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"A Soldier Of The Great War" 8653 Pte John Carney 1St Battalion King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment

Macedonian Front in World War One: The Kings Own Royal Lancaster Regiment - A Brief Record of the Actions of the 2nd and 9th Battalions in the Salonikan Campaign 1915-1919

1914 Star Medal Roll: 1st Battalion King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment

Bantams at War: The Story of the 11th (service) Battalion - The King's Own Royal (Lancaster) Regiment

1916 Roll of the 11th Battalion King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment

1914-15 Roll of the 1st/5th Battalion Battalion King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment

1917 Roll 2/5th Battalion King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment

1914-15 Star Medal Roll King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment

Soldier's In The King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)

Soldier's In The King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)

A Soldier In The King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)

Archive Film Of The King's Own On The March In Clevedon

Archive Film Of The King's Own Training


Battalion Unknown
Ball W D Pte 38952 : Short Record Of Service
Barclay G E Captain : Photo
Brear F Pte MM : Photo
Cahalarne J T Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Cullingworth H 2nd Lt : Obituary
Dawson A Pte : Short Record Of Service
Derbyshire J H Pte : Photo
Duffy J E Pte : Short Record Of Service
Harper N Major : Photo
Harris F Pte : Short Record Of Service
Kingsley H H Lt : Photo
Niven A S 2nd Lt : Photo
Skinner E G Pte 9036 : Short Record Of Service
Smith W Pte : Photo
Thornycroft E G M Lt : Photo , Photo and Photo
Tubb H Coy Sergt Maj : Short Record Of Service
Weinberg L Pte 28129 : Photo
Wickham J N D 2nd Lt : Photo
1st Battalion (Regular)
Adshead W Pte : Photo
Aitchison R A C Lt : Photo
Althusen M Pte 3629 : Photo and Photo
Beatson F Cpl 9034 : Photo
Beaumont H Sergt 12979 : Obituary
Berkeley-Weld J J F Captain : Short Record Of Service
Brockelbank L S Lt : Photo and Obituary
Burke E B Captain : Short Record Of Service
Cassell M C Lt : Photo
Churchill F V S Major : Short Record Of Service
Clutterbuck H Captain : Photo and Photo
Coombes G W 2nd Lt : Short Record Of Service
Coulston H C Lt : Short Record Of Service
Coulston J H C Captain : Short Record Of Service
Dykes A M Lt Col : Photo
Elsmere L B Pte 30455 : Photo
Elworthy T 2nd Lt : Photo
Greenberg S Pte 8716 : Photo
Greenwood J F B Lt : Photo
Halton A Pte VC : Photo and Photo
Harris A J 2nd Lt : Obituary
Hepstone J Pte 11508 : Photo
Hildyard R A 2nd Lt : Photo
Irvine C G S 2nd Lt : Photo
Jamieson J P Captain : Photo
Lendon P B Captain MVO : Photo
Marker T M 2nd Lt : Newspaper Photo
Morrah J H Major : Photo and Photo
Morris A G A Lt : Photo and Photo
Nixon J A Captain : Photo
Pike J C Cpl 6044 Photo
Prichard T J Captain MC : Photo and Obituary
Pryor R S Lt : Photo
Rosenberg I Pte 22311 : Photo
Scott T R Captain : Photo
Showman S Pte 12334 : Photo
Sivier G Pte 26921 : Obituary
Sparenborg H R Captain : Photo
Steele-Perkins C S Lt : Photo and Photo
Theobald F G Captain : Photo
Thompson R Pte 16064 : Photo
Todd V O Captain : Photo
Waterhouse A 2nd Lt : Photo
Weatherhead A Captain : Photo
Young W Sergt DCM 5891 : Photo
2nd Battalion (Regular)
Brindle J Pte 17367 : Photo
Christian H Pte VC : Photo
Forwood T B Captain : Photo
Hammond G P 2nd Lt : Photo
Lysons N L S Major : Photo
Martin A R S Lt Col : Photo
Muchall G W S 2nd Lt : Photo
Ruscoe H H Sergt 26294 : Obituary
Scudamore G P M 2nd Lt : Photo
Silverstone H Sergt 17868 : Photo
Stokes H D Lt MVO : Photo
Weatherhead G E Captain & Adjt : Photo
Williams H C Cpl 10080 : Photo
3rd Battalion (Reserve)
Gudgeon J T Pte 15705 : Photo
Hawling T A 2nd Lt : Obituary
Tanner R S Lt : Photo
4th Battalion (Territorial)
Astill W F Pte 30113 : Photo
Collin J H 2nd Lt VC : Photo
Conroy E P 2nd Lt : Short Record Of Service
Hewitt E H Lt : Photo
Lawrence A L/Cpl 3324 : Photo
Lawson J P 2nd Lt : Photo
Mayson T Cpl VC : Photo
McVittie G B L/Cpl MM 241572 : Photo
Morrell R D'A Captain : Photo
Neal H Cpl 27020 : Obituary
Popplewell W H Pte 40961 : Photo
Rawcliffe R Pte 202410 : Obituary
Scott-Miller E Lt : Photo
5th Battalion (Territorial)
Baldwin T K J Lt : Obituary
Banner J H Pte 37015 : Obituary
Bates S K Lt : Photo
Bingham F M Captain : Photo
Cameron J G Pte 241659 : Photo
Carter W A R Captain : Photo
Clough W R L/Cpl 202595 : Photo
Coupland H Lt : Photo
Entwistle A H Pte 241570 : Obituary
Entwistle J Pte 240084 : Obituary
Goodman J 2nd Lt : Photo
Hinde K 2nd Lt : Photo
Kavarsky J Pte 37750 : Photo
Kean J H Captain : Photo
Kirk G 2nd Lt : Photo
MacLagan J G Lt : Obituary
Nuttall R O Pte 201915 : Obituary
Ripper A G L/Cpl 2159 : Photo
Roper W E Captain : Photo
Smith W Pte 241946 : Obituary
Snowden H Pte 1718 : Photo
Walker J W Captain : Photo
6th Battalion (Service)
Aldwinckle R 2nd Lt : Obituary
Archer F Cpl 11555 : Photo
Barrow W G Pte 16098 : Photo
Carnegy R L Major : Photo
Lloyd-Williams D G 2nd Lt : Photo
Magoolagan E Pte 14404 : Photo
Mere C L Lt : Photo
Morrison D Captain : Photo
Potts J Pte 18782 : Obituary
Sandbach W Major : Photo
Stokoe H B Captain : Photo
White J Pte VC : Photo
7th Battalion (Service)
Beachcroft G W 2nd Lt : Photo
Clue H M 2nd Lt : Photo
Conway J M 2nd Lt : Photo
Harden R T Pte 24620 : Obituary
Jackson J Pte 14402 : Photo
Miller J Pte VC : Newspaper Photo
Weber H P 2nd Lt : Photo
Wigley H H 2nd Lt : Photo
8th Battalion (Service)
Adams A C A 2nd Lt : Photo
Albon A G L/Cpl MM 28408 : Photo
Barnes E L Captain : Photo and Obituary
Bowden R C Lt : Photo
Bridson C E R Captain : Photo
Griffin J Pte 15613 : Photo
Hollins E R L Captain : Photo
Katz S G Lt : Photo
Kent G E Lt : Photo
Knox G 2nd Lt : Photo
Lord J R Pte 19672 : Photo
Moffat H F B Captain MC : Obituary
Patch A M W 2nd Lt : Photo
Sommerville G L Captain : Photo
Thornton R J Cpl 21893 : Photo
Vickers J Pte 23354 : Photo
Whitaker D N Captain MC : Wedding Photo
Williams C A 2nd Lt : Photo
Williams C O N Major : Photo
Wood J H Cpl 24775 : Obituary
9th Battalion (Service)
Barker T Pte : Photo
Broomer A 2nd Lt : Photo
Eccles J V W Lt : Photo
Flemming D S 2nd Lt : Photo
Gilbert G G 2nd Lt : Obituary
Hart R L/Cpl 8719 : Photo and Obituary
Sanson W E H 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Spira S M Captain : Photo
10th Battalion (Reserve)
Mann O A Lt : Photo
McConnell R W 2nd Lt : Photo
Vaughan H W H Lt : Photo
Wood P N 2nd Lt : Photo
11th Battalion (Service)
Beswick J C 2nd Lt : Photo
Holbrook J L/Cpl 22350 : Obituary
Thomas W J C 2nd Lt : Photo
12th Battalion (Reserve)


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