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Soldiers Died in the Great War, 1914-19: The King's Own (Yorkshire Light Infantry)


Battalion Unknown
Armitage Lt : Photo
Ashton W Pte : Short Record Of Service
Barry W Pte : Short Record Of Service
Barton J Pte 325046 : Obituary
Bond R C Col DSO : Photo
Butler C Pte : Short Record Of Service
Butler E G Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Cook F Pte : Photo
Denison S H Lt : Photo
Fletcher G Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Gatacre W E Captain : Photo , Photo and Photo
Gray E Pte : Short Record Of Service
Hirst H Captain : Photo
Jennings W H Pte : Obituary
Lucas G Pte : Newspaper Photo
Neal J R Pte 66282 : Photo
Noddle F 2nd Lt MC : Photo
Reynolds T Lt : Photo
Simpson L Captain : Photo
Simpson W N Lt : Obituary
Stephens J D Lt : Photo
Tempest A J Lt : Group Photo
Unett W H de W Lt : Photo
1st Battalion (Regular)
Armitage J A Lt : Group Photo
Ball-Acton R T A Major : Photo
Butler G W L/Sergt 3378 : Obituary
Coard H H Pte 13245 : Photo
Collis-Browne A U Lt : Obituary
Cooke W H C Captain : Photo
Fido W C L/Cpl 9698 : Short Record Of Service
Harman J Pte 21619 : Obituary
Heath J L Lt : Photo
Lambert K Captain : Photo
Palmes N Lt : Obituary
Rosenberg S Pte : Photo
Smith O J T Cpl 8392 : Short Record Of Service
Staveley G H Captain : Photo
Telfer C W Lt : Photo
2nd Battalion (Regular)
Abbiss R D 2nd Lt : Photo
Adams W Pte 41638 : Obituary
Alt G E Captain : Photo
Battersby C L M 2nd Lt : Photo
Beavis A G Sergt 23206 : Short Record Of Service
Bedford W A Pte 11803 : Photo
Carswell R N 2nd Lt : Obituary
Child G J Lt : Photo
Clark F Pte 6281 : Obituary
Dale W H Pte 21436 : Photo
Davies G W Pte 8150 : Photo
Denison B N Captain : Photo
Dixon O D Lt : Photo and Obituary
Dixon S Sergt 51524 : Obituary
Dolton E F Bandsman 8671 : Short Record Of Service
Forde H R Captain MC : Obituary
Goodman S Pte 23539 : Photo
Gosschalk E M Lt : Photo
Gowans W Major : Photo
Grubb L E P 2nd Lt : Photo
Hodges H B 2nd Lt : Photo
Hodgkinson J H Sergt 12604 : Obituary
Holmes F W L/Cpl VC 9376 : Photo
Jones R H Pte 33050 : Obituary
Keppel A R Captain : Photo
King C E D Captain MC : Photo
Luther A C G Captain : Photo
McDougall L R Captain : Photo
Millerwood G T L/Cpl 23305 : Obituary
Mills S 2nd Lt : Photo
Moore J Coy Sergt Major 4204 MC DCM : Newspaper Photo
Ormsby J W Sergt VC MM : Photo
Pepys J 2nd Lt : Photo
Pridmore A E Sergt 7171 : Obituary
Pridmore J T Pte 6640 : Obituary
Rathbone S Pte 23338 : Obituary
Rawdon C H Captain : Photo
Reynolds G B E 2nd Lt : Photo
Ritchie A F 2nd Lt : Photo
Simpson J E Captain : Photo
Slingsby H L Captain MC : Photo
Smith A C Bugler 9377 : Photo
Smyth A B Captain : Photo
Stocks W A L/Cpl 13523 : Obituary
Walker H 2nd Lt : Photo
Wynne G C Lt : Photo , Photo and Photo
Yate C A L Major VC : Photo , Photo , Photo , Photo and Obituary
3rd Battalion (Reserve)
Thorp H G H 2nd Lt : Photo
Wilcher H 2nd Lt : Photo
4th Battalion (Territorial)
Bartle F Sig 2184 : Obituary
Bates J H 2nd Lt : Photo
Bell W Captain : Photo and Obituary
Bloomfield H S Captain : Short Record Of Service
Broadbent C H 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Brown C A 2nd Lt : Obituary
Bruce A Pte 1239 : Obituary
Carter S R E 2nd Lt : Obituary
Cockell E Pte 2479 : Photo
Corry F Pte 2531 : Photo
Escott W C Pte MM : Short Record Of Service
Harrap B N L/Cpl 2520 : Photo
Haworth H S Lt : Photo
Horsman W Pte 43180 : Obituary
Jepson S S L/Cpl 203237 : Obituary
McNicoll M D Captain : Photo
Moorhouse H Lt Col DSO : Photo
Moorhouse R Captain MC : Photo
Roberts G H Captain : Photo
Rotchell R Pte 203640 : Obituary
Rutter J J L/Sergt 200046 : Photo
Shippam S P Sergt 2599 : Photo
Southall N Pte 36148 : Obituary
Sykes G Sergt 200585 : Photo
Taylor E Cpl 201750 : Photo
Wagner C H Cpl 2480 : Photo
Wootton H Pte 201962 : Obituary
Wright C L/Cpl 202277 : Photo
Wright W H Lt Col : Photo
5th Battalion (Territorial)
Astle R W Pte : Photo
Bilton E B Captain : Photo
Bradley W Cpl 235874 : Photo
Bramley C R Captain : Obituary
Bramley H 2nd Lt : Obituary
Calvert L Sergt VC MM : Photo
Clare J B Pte 4431 : Obituary
Donoghue J Pte 64001 : Short Record Of Service
Emerson M W 2nd Lt : Photo
Fielder G W Pte 2197 : Short Obituary
Haigh E 2nd Lt : Photo
Harpley R A 2nd Lt : Photo
Howells C P 2nd Lt : Obituary
Midgley E R 2nd Lt : Photo
Millett A Pte 2176 : Photo
Pattinson E P Lt : Photo
Pollard G E W 2nd Lt : Photo
Sandford C R F Captain MC : Photo
Simmonite G Pte 243005 : Obituary
Somerville S D Captain : Photo
Spencer A Cpl 1876 : Photo
Tucker A Captain : Photo
Walker J W Captain : Photo
Watson O C S Lt Col VC : Photo
Wills A N Captain : Photo and Photo
Yardley E B 2nd Lt : Photo
6th Battalion (Service)
Badcock A L 2nd Lt : Photo
Beatson R S M Lt : Photo
Bentall W D 2nd Lt : Photo
Buckley P K Lt : Short Record Of Service
Corden A Pte 23465 : Obituary
Elborough A C E Captain : Photo
Emsley S E Pte 22103 : Obituary
Foster S Pte 241869 : Obituary
Heaton-Ellis C E R Lt : Photo
Hulley G A W Pte 36240 : Photo
Kelly W Pte 1977 : Obituary
Musgrave K Lt : Photo
Ogley J Y Sergt 18160 : Photo
Pearson E Pte 21807 : Photo
Poole E W Pte MM 11374 : Obituary
Slowe A 2nd Lt : Photo
Stokoe H B Captain : Photo
Sturridge E A 2nd Lt : Photo
Townsend L Sergt 11664 : Photo
Warlow T W Lt : Photo
7th Battalion (Service)
Broadhouse H Pte 19292 : Photo
Broughton T D 2nd Lt : Photo
Edwards W Pte VC : Photo
England E W Lt : Photo
Gascoigne A Pte 14995 : Obituary
Kaye W Pte 205352 : Photo
MacIntyre D Pte 35143 : Photo
Newcombe C N Lt : Photo
Smithers R C W Captain : Photo
Starkey V G Lt : Photo and Photo
Watson A E L/Cpl 26284 : Photo
Wright W E B Lt : Obituary
8th Battalion (Service)
Armitage A W Major : Photo
Atkinson G A Pte 21743 : Obituary
Backhouse F J L/Cpl DCM MM 14398 : Obituary
Barnett W Pte 11956 : Obituary
Bird F Pte 13279 : Photo
Brooke W L/Cpl 10436 : Photo
Cambie E M B Lt : Photo and Photo
Chappell A Pte 19750 : Obituary
Donahoo M G Captain MC : Photo
Gouldsbrough A Pte 27826 : Obituary
Johnson J T Cpl MM 16000 : Photo
Ling F Pte 13421 : Photo
Morley M R H Lt : Photo
Pritchard S Pte 24935 : Photo
Richardson E L/Cpl 21338 : Photo
Swales E A Pte 19868 : Photo
9th Battalion (Service)
Abbott C G Pte 39303 : Photo
Austin H Pte 43602 : Obituary
Barrs T E Pte 16050 : Photo
Burkill A Pte 202351 : Photo
Crick W E Lt : Photo
Dixon F 2nd Lt : Short Record Of Service
Foster F C Pte 37521 : Obituary
Haswell G Captain : Photo
Head L D Captain : Photo and Photo
Lillie F Captain : Photo
Lindall W Pte 3293 : Obituary
Maconachie A D 2nd Lt : Photo
Newlove C Cpl 12936 : Obituary
Overman J G 2nd Lt : Photo
Robinson P Pte 9531 : Obituary
Rodgers W Pte 30148 : Obituary
Saynor F C Pte 40328 : Obituary
Telfer H A Lt : Photo
Tempest W N Major : Photo and Group Photo
Walker W Captain : Photo
Woollett W C Captain : Photo
10th Battalion (Service)
Fountain J A A 2nd Lt : Photo
Heygate C R Captain : Photo
Lapish C Pte 27763 : Photo
Lister P T 2nd Lt : Photo
Skevington A V 2nd Lt : Photo
Sturgess E E Pte 37772 : Photo
Thompson A H Lt : Photo
Wait C F Lt : Photo
Waller H Pte VC : Photo
11th Battalion (Reserve)
Atherley C E Lt : Photo
Berkeley E D 2nd Lt : Short Record Of Service
Philips A M Captain : Photo and Short Record Of Service
12th Battalion (Service)(Miners)(Pioneers)
Damms W Pte 28271 : Obituary
Firth A Pte 34114 : Obituary
Gilbert G E L Lt Col DSO : Photo
Welsch J S L Lt : Photo
White F H Captain MC : Photo
16th Battalion
Calvert G C Lt : Photo


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