : Obituary
Howe W Pte 28433 : Obituary
Jennings A Pte : Photo
Kessler E Captain : Photo
Leon A Sergt : Photo
Lingard J R Lt : Photo
Livingstone J Pte : Photo
Lowe E J L/Cpl 250095 : Photo
Macefield P E Pte 270145 : Photo
McDougall S Lt : Photo
Miller C W Cpl 1271 : Photo
Mills T R Lt : Photo
Milne A N Captain : Photo
Peover J W Pte 250963 : Photo
Pilkington H B Captain : Photo
Rosenbloom J Pte 4175 : Photo
Rutter C A G Cpl 1479 : Photo
Slater E C H Pte 2366 : Photo
Stone H Pte 59875 : Photo
Stott J A Pte 2202 : Photo
Walker F J Pte 250239 : Obituary
Whitworth J H Major DSO MC : Photo and Photo & Obituary
Worthington C S Lt Col DSO : Photo
Young E T Lt : Photo
7th Battalion
Allen C R Captain MC : Photo
Bacon A H 2nd Lt : Obituary
Balon I E Pte 2403 : Photo
Bolton R L Captain : Photo
Brown J Captain MC : Obituary
Brown T F Lt : Photo
Clubb W L/Cpl 302038 : Obituary
Creagh J R Captain : Short Record Of Service
Cross E L Cpl 25152 : Obituary
Darbyshire G Pte : Photo
Dixon J W Scout : Newspaper Photo
Freemantle W G Lt : Obituary
Golding J L/Cpl 57252 : Photo
Grant R W G Captain : Obituary
Hadland R M Pte 275748 : Photo
Hamaui E E Sig : Photo
Hayes J Pte : Photo
Horrocks E Pte 277135 : Photo
Hurlbatt E S Lt Col MC : Photo
Kitofski W Pte 4943 : Photo
Pollitt W CSM MM : Photo
Reeves H W Pte 277243 : Photo
Rose R A 2nd Lt : Photo
Rostern J N Lt : Photo and Photo
Rowbotham J E Major MC : Photo
Rylands R V Captain : Photo
Savatard T W Captain : Photo
Smith C J Pte 42837 : Photo
Thorp W T Lt : Photo
Tinker A H Captain : Photo
Wilbraham T K Pte 276605 : Obituary
Wright T Pte 277614 : Obituary
Young L D 2nd Lt : Photo & Obituary
8th Battalion
Balmforth A Captain : Photo
Barnett M Pte : Photo
Daniels J Sergt : Photo
Darwin J H B Lt : Obituary
Davie S J 2nd Lt : Obituary
Eller C R Lt : Obituary
Frankenburg S Captain : Photo
Gilliat R V Lt : Photo
Gordon-Walker C N Lt attd from 10th South Staffs : Photo
Griffiths W T Pte : Photo
Hamer A D Captain : Obituary
Harrison G Pte : Photo
Hepburn A J Captain : Photo
Higham C Captain : Photo
Hobson A J H Lt : Photo
Isaacs A Pte : Photo
Morgan E F T Pte 302466 : Obituary
Rose H J Captain : Photo
Taylor A C B Lt : Photo
Westbrook E W 2nd Lt : Photo
Womersley J W Lt : Photo
Yates S B 2nd Lt : Photo
9th Battalion
Ainsworth H G 2nd Lt : Obituary
Anderson W J Major : Photo
Ball H Pte : Photo
Barker W Pte : Newspaper Photo
Cheesewright J F Pte 53310 : Obituary
Dearnaley I Captain : Photo
Dawbarn W Pte 352577 : Photo
Doyle H J 2nd Lt : Obituary
Forshaw W T Lt VC : Photo
Hudson A H 2nd Lt : Photo
Kay C Pte : Photo
Marsden P S Lt : Photo
Michael H Pte : Photo
Mottershall H S 2nd Lt : Obituary
Rapaport L 2nd Lt : Photo
Smith F Pte 2356 : Photo
Stott J A Pte 2202 : Photo
Taylor E Pte 352590 : Photo
Wheeler F A Pte 44823 : Photo
10th Battalion
Allen H S Pte 376336 : Photo
Ascroft R G L 2nd Lt : Photo
Baird L B Captain : Obituary
Coke H M 2nd Lt : Photo
Elliott F P 2nd Lt : Obituary
Emmott J B 2nd Lt : Obituary
Forth C Lt : Photo
Mills W Pte VC 375499 : Newspaper Photo
Owen G W Captain : Obituary
Scholes F Pte 375187 : Obituary
Spielmann H L I Captain : Photo
White L Cpl MM : Photo
11th Battalion
Beer H H 2nd Lt : Photo
Bell E V 2nd Lt : Photo
Biddle J P Pte 46463 : Photo
Campbell H Captain : Photo
Cooper J 2nd Lt : Obituary
Coverdale H 2nd Lt VC : Photo
Crichton J L/Cpl 52610 : Photo
Dyson S W Captain : Obituary
Gray E C Captain : Obituary
Halliwell F 2nd Lt : Photo
Hunt W H Pte 33918 : Photo
Lloyd O I Pte 41219 : Photo
Oliver A Pte 31952 : Photo
Seel J Sergt 13657 : Photo
Sherlock W R Pte 23277 : Obituary
Taylor J Pte : Photo
Thornley H Lt : Photo
12th Battalion
Beacon W Pte 4557 : Photo
Betts J H Captain MC : Photo
Blythe N H 2nd Lt : Obituary
Box R Lt : Obituary
Corlett W J Pte 401151 : Photo
Cotton E C Pte 46581 : Obituary
Dixon T H Captain MC : Photo
Garner H E Pte 400516 : Photo
Glassberg J Pte 33950 : Photo
Jacobs R B Sergt 34481 : Photo
Johnston W T 2nd Lt : Photo
Kingsley E 2nd Lt : Photo
Lyons A 2nd Lt : Photo
Magnay P Lt Col : Photo
Parks G E H Lt : Photo
Rosenbloom H Pte : Photo
Warriner J Pte : Photo
Young H O L L/Cpl 38417 : Photo
13th Battalion
Barrat W T 2nd Lt : Photo
Brookhouse H Captain : Short Record Of Service
Dreschfield H T Captain : Obituary
Goodwin E L Lt : Obituary
Hardman W G 2nd Lt : Obituary
Jennings T Sergt : Photo
Lockhart A R 2nd Lt : Obituary
Margesson A R L/Cpl 33307 : Photo
16th Battalion (1st City)
Adamson H W Pte 252015 : Obituary
Ashe E N Captain MC : Photo
Bishop S M L/Cpl 7411 : Photo
Brodrick E Captain : Obituary
Broomer H Cpl 6843 : Photo
Dawson H Sergt 6232 : Photo
Dinnis G H 2nd Lt : Photo
Elstob W E Lt Col VC DSO MC : Photo
Gilbert J CSM DCM 26519 : Photo
Harrison J Pte : Photo
Hood W L/Cpl : Photo
Horley E L R 2nd Lt : Photo
Johnson W M Captain : Photo
Kerry A J St L Lt : Photo
Levey I Pte : Photo
Lewis C 2nd Lt : Photo
Megson R H Captain : Photo
Williams C M 2nd Lt : Photo
17th Battalion (2nd City)
Berry J F W Captain : Obituary
Budenberg D H 2nd Lt : Obituary
Cartwright F 2nd Lt : Photo
Cowley L A Pte 41629 : Short Record Of Service
Elliott G B Cpl 32794 : Obituary
Hobbs H V 2nd Lt : Newspaper Photo
Kenworthy S Captain : Photo
Levinstein G E Lt : Photo
Macardle K C 2nd Lt : Photo and Photo
Norton L S L/Cpl 8770 : Photo
Sidebotham J N W Captain : Photo
Slater J H Pte 48515 : Obituary
Sugarman M L/Cpl 27829 : Photo
Vaudrey N Captain : Photo
Ward P 2nd Lt : Photo
Warner A L/Cpl : Photo
18th Battalion (3rd City)
Adshead S D Lt : Obituay
Blythe P A Captain : Obituary
Bridge H W Pte 11081 : Photo
Burton C S L/Cpl 10323 : Obituary
Clough H C 2nd Lt : Obituary
Croop M Pte 34134 : Photo
Cunliffe J G Captain MC : Obituary
Fernyhough S Lt : Obituary
Haft I Pte : Photo
Kohnstamm N Captain : Photo
Lemmon B D Pte 47918 : Photo
Phillips E C Pte : Photo
Salmon B B 2nd Lt MC : Photo
Smith W A Lt Col : Photo
Twist F C O 2nd Lt : Photo and Photo
19th Battalion (4th City)
Beatty A H W Lt : Newspaper Photo
Foster B La T Lt : Photo
Royle F W Captain : Photo
Smith W W 2nd Lt : Photo
20th Battalion (5th City)
Blackburn J W Pte 40391 : Obituary
Brooks F S 2nd Lt : Obituary
Laithwaite J Lt : Photo
Moores J E Sergt 17171 : Photo
Moore R Sergt 40507 : Photo
Schofield L Pte 40364 : Obituary
Wollaston K R Lt : Photo
21st Battalion (6th City)
Barnett C T L/Cpl 43530 : Obituary
Bouskill E Lt : Obituary
Cowin H H 2nd Lt : Photo
Cunliffe J L Captain : Photo
Danziger C W J 2nd Lt : Photo Of Original Grave Marker
Grimshaw H S 2nd Lt : Newspaper Photo
Halper I Pte : Photo
Harris A Lt : Obituary
Hirst H H Lt : Photo
Jagger H Pte 18927 : Photo
Kingston J Pte : Photo
Lancaster W O 2nd Lt : Photo
Levy A Pte 5198 : Photo
Marshall T Pte 14521 : Photo
Parker W T Pte 32509 : Obituary
Smith H W Pte : Obituary
Thorniley P A H Captain MC : Photo
Wallace G D 2nd Lt : Photo
Wilcock R L/Cpl 19829 : Photo
Wilson G F 2nd Lt : Photo
Wotherspoon J Pte : Photo
22nd Battalion (7th City)
Airriss G F Pte 44317 : Obituary
Alborough A A Pte 88470 : Short Record Of Service
Butcher R W Lt : Photo
Cansino J H 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Carrington S F Sergt MM 25531 : Photo
Conway B W Captain : Photo
Danziger C W J 2nd Lt : Photo
Gill C T 2nd Lt : Photo
Gomersall W E Lt : Photo
Green J B 2nd Lt : Obituary
Hibbs R J W Lt : Photo
Ingham A 2nd Lt : Photo
Jarman H W Pte : Short Record Of Service
Jones A Pte : Photo
Oldham E Lt : Photo
Rhead A W 2nd Lt : Short Record Of Service
Street E A 2nd Lt : Photo
Walker W A Pte : Obituary
Wood J P H Captain : Photo
Wolstencroft T Pte 14883 : Obituary
23rd Battalion (8th City)
Cook C H 2nd Lt : Photo
Ireland B Pte : Photo
Lye G Lt : Photo
Morton J L Captain : Photo
Rothband J E Captain : Photo
Tattersall E 2nd Lt : Photo
24th Battalion (Oldham)
Chadwick J H Lt Col : Photo
Fuller H A Sapper : Short Record Of Service
Owen J W Pte : Photo
25th Battalion
Jensen C T 2nd Lt : Photo
Penn-Gaskell W Captain : Photo
26th Battalion
Sayce G B Captain : Photo
27th Battalion
Brown A H M 2nd Lt : Photo


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