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WW1 Photos 9th London Regiment

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The 56th Division (1st London Territorial Division) 1914-1918


Abbott W L Sergt : Group Photo
Allen J S Cpl : Obituary
Arnold A L Lt : Photo
Arthur C Rfn 1770 : Photo
Ashman T C Rfn 4345 : Short Record Of Service
Atkins C S Rfn 394621 : Short Record Of Service
Augarde Cpl : Group Photo
Austin J E 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Barker H Rfn : Short Record Of Service
Barnes S G Rfn 2738 : Photo
Bate L/Cpl : Group Photo
Behennah A D L/Cpl 1671 : Obituary
Bell S J Rfn : Photo
Blackwood H S Lt : Photo
Bolter P Rfn : Short Record Of Service
Blaxland E Rfn 535425 : Photo
Blew W H L/Cpl 3589 : Photo Of Grave Site
Bolter P Rfn : Short Record Of Service
Bolton F W Captain : Photo and Photo
Borsberry T F Sergt 390116 : Obituary
Bradney J A Col CB : Group Photo
Bray C H Pte 2801 : Photo
Britton A B Coy Sergt Major : Group Photo
Brooker H B Rfn 2301 : Photo
Brookes H E V Rfn 390970 : Photo
Broom P S Pte : Short Record Of Service
Burgess E C Sergt DCM 455 : Newspaper Photo
Burry L G Rfn : Short Record Of Service
Butcher J E Cpl : Group Photo
Butterwick A M Rfn 3636 : Photo
Candler H C Rfn 3969 : Short Record Of Service
Candler J Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Cecil A E Sergt : Group Photo
Chapman E A L/Cpl 393857 : Obituary
Chennell L F Rfn 393088 : Photo
Child J R W Rfn 4684 : Short Record Of Service
Churchward T J Rfn 1968 : Photo
Clarke B H Rfn 2336 : Photo
Claydon W Pte : Obituary
Clayton W J Sergt 2267 : Photo
Clift L/Cpl : Group Photo
Cohen L Rfn 391330 : Photo
Coles C F G Sergt 390653 : Photo
Cornfoot D H H Captain : Photo and Photo
Cowen A/Cpl : Group Photo
Cresswell E A Cpl 2205 : Photo
Crow G G Sergt : Group Photo
Curl J Rfn : Short Record Of Service
Davidge J Sergt : Group Photo
Davies R F Major : Photo
Davis J N Rfn 394733 : Photo
Dixon R H Rfn 4472 : Short Record Of Service
Dixon W E Rfn : Short Record Of Service
Drake H A Pte 4720 : Photo
Dray E T E Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Fargus F B A Lt : Photo and Photo
Farley W A Bdmr : Group Photo
Fazakerley-Westby G B J Captain : Photo
Field L G Pte 392280 : Photo
Fielder C B CSM 1231 : Photo
Fildes G P 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Fippard H J Cpl 2087 : Photo
Flemming L D Lt : Group Photo
Ford P G Rfn 3250 : Photo
Foucar C A Rfn 1931 : Photo
Franks L B L/Cpl 4882 : Obituary
Fryer E S Rfn 2902 : Photo
Fusier V Rifleman 1525 : Photo
Gale A V Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Gee L/Cpl : Group Photo
Giles L/Cpl : Group Photo
Gladman F Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Green L/Cpl : Group Photo
Greenleaf G C Pte 1854 : Obituary
Grindley Cpl : Group Photo
Hadden E D Sergt : Group Photo
Hale F T Rfn 2466 : Photo
Hall L/Cpl : Group Photo
Harris W G Lt : Short Record Of Service
Herman J Rfn 6874 : Photo
Holloway A C Cpl 391418 : Photo
Holms J C Captain : Photo
Hunt J Rfn 393281 : Obituary
Hunter J E A Captain & Adjt : Group Photo
Hutchings Sergt : Photo
Jackson L/Cpl : Group Photo
James T D Sergt : Group Photo
Jessup Cpl : Group Photo
Keeson C A G C 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Kew W J Rfn 5722 : Photo
Kidby A Rfn 2894 : Photo
Layland G J Cpl 1871 : Obituary
Leech W L B Rfn 3407 : Photo
Lees T P Major : Photo
Leslie A Sergt : Group Photo
Longman L L Rfn 394478 : Photo
Maddock O L 2nd Lt : Photo
Miller Cpl : Group Photo
Moncur G C L/Cpl 3457 : Photo
Moore A J CSM : Group Photo
Mumford H W Rfn 392448 : Photo
Myatt W C Rifleman 5904 : Photo
Naylor L/Cpl : Group Photo
Nathan G G Lt : Group Photo
Nathan L Sergt 2016 MM : Photo
Page H J Captain : Group Photo
Pankhurst L/Cpl : Group Photo
Parsons H C Cpl 390946 : Photo
Pearson S J Rfn 3584 : Obituary
Peirce W A Rfn 3994 : Obituary
Pocock H F Cpl 390473 : Photo
Power H W Pte 1631 (Real name Ching H) : Photo
Prince L Cpl 393077 : Photo
Rashleigh H P Lt : Group Photo
Repton W Sergt Major : Group Photo
Rigg E A Sergt : Group Photo
Robinson J A Sergt : Group Photo
Rowland W G Rfn 1807 :Short Record Of Service
Rudolf M E Rfn : Photo
Sampson R H 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Sanford L/Cpl : Group Photo
Scarlett F J Sergt : Group Photo
Scott E C P Major : Group Photo
Scott G Sergt 391031 : Obituary
Sedgley H F Lt : Photo
Shardlow H W Sergt : Group Photo
Shears R Rfn 2919 : Short Record Of Service
Sheppard L/Cpl : Group Photo
Sherek H Rfn : Photo
Slade E F Rfn 3604 : Photo
Smith O Rfn 394527 : Photo
Solly J A Pte 2441 : Photo
Spiller H S Rfn 392684 : Photo
Starkey Cpl : Group Photo
Stovell L/Cpl : Group Photo
Street A G Sergt : Group Photo
Stubbs B C Pte 2655 : Photo
Studd L/Cpl : Group Photo
Summerhays D L 2nd Lt : Photo
Sutherland A R Rfn 392000 : Photo
Swift H W 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Symes E D Captain MC : Photo
Syrett H C Rfn 2943 : Photo
Taylor F H L/Cpl : Group Photo
Taylor H J L/Cpl : Group Photo
Ulph Cpl : Group Photo
Van Der Linde M J T 2nd Lt : Photo
Van Ryn D Rfn 3448 : Photo
Walder A S C Pte 7681 : Obituary
Wallace Cpl : Group Photo
Wallace F C Sergt : Group Photo
Wallis C F Rfn 393062 : Photo
Warne J F Rfn 1966 : Photo
Warren L/Cpl : Group Photo
White L/Cpl : Group Photo
Wightwick S 2nd Lt : Photo
Willoughby R M P Major : Group Photo
Wilson E H Rfn 2056 : Photo
Wood G G B Rfn 5887 : Photo
Woods G Captain : Obituary
Woolley Rfn : Photo
Woolley G H 2nd Lt VC : Photo and Wedding Photo
Wright S L/Cpl 2610 : Short Obituary
Young V H Rfn 1558 : Obituary


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