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Archive Film Footage Of The Highland Light Infantry Marching In Glasgow


The Fifth Battalion Highland Light Infantry In The War, 1914-1918

The Seventeenth Highland Light Infantry (Glasgow Chamber of Commerce Battalion) Record Of War Service, 1914-1918

The Outpost - Magazine of the 17th Battalion Highland Light Infantry June 1915

The Outpost - Magazine of the 17th Battalion Highland Light Infantry Feb 1916


Highland Light Infantry (Famous Regts. S)

Soldiers Died in the Great War, 1914-19: The Highland Light Infantry

Officers Died in the Great War 1914-1919

Rare & Out Of Print Books Available

The Fifth Battalion Highland Light Infantry in the War 1914-1918

A Saga of Scotland: History of the 16th Battalion The Highland Light Infantry (City of Glasgow Regiment)

The Seventeenth Highland Light Infantry (Glasgow Chamber of Commerce Battalion) Record of War Service 1914-1918



Battalion Unknown
Acklom S Lt Col DSO MC : Newspaper Photo
Acton W Pte : Short Record Of Service
Anderson A Sergt 8767 : Short Record Of Service
Anderson J C Pte 42480 : Short Record Of Service
Austin J M Pte 39854 : Short Record Of Service
Barrie D Captain : Photo
Barrie J G Pte : Photo
Bernstein S H Cpl 73758 : Photo
Bicknell T W Pte : Short Record Of Service
Brimfield F Pte : Short Record Of Service
Connolly H Pte : Photo
Craig H D C Major MC : Photo
Curtis G T A Pte 9205 : Short Record Of Service
Davidson T Qtr Mst Sergt : Photo
Dewar J F 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Gair S Lt Col : Group Photo
Graham J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Green P Pte : Short Record Of Service
Hedges F A Pte 29404 : Short Record Of Service
Irvine J Pte : Photo
Jack J G 2nd Lt : Short Record Of Service
Judd L A Lt : Group Photo
Leith E M Lt : Group Photo
Leith P F 2nd Lt : Group Photo
McCulloch W Lt : Group Photo
MacFarlane D Pte : Photo
McIsaac J W Lt : Short Record Of Service
McLaughland 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Miller R M Captain : Group Photo
Milner D D Major : Group Photo
Murray-Campbell J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Paton W L/Cpl : Photo
Pringle J 2nd Lt : Photo
Robertson G M 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Ross A C Pte : Photo
Rowley J R Captain : Photo
Scott H M 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Scott W P 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Strettell W D 2nd Lt : Photo and Group Photo
Talbot J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Wolfe-Murray A A Brig Gen CB : Photo
1st Battalion (Regular)
Alderman W P Pte 10648 : Obituary
Alston R C W Captain : Photo
Annand A Y 2nd Lt : Photo
Arthur E Pte 7975 : Obituary
Barnbrook J L/Cpl 10865 : Obituary
Barrie J Sergt 7197 : Obituary
Barry D D Lt : Photo
Baxter C Pte 8751 : Obituary
Beaton A Pte 11704 : Obituary
Beavis T L/Cpl 10552 : Obituary
Bell G Pte 10366 : Obituary
Birney J G Lt : Photo
Black D Sergt 8495 : Photo
Brown J Pte : Short Record Of Service
Bryant A Pte 11253 : Obituary
Caldwell J Sergt DCM 8609 : Photo
Cameron W H V Captain : Obituary
Campbell C R 2nd Lt : Photo
Close M A Lt : Photo
Daley M Pte 7909 : Photo
Dall J Captain : Photo and Photo
Docherty T Pte 21322 : Obituary
Donaldson R Pte 330821 : Obituary
Freer A Pte 7890 : Photo
Geddie J Pte 39484 : Obituary
Graham D D Pte 11617 : Photo
Halswell W Captain : Photo
Hamilton A L Lt : Obituary
Kerr H R G Lt : Photo
MacLean W A Lt : Photo
Murray A C Captain : Photo
Murray T F Major : Photo
Payne C G C 2nd Lt : Photo
Pringle L G Captain : Photo
Rose C M Pte 32624 : Short Record Of Service
Tucker C M P Lt : Photo
Watson M S 2nd Lt : Obituary
Whitehurst H Pte 1544 : Photo
2nd Battalion (Regular)
Alexander R Pte 10277 : Obituary
Anstruther T Pte 7812 : Obituary
Arthurs J Pte 11758 : Obituary
Austen-Cartmell G H Lt : Photo
Bailey A J Pte 8591 : Obituary
Barclay J Pte 5133 : Obituary
Barr J Pte 7134 : Obituary
Barr R B Lt : Photo
Bateman J Pte 11908 : Obituary
Batteson J F L/Sergt 11244 : Obituary
Black W Sergt 11302 : Photo
Borley R S Sergt MM 12062 : Short Record Of Service
Brodie W L Lt Col VC MC : Photo , Photo and Photo
Broughton W Pte 10273 : Short Obituary
Brown D A Cpl 52792 : Obituary
Campbell H Pte 8404 : Obituary
Castle T J Pte 50777 : Short Record Of Service
Chichester R G I Captain : Obituary
Collins H Pte 7589 : Obituary
Connor J Acting Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Cornish C L Lt : Photo and Photo
Denny R Pte 12069 : Obituary
Dickson A J Lt : Short Obituary
Docherty C Pte 7987 : Photo
Donald J Pte 7118 : Obituary
Donovan A N Cpl 12033 : Photo
Eddison J Cpl 9446 : Photo
Elder C Sergt 7903 : Photo
Fergusson J A H 2nd Lt : Photo , Photo and Photo
Fraser R Pte 8313 : Photo
Gaussen A W D Captain : Photo
George E H Pte 21170 : Photo
Gerard G M Captain : Portrait
Gibson-Craig A C Lt Sir Bart : Photo
Gillespie C 2nd Lt : Photo
Hall G P Lt : Photo and Photo
Hampton A L/Cpl 43369 : Obituary
Hooper C W Captain : Photo
Hutton A Captain : Photo
Lloyd F C A Lt : Photo
MacDonlad E R H K 2nd Lt : Photo
Mackay-Coghill H Captain : Photo
MacKenzie C L 2nd Lt : Photo and Photo
Mailley M Pte 8951 : Photo
Medley B A 2nd Lt : Photo
Neill W C H Pte : Photo
Phillips G Pte 3453 : Photo
Porter A B Lt : Photo
Powell R C ff 2nd Lt : Photo
Reid D 2nd Lt : Photo
Shearing A Pte 9050 : Short Record Of Service
Spence G C D Captain MC : Photo
Starkey J B C Lt : Photo
Whistler R A F Captain : Obituary
Wilkins F Cpl 22204 : Photo
Wilson G Pte VC : Photo
3rd Battalion (Reserve)
Baker A P Lt : Photo
Everard C P Captain : Photo
Finlayson R J Lt : Photo
Hastie J Pte 53425 : Obituary
Kindersley D C Captain DSO : Photo
Mylles J R J 2nd Lt : Photo
Orr W G M 2nd Lt : Photo
4th Battalion (Extra Reserve)
Bliss D P L/Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Burnet W Captain : Short Record Of Service
Catto T Lt : Photo
Graham J G Captain : Photo
Inglis J A C Lt : Photo
Hunter M A C 2nd Lt : Photo
Lees J 2nd Lt : Photo
Leslie F S Captain : Photo
5th Battalion (Territorial)(City Of Glasgow)
Brand D E Captain : Group Photo
Campbell N R Lt : Group Photo
Capstick A Pte 41577 : Photo
Clark T Lt & Qrt Mst : Group Photo
Currie A B Lt : Group Photo
Downie A M Major : Photo and Group Photo
Downie R T M Lt : Obituary
Field J W Sergt MM 200148 : Photo
Freer R Pte 3351 : Photo
Frost E F M Captain : Photo
Fyfe T A 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Hunter D Cpl VC : Photo , Photo and Photo At Investiture
Jones W J Pte DCM 55770 : Photo
Jowitt T L Major : Photo
Laughland G B Pte : Photo and Group Photo
Leith E M 2nd Lt : Group Photo
MacDonald H C Captain : Group Photo
MacDonald J Captain : Photo
MacFarlane K Lt : Group Photo
MacLellan L 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Main J W 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Mair R J B Pte 35749 : Photo
Malcolm J W 2nd Lt : Photo and Group Photo
Martin A W Lt : Photo
Meadows-Frost E F Captain : Photo
Miller R M 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Milne J E 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Milne W H Lt : Photo
Moir J F 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Morrison F L Col CB DSO : Photo and Group Photo
Morrison R H Lt : Group Photo
Morton G Captain : Group Photo
Neilson J B Captain : Group Photo
Scott W P Lt : Photo
Stanley H Cpl MM : Photo
Townsend E T Captain : Obituary and Group Photo
Wrightman T S S Lt : Group Photo
6th Battalion (Territorial)(City Of Glasgow)
Anderson W L/Cpl 1267 : Obituary
Armstrong J G Pte 241890 : Obituary
Bruce C Lt : Photo
Carrick M Pte 2306 : Photo
Edwards A L/Cpl 1636 : Obituary
Gibson J Pte 203627 : Obituary
Inglis R A Cpl 241056 : Photo
Laurenson A Pte 2007 : Photo
Mackenzie R C Pte 2228 : Photo
Maxwell T M Pte 28750 : Obituary
Miller C L/Cpl 113662 : Obituary
Samuels B Pte 2495 : Photo
Todd J Lt : Obituary
7th Battalion (Territorial)(Blythswood)
Brown J R Captain : Photo
Chambers D Pte 2937 : Photo
Chapman W Sergt 280579 : Obituary
Connell W Pte 1537 : Obituary
Drummond W B Pte 1957 : Obituary
Fergusson J A H 2nd Lt : Photo
Forsyth H Pte 1837 : Obituary
Galbraith D B 2nd Lt : Photo
Galbraith N D Lt : Photo
Galbraith W B Lt : Photo
Henry H A Lt Croix de Guerre : Photo
Lindsay D Lt : Photo
Muirhead J Pte 280113 : Obituary
Russell H G 2nd Lt : Photo
8th Battalion (Territorial)(Lanark)
Angus W Cpl VC : Photo
Banks T W Major : Short Record Of Service
Brown D Captain : Obituary
Forrester J Pte 7860 : Photo
Forrester N Pte 7382 : Photo
Wright A L/Cpl 38513 : Obituary
9th Battalion (Territorial)(Glasgow Highlanders)
Allan G W Pte 3310 : Obituary
Allison D Cpl DCM : Photo
Ancrum J A Captain MC : Photo and Obituary
Anderson R T Lt MC : Obituary
Anderson T Pte 1807 : Obituary
Beattie W M 2nd Lt : Photo
Beveridge G M Sergt : Photo
Binnie D W Lt : Photo
Borland W A Pte 332276 : Obituary
Bradburn J Pte : Photo
Brown J Pte : Photo
Bruce D Pte 2020 : Obituary
Buchanan J D Pte 2514 : Photo
Cameron J M Pte 5547 : Obituary
Carruthers D R Pte 2411 : Obituary
Chalmers J S Major : Photo and Obituary
Coggans J L Pte : Short Record Of Service
Cole R P 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Donald W F M Captain MC : Photo and Obituary
Douglas J Cpl MM 331371 : Photo
Dunlop J Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Duthie E A L/Cpl 332131 : Photo
Fletcher M 2nd Lt : Photo
Forsyth R D L/Cpl 332403 : Photo
Galbraith D J F Lt : Obituary
Hamilton J Acting Cpl VC : Photo
Harris M Cpl 2232 : Photo
Headley L Cpl 1613 : Photo
Hogg H P Pte 2633 : Photo
Kellie J P L/Cpl 4594 : Photo
Kennedy D C Lt : Photo
Kerr J C 2nd Lt : Photo
Kincaid J Pte 5019 : Obituary
Leishman R Pte 33233 : Photo
Lochead D M Pte 4866 : Obituary
MacFarlane J S Pte 1819 : Photo
MacIldowie E J H 2nd Lt : Photo
Mackintosh N Pte 334220 : Obituary
MacPherson J G Sergt 332670 : Obituary
Maitland A 2nd Lt : Photo
Marshall J Pte 2464 : Photo
McCosh E Major MC : Photo
McDonald J Sergt : Photo
McGugan F C 2nd Lt : Photo
Melville J K Pte 331660 : Obituary
Osbourne R Captain : Photo
Paterson J S Pte 5680 : Photo
Robertson G B 2nd Lt : Photo
Seddon D U Cpl 333495 : Obituary
Simpson D K 2nd Lt : Photo
Smith E H Pte 332005 : Obituary
Spilg W Pte 330253 : Photo
Steel W F B 2nd Lt : Photo
Taylor H E C Pte 2871 : Obituary
Watson J C Pte 332165 : Obituary
Watt G Pte 331110 : Obituary
Williams S A L/Cpl 332491 : Photo
10th Battalion (Service)
Aitchison D Sergt : Photo
Anderson J F Captain : Photo
Barnes A Pte 12765 : Photo
Bashford A Sergt 11273 : Obituary
Bell J M 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Brien J Pte 29 : Short Obituary
Broom C T 2nd Lt : Photo
Bryant A Pte 8462 : Obituary
Daly F Cpl 16949 : Photo
Downie J Pte 17098 : Short Obituary
Duggan P Pte 871 : Photo
Duncan J Lt : Photo
Duncan T Captain : Short Record Of Service
Fairlie J O Captain : Photo
Falconer J R 2nd Lt : Photo
Fee S Cpl 12808 : Obituary
Ferguson W Pte 1799 : Photo
Flannagan J Cpl 12806 : Photo
Fowlie J L Lt : Photo , Photo and Obituary
Ganson A 2nd Lt : Photo
Geddes R Sergt 11940 : Obituary
Hall W Pte 41869 : Photo
Levine H Pte 44151 : Photo
Miller J 2nd Lt MC : Photo
Murray A Pte 17072 : Photo
Oliver D Pte 5943 : Obituary
Reid J Captain : Photo
Robertson R Captain : Photo
Rose W Lt : Photo
Thom D 2nd Lt : Photo
Whitehead C H T Major : Photo
11th Battalion (Service)
Adie D Pte 431 : Obituary
Arthur J A Pte 38244 : Photo , Obituary and Photo
Bell J M 2nd Lt : Photo
Bruce W Pte 19350 : Obituary
Cameron D R C Lt : Photo
Campbell J H 2nd Lt MC : Obituary
Colquhoun W W Captain : Photo
Cowley S F L/Cpl 21017 : Obituary
Dickson C H Pte : Short Record Of Service
Downie P H Pte B/9021 : Photo
Dunn W L/Cpl 19386 : Photo
Edwards C G N Lt : Short Record Of Service
Gorrie A K 2nd Lt : Photo
Hutchison T 2nd Lt : Photo and Photo
Kerr W L/Cpl 40695 : Photo
Lawrence G M Pte 33216 : Obituary
McDougall A E Lt : Photo
McGuire E Lt : Photo
McNeil P Pte 30671 : Obituary
Murray G Pte 19494 : Photo
Reid S Pte 38064 : Photo
Smith W J L/Cpl : Photo
Stafford C E T 2nd Lt : Photo
Sutherland J G 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Wilson J L/Cpl 38331 : Photo
12th Battalion (Service)
Aitchison W J 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Aitken R B Captain MC : Photo
Alexander J A E Lt : Photo
Anderson A L/Cpl 54418 : Short Record Of Service
Anderson W H Major VC : Photo
Anderson W J Pte 17537 : Photo
Brown J 2nd Lt : Photo
Brown J E Pte 17681 : Short Obituary
Campbell K G Lt : Photo
Campbell R J Pte 17701 : Obituary
Chislett A R J Captain : Photo
Clark W B Pte 40370 : Obituary
Deadman C W Cpl 18611 : Photo
Duddy W Pte 17593 : Photo
Easton A Sig : Photo
Gardiner F T 2nd Lt : Newspaper Photo
Gledhill E Pte 26936 : Photo
Hannah J J Cpl : Photo
Harley G M Captain : Photo
Kerr D Sergt 240390 : Photo
Langdon W L L/Cpl 5880 : Photo
Lavelle J D 2nd Lt : Photo
Leitch A N Cpl 45477 : Obituary
Linton H M Lt : Photo
Macallister S Pte 8298 : Photo
MacDonald D C Pte 18871 : Photo
McCallum D Pte 17994 : Photo
Milligan P B Captain : Photo
Mills J Pte : Photo
Nicoll F J Lt : Photo
Pow G Sergt 18733 : Photo
Saxon M Sergt 1852 : Photo
13th Battalion (Reserve)
Brodie A Lt : Photo
O'Sullivan J A H Lt : Photo
14th Battalion (Service)
Anderson J 2nd Lt : Short Record Of Service
Anderson J L/Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Anderson J A Pte 55266 : Short Record Of Service
Beveridge J B Lt : Photo
Burton A B Captain : Photo
Dunlop G Pte 28246 : Photo and Obituary
Gillespie J D Pte 34535 : Photo
Henderson W 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Newhouse M Pte 39825 : Photo
Roxburgh W F Lt : Obituary
Steven R 2nd Lt : Photo
Stevenson W G Captain : Photo
Summers A Y L/Cpl 15886 : Photo
Watt T S 2nd Lt : Photo
15th Battalion (Service)(1st Glasgow)(Glasgow Tramways)
Allan W A Lt : Short Record Of Service
Bentley C L 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Blain J Cpl 13576 : Photo
Brown D L Pte 27063 : Photo
Curtis H A Pte 10222 : Short Record Of Service
Donaldson S 2nd Lt : Photo and Photo
Dunlop J A 2nd Lt : Short Record Of Service
Hadden W L Pte 13305 : Obituary
Kelly D Pte : Photo
MacFarlane W Lt Col DSO : Photo
MacKay A K 2nd Lt : Photo
McKinnell M Sergt 40625 : Obituary
Michie J 2nd Lt : Photo
Mowat D Pte : Photo
Petrie D Sergt : Photo
Pinto L Pte 22426 : Photo
Robertson J Pte : Photo
Robertson P Pte 13564 : Obituary
Teacher W G 2nd Lt : Photo
16th Battalion (Service)(2nd Glasgow)(Glasgow Boy's Brigade)
Anderson J K Pte 32652 : Obituary
Anderson J M Pte 14102 : Photo
Archibald J Cpl 43606 : Photo and Obituary
Barrie J Pte 27631 : Obituary
Blackie A F Captain : Photo
Bogue R A Lt MC : Obituary
Caw H F Cpl 43192 : Photo
Coutts W R W Piper 43270 : Photo
Davidson G L Captain : Photo and Obituary
Deans R Cpl 14618 : Photo
Duff W 2nd Lt : Photo
Durward C W Captain : Short Record Of Service
Fulton W B Pte 355118 : Photo
Gemmill J A 2nd Lt : Photo
Gordon W Pte 14751 : Photo
Hardy R M Lt : Photo and Obituary
Hill C E C Lt : Photo
Lyall J L/Cpl 3368 : Photo
Marr J Sergt 33395 : Obituary
McCulloch R S L/Cpl 40907 : Photo
Pinto L Pte 22426 : Photo
Thomson L B Cpl 40912 : Photo
Vass W Pte 21741 : Obituary
Wilson J Pte 43096 : Obituary
17th Battalion (Service)(3rd Glasgow)
Alexander W M 2nd Lt : Photo
Allan J L/Cpl : Photo
Beaton G M Captain MC : Short Record Of Service
Breslin J D Lt : Short Record Of Service
Brown W R L/Cpl 2924 : Obituary
Clyne J C Cpl 353102 : Photo and Obituary
Cormack H S L/Cpl 3456 : Photo
Daly A Pte 41591 : Obituary
Ferguson H I Captain : Photo
Freeman M I Pte 15579 : Photo
Fulton A Sergt 2749 : Photo
Gibb A R Pte 26323 : Photo
Haft J Sergt 16168 : Photo
Haft S Cpl 2922 : Photo
Hutchison A Pte : Photo
Hutchison J Pte : Photo
Kelly J B Pte : Photo
Laird A D Lt : Photo
Levy B Cpl 16250 : Photo
MacBrayne J B Lt : Photo
Marshall A G Captain Photo
McNaught J C Sergt 15348 : Photo
Milligan R Sergt MM 16146 : Photo
Mullen G Pte 37953 : Short Obituary
Murray A R 2nd Lt : Photo
Scott R S Pte 15797 : Obituary
Smith W E Pte 15784 : Obituary
Taylor D A Sergt 15460 : Photo
Thistle R J L/Cpl 16261 : Photo
Turnbull J Y Sergt VC : Photo and Photo
Wright W B Pte 15812 : Photo
Yuill A L/Sergt 15940 : Obituary
18th Battalion (Service)(4th Glasgow)
Anderson C G Pte 56619 : Photo
Chesterton C Pte 356419 : Photo
Curr T 2nd Lt : Photo
Duthie W Pte 53558 : Obituary
Lumsden C Major : Photo
Lyons V A 2nd Lt : Photo
McCutcheon A Pte 30083 : Newspaper Photo
Ritchie R J W Captain : Photo
Ritchie R M Pte 55392 : Obituary
Wishart J L/Cpl 350451 : Photo
Woodside A M 2nd Lt : Obituary
21st Battalion (Territorial)
Finlay J Pte 331982 : Photo
51st Battalion (Graduated)
Shearer W N L/Cpl : Photo
53rd Battalion (Young Soldier)
Dolonghan A Pte : Short Record Of Service


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