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An NCO In The Royal Horse Guards The First Man To Wear The Mons Star

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Soldiers Died In The Great War 1914-19 Household Cavalry And Cavalry Of The Line


1st Life Guards
Alexander E J D Major : Short Biography
Althorp 2nd Lt Viscount : Newspaper Photo
Astor J J Captain : Photo
Bligh St George H A 2nd Lt : Photo
Broom T H Tpr 6249 : Short Record Of Service
Burton V Tpr 2244 : Photo
Caledon Captain Earl : Newspaper Photo
Cavendish J S Major Lord DSO : Photo and Photo
Cook E B Lt Col MVO : Photo and Photo
Close-Brooks J C Lt : Photo
Eldridge J Tpr : Short Record Of Service
Emmet R 2nd Lt : Portrait
Flaxman W Cpl 2666 : Obituary
Fleming J H Cpl DCM 2798 : Obituary
Gage-Brown C J Lt : POW Information
Goodman S Tpr : Photo
Grange E Tpr : Short Record Of Service
Grosvenor H Captain Lord : Photo
Hammond R G Tpr : Short Record Of Service
Haydon H W Tpr Russian Medal St George : Photo
Hills J B Tpr : Short Record Of Service
Leigh J C G Lt : Photo
Levinge R W Lt Sir : Photo and Photo
Morrison F G Tpr 3750 : Photo
Needham F Major Earl Of Kilmorey : Photo
Plumb L R Captain : Photo
Pye O G Tpr 3080 : Photo
Royce E H Tpr 3609 : Obituary
Russell C F Tpr 2859 : Photo
Taylor H Cpl 3032 : Photo
Walter R Lt : Photo
Ward G E F Lt The Hon : Photo
2nd Life Guards
Ashton H C S Captain : Group Photo , Photo and POW Information
Belper A H Captain Lord : Photo
Bethell A Lt : Newspaper Photo
Blofeld D'A F 2nd Lt : Photo
Butler E W Major MC : Photo
Carlton Lt Viscount : Newspaper Photo
Clements T H Tpr 2803 : Photo
Dawnay H Major The Hon DSO : Photo , Photo and Obituary
Gage-Brown C L 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Gunther C E Lt : Photo
Hobson A C Lt : Photo
Lovell J A 2nd Lt : Photo
Mendes H J Tpr 3176 : Photo
Murray-Smith A G Lt : Photo and Photo
O'Neill A E B Captain The Hon : Photo and Photo
Palmer K Lt : Photo , Group Photo and POW Information
Pemberton F P C Captain : Photo
Petersen W S 2nd Lt attd from RHA : Photo
Sadler W R Cpl 707 : Photo
Sinclair A H M Lt Sir : Photo
Townsend S J 2nd Lt : Photo
Royal Horse Gaurds
Bodington P J Surg Captain : Short Record Of Service
Brassey H E Lt Col attd 8th South Lancs Regt : Photo
Breese W L 2nd Lt : Photo
Bowlby G V S Captain : Photo
Burge E T Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Campbell A J Lt : POW Information
Collyer F H Tpr 1428 : Photo
Combe H C S Lt : Photo
Compton S D Lt Lord : Photo
Compton W Captain (Marquis Of Northampton) : Photo
Crichton H W C Major + Brevet Lt Col Vis MVO DSO : Photo , Photo and Short Record Of Service
Davson T G Lt : Newspaper Photo
De Gunzburg A Baron 2nd Lt attd from 11th Hussars : Photo
Dickie J M L/Cpl DCM 2279 : Photo
Gatland W Tpr : Photo
Gough J R Lt : Photo
Hallett T B Tpr 1884 : Photo
Hanbury-Tracy A H C Major The Hon : Photo
Heath P V 2nd Lt : Photo
Hopper Tpr : Photo
James E Tpr : Short Record Of Service
Lupinsky W Tpr 1815 : Photo
Mackintosh A A Captain : Photo and Photo
Naylor-Leyland G V Lt : Photo and Photo
Patterson A Tpr 4238 : Photo
Pelham C S P Lt : Photo
Philipps C E A Captain The Hon : Photo
Pullen G H 2nd Lt : Photo
Small W E A L/Cpl 2306 : Photo and Obituary
Wells W A Cpl 1385 : Photo
Wilson G C Lt Col MVO : Photo
Wood H Tpr 5100 : Photo
Wood I Tpr 5101 : Photo
Wood M Tpr 3039 : Photo
Wood S Tpr 5102 : Photo
Worsley C S P Lt Lord : Photo and Photo
Household Battalion
Bird J W 2nd Lt : Obituary
Bodington C H Captain : Photo
Bonham-Carter N 2nd Lt : Photo and Photo
Greenhill B M 2nd Lt : POW Information
Griffiths S Tpr 1768 : Photo
Leask S Pte 863 : Photo
Mitchell C D Tpr 1936 : Obituary
Pember H C Captain : Photo
Phillips M Tpr 2422 : Photo
Riddoch J Tpr 2334 : Photo & Obituary


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